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Reaping heresy, sowing dissent.

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Reaping heresy, sowing dissent.  Empty Reaping heresy, sowing dissent.

Post by Cerek May 28th 2018, 10:40 pm

Sprawled out on the roof, the top of a downtown apartment building. Above Arthur a large umbrella blocked out the sun but not the heat. The towel he lay on had an outline of his body made in sweat. Beside him sat a small fan powered by batteries blowing the muggy air on him. New York city was an oven for the past couple of days, the heat was terrible even causing a handful of deaths. It started three days ago Sunday a bit to weather reporters surprise. The recommendation was that unless you had some important business to do then stay inside, at a pool or with an air conditioner. 107F with humidity, not to say it was unnatural but certainly it was brutal.

Arthur attempted to read from the ancient book given to him by his master Zelem Melek. The Necronomicon ex mortis. Or rather a less powerful copy of the Necronomicon. The heat is such a disturbance however the words on the page are blurry, not to mention it's hard enough to read as a normal human. Without changing into his keeper form he cannot hope to read the book at all. Rather than torture himself continuing with his studies he chose to go back inside and try fixing the air-conditioner By no means was Arthur mechanically inclined but he was of a logical ordered mind, that would have to do. His Grandmother was a rather rotund woman with a small afro, big hoop earrings and usually wearing her reading glasses. She often wore long dresses with ornate designs incorporating some kind of Jamaican theme to them. Her name was Madeline Arthur but most people who knew her addressed her as "Miss Maddy".

Madeline was not in the city now fortunately, she was off visiting friends in Boston and attending a wedding. Arthur had no real connection to these people so he was excused from coming. This was even more fortunate as he did not have to hide his keeper form and could invite his co-workers. Whenever he could and when it was time he'd invite his master Zelem Melek to his home for his studies into death, magic, necromancy, creatures and the various realms. Zelem was a rather stoic man, even outside his keeper form he was the strong silent type. An older man of Latin descent with a long jet black ponytail, sunken face and eyes dark and piercing into the soul. Arthur decided maybe today wasn't a great day to study what with the heat wave, perhaps he'd invite Ophelia. Ophelia was a keeper Arthur had worked with in the past. She was of Greek origin bearing the tan skin and sleek olive oil hair to her shoulders. The two of them work together quite well despite the fact she sometimes lords her knowledge over him like it's a contest.

He reached for his ring in his pocket and was about to proceed to the junction via the gate of lost souls when in the bathroom formed the shadow of a keeper that made itself physical. Arthur turned to the bathroom behind him and gave a surprised look.

"Master? Y.. You... You dont usually come to my home. How may I serve?"

He says making a deep bow.

Zelem walks over to Arthur not uttering a word yet then looks out the window holding out his hand as if feeling some water falling from above.

"... Horus-Re... What do you know?"

"Horus-Re? I am sorry master but I know very little. I know that he is supposed to be some manner of sun deity and perhaps vengeance but that is it."

Zelem pulls his band back  as he looks upwards from the shroud of darkness filling his cloak. He looks around the front room being somewhat unfamiliar with this home. He walks over to the kitchen table and takes a seat. Arthur follows and takes a seat across from him. Zelem goes on to explain to his student the lore of Horus-Re. He further explains more recent events where rumors of a league devoted to the ruination of the Gods. Such heresy was common in the present day. but this group was supposedly dogmatic and active in their efforts. Zelem explains to Arthur how an old temple to Horus-Re had been desecrated but the relics were not stolen, instead they were destroyed.

Zelem hands Arthur a scroll, when he unravels the scroll it reads as mission instructions. These instructions are clear enough, a sanctioned mission to travel where need be to investigate possible defilement of holy ground. There's something written that gives Arthur a bit of a pleasant surprise. He has been assigned a partner and wouldn't you know it, Ophelia will join him in this assignment. Likely due to how well they worked together in the past, it was quite common for keepers to be paired up or even work in groups depending on their performance in the field. Keepers were not solely marshals of the dead but also investigators of certain paranormal events.

Zelem went on to explain how The Pale One suspected the heat wave may be the ire and frustration of Horus-Re not being able to find who was destroying his sacred land. Having explained all this there was one more bit of information that may have proven helpful. He went on to tell Arthur that there may be others outside the keepers who are willing and able to help. He knew there were others out there with unique abilities who would want this case solved quickly. The heat wave was spreading and becoming more intense by the day.

Having all the necessary information and fully prepared Arthur decided to begin immediately rather than wait. He put on his ring as the shadow overtakes his body, the swirling dark grows around him and transforms into his keeper form. He and his master proceed through the summoned gateway to the junction. The junction was a massive structure seemingly built of obsidian and some other types of black stonework. There was no visible ceiling above. it simply stretched on into what looked like infinite darkness. The portal exit stood upon a large stone platform with four stairways one on each corner leading down to other similar platforms. There were many platforms with stairways either leading down or up to other platforms. On one platform below Arthur spotted another keeper sitting in wait, he already knew who it was.


He uttered in an echoing deeper voice, as the keepers shroud made him sound. Arthur walks down toward her as she stands to greet him with a deep bow, a common custom of respect.

"It's good to see you again Arthur, how go your studies? Do you need a tutor?"

Ophelia replies with a sort of mocking tone to Arthur. Could his face be seen it would be one of frustration and eye rolling.

"No! I am doing quite well thank you very much, you know you're not a walking Grimoire Ophelia."

Zelem observes the two bicker with a mild feeling of annoyance.

"Go! On with your task you fools."

The two of them cease their bickering and jump back in surprise at the stern and rather frightening command of Zelem. They both bow to him in apology and scurry off to the proper gate. Far below the platforms are the various creatures of the underworld and the keepers who organize, discipline and train them to both defend the realm and serve. Arthur and Ophelia promptly enter the assigned gate to Cairo. They end up far out in the dessert away from prying eyes in an underground chamber left undiscovered by man. Fortunately the keeper form will sustain through the heat and harshness of the dessert as they slip their way into the city of Cairo at night. The two decide to rest the first night and start their investigation in the morning. Their shadow forms glide up to a high roof top and the two find a less than comfortable yet still serviceable place to get a few hours sleep removing their rings. Indeed it might seem odd to some sleeping in these random places but to a keeper it was a common thing... And so the night crawled on.
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