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Murder Under the Water

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INV ONLY Murder Under the Water

Post by The Nekromonga August 9th 2018, 4:52 am

Poseidon Underwater Resort (Formerly Neptune Underwater Resort)
Main Events Atrium

The main Atrium was a very well lit open space, smack in the middle of a five-storey circular underwater complex. The floor itself was glass, and gave the guests a view of the ocean below them, with sea life swimming freely. The specially chosen lights were designed to not disturb the fish's sensitive eyes.

The fashion show itself was already winding down, as the models were doing their final walk on the runway. The select clientel invited to this show were an international pedigree and all were the well-off types; businessmen on their phones, Saudi royals who groaned at the “small” underwater resort, pretty and young celebrities, a few top athletes and actors. They had come to witness the revival of this novel idea, the underwater resort. Of course, with the right connections, or the right abilities, one could also secure access to this exclusive event.

While the runway show itself was coming to an end, a horde of kitchen staff from the Poseidon Restaurant emerges with carts, filled to the brim with sushi, sliced sea food, and dried seaweed, of all makes and kinds. Once the fashion show concluded, there was a break to allow peckish guests to helpe themselves to the seafood buffet.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the grand-reopening of the Poseidon Underwater Resort." a giant blonde kiwi woman in a sharp blue uniform and skirt began her introduction. People were amazed at the 3D holographic projection, just as the models were were now all on stage for their bows, along with their designer. "Today's show is brought to you by renowned model and designer Gigi Hadid, featuring her summer collection."

The giant blonde hologram switch to a 3D animated fly-through of the entire underwater complex. They were located in the main events atrium of the five storey super-luxurious mall. There were two main elevators from a nearby island down to the resort, as well the service lift, which doubles as an emergency elevator in worst case scenarios. “The Resort features all the amenities to make your stay unforgettable, including a host of underwater activities! The commercial dome also has a library, gym facilities, spa, and the world famous Poseidon Restaurant, Bar and viewing Dome.”

"Of course, Poseidon believes in protecting our environment as well. The entire resort is powered by Wave turbines that harness ocean currents. All waste is recycled and disposed of, and with our partners from the Australian government, we are creating over a thousand hectares of coral farms every year, to rejuvinate our oceans. We thank you for coming to this grand re-opening, and look forward to your continued patronage."

Once the 3D presentation was done the reporters and photographers were swarming their favorite celebrities and personalities at the show. Gigi may be at the spotlight, but one of her models seemed to be catching up in following. Dozens flocked to her, reporter, photographers and other celebrities alike.

One blonde reporter representing the news show, Celeb-News, was having a one on one with the hot new thing, Toni. She was seated with her Italian boyfriend, Enzo. "Claire Daniels for E-News. Enzo, you and Toni have been together for three months. How is it?"

"Yeah it's been amazing y'know Claire? Just can't get enough of her." He spoke, smiling and gushing in his European accented english.

"Toni has been married twice in the last year, Enzo. Does that fact not bother you?"

"What can I say? She's a wild girl, she can do what she want..." He said, totally carefree.

"But aren't you-" Claire pressed the issue.

Toni didn't like the reporter. The pretty model lashed out, her face contorted for a half-second by pettiness and spite. "YOU SHUT UP YOU BITCH. YOU DON'T KNOW ME!" Toni was definitely causing a scene, coming up to Claire and trying to wrest her mic away.

Enzo restrained Toni, stopping her from assaulting Daniels. "Oh babe. Please. Relax. The reporter doesn't know what she's talking about. Let's go, huh? sorry miss Claire, no more interviews."

"Spoiled little brat." Claire muttered, fixing her news reporting uniform.

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