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Tesla (Jeremiah) Hero Application

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Tesla (Jeremiah) Hero Application Empty Tesla (Jeremiah) Hero Application

Post by skullheadsoldiers on December 11th 2017, 4:53 am


"Power is a two way street, for every bit you take, it takes just as much in return."

The Bio

Real Name: Jeremiah
Hero Name: Tesla
Title: The Gathering Storm
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Meta-Human
Hair: Black with streaks of silver and is kept short and straight, with some spikes peaking up here and there.
Eyes: Teal
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 187 lbs.
Blood type: O

The Looks

His eyes glow with an inner power naturally, often giving him an other wordly look. He also has scars across his forearms from the earliest uses of his powers and when they first manifested, the worst of which look like canyons upon his skin. His costume is a more casual outfit with an upper torso piece that houses a decently sized metal ring on his back covered in intricate wiring. The piece also has specially made wires that connect into gauntlet looking devices on his forearms. The main colors are oranges and yellows with some blue highlights scattered here and there. Hanging from his necklace is a small locket in the shape of a lightning bolt with an engraving of J & J on its surface. When not in costume his still retains the locket, but his clothing is far more basic, generally a t-shirt and pants with nothing too special about them. Only the device remains on his back, but without the ring attached, to help him maintain control of his powers.

The Personality

Tesla is a rather upbeat person, believing in the best of others, and filled with a hope that those who do evil can be saved. Yet, this is not a blind hope, and he has come to realize that sometimes the best solution to save someone from themselves is to stop them at all costs. While out of his costume, his upbeat personality is quite prevalent, with him making jokes, smiling almost constantly, and always trying to help brighten another's day. When in costume, this cheery nature is hidden under a grimmer facade as his focus shifts from brining joy to stopping wrongdoing and evil. This does not mean he won't crack a joke while in a fight, simply that the more serious a situation, the more seriously he will take it. Beyond all this, his core value is protecting others, especially those he loves and views as friends.

The Story

Tesla was once a simple boy named Jeremiah. He grew up in the suburbs outside of the Chicago metro area and lived a relatively normal life. His parents were good to him, and his schooling was average, with only minor bullying occurring. Eventually he went on to college with a major in electrical engineering, and it was here he met someone very special to him. The young man's name was Joshua and he was the light of Jeremiah's life.
The two were inseparable from the moment they met, teaming up in every class they shared, and helping each other with those they did not. After a year of this constant interaction, they decided to become dorm mates the following year. A few more months went by with them growing closer and closer until eventually, during an especially long study session together, they kissed. Their love for each other only continued to grow as they continued their education and even past it when they graduated. It was during this time outside of college that they decided to try and create a better version of the tesla coil, to show to the scientific and engineering world how much it could help the world if put into great practice.
It took them nearly a year of constant work, but they eventually built what they deemed to call the Jupiter Device, after the Roman god of the sky and storm. Sadly, Murphy's Law finally decided that Jeremiah hadn't received nearly enough of its touch, and so when the device was turned on it struck him with enough electrical energy to vaporize him. Yet, he wasn't, instead a long dormant meta-gene activated and allowed his body to absorb and disperse the oncoming blast. Joshua, was not as fortunate. By the time anyone realized what had happened, Jeremiah was found weeping over a pile of ashes, with only some scarring on his arms showing any indication of what his body endured.
It took nearly a month for his body to fully recover from the ordeal, but his mind was another matter. He went to many a therapist to help him recover from his emotional trauma, but none seemed to be able to find a true solution to the turmoil he felt. It wasn't until one suggested he write a letter to his dear departed that something changed in him. As he wrote the letter he came to the realization that even if the device had taken his love from him, it had given him something in return, the power to use it in his memory. It was with this conviction that Jeremiah used what little money he had left to rebuild the pieces of the Jupiter Device into a conduit device to help him hone his powers. Now he goes by the name of Tesla and fights to help those in need in honor of his love's memory.
The Priority

3. Agility
1. Endurance
2. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

Electrical Manipulation: Tesla has the ability to control, direct, and manifest electricity in a variety of ways. Whether it is as simple as shoot a bolt of lightning, to powering a piece of equipment, he is capable of doing so only being limited by the amount of electricity he has stored in his body.
Electrical Absorption: Tesla's body naturally takes in any electrical energy near it, and stores it inside him. He is capable of absorbing electricity faster, and in greater amounts, if he focuses his mind on the task but it carries the risk of overloading him. His body charges faster the more available electricity is to it.

The Weaknesses

Overload: Tesla's body can only absorb so much electricity at a time before it can no longer contain it and releases it automatically. Usually this simply manifests as small sparks arching from his eyes or finger tips, but it can have far more drastic consequences if pushed too far. If his body absorbs too much electricity too quickly it can crack and release all of his stored up power in one massive explosion.
Shackles of Love: Despite his goal of honoring his lover's memory he is still hesitant to utilize the full extent of his power, afraid it will lead to the death of someone else he cares about. Due to this there are chances where he will delay in using his abilities even if they are needed immediately.
Batteries Not Included: Due to the nature of his powers, he requires time to “charge” before he can utilize them to any significant degree. The more power something requires, the longer it takes for him to reach that point. He can hasten this process, but it taxes his body and runs the risk of overloading it if done too quickly.
Products Sold Separately: Tesla is quite reliant on the Jupiter Device to help manage his powers, if it were to be damaged significantly it could lead to him losing all his stored up energy or to a catastrophic release as if he had overloaded. Best case, it simply takes him twice as long to charge his powers.

The Items

The Jupiter Device: Allows him to control his powers easier, and enhances his ability to charge his body.
Joshua's Gift: A locket with the engraving “J&J” upon it, inside is a picture of Jeremiah and Joshua smiling and holding their diploma's.

The Minions


The Fluff

Where ever Tesla goes, electricity is naturally drawn to him as small bolts of lightning. Due to this constant charge, his eyes are constantly glowing with stored energy.

The RP Sample

Jeremiah sat silently in his one room apartment, a small silver locket resting open in his hands. Sighing, he closed it and placed it back around his neck, the soft click of the necklace's latch the only sound heard in the mostly empty room. There was little to see, a small kitchen, a simple bathroom, and a single bed with just enough room for two. His eyes linger on the bed for a long moment, a small smile appearing on his lips as the memory of who had once kept stealing all the room on it came to the forefront of his mind.
Letting out a light chuckle, he rose from his computer chair and headed over to the only closet in the entire place, opening it with the smallest of tugs. Without even sparing the space a glance, he reached inside and pulls out a pair of gauntlets hanging from what looks like a very oversized circular washer. Taking a moment to admire the construction, he heft the ring over his back, latching it onto what looks like a small backpack. Satisfied it was secured, he then places his hands inside their respective gauntlets, giving them a quick inspection as he does so. Nodding in approval, he sends a jolt of electricity throughout the mechanism, causing the ring on his back to spin with the sudden input of power. Smiling at the sensation, he opens the door to the outside world, a warm feeling blooming in his chest as he states, “Well, time to get to work.”

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Tesla (Jeremiah) Hero Application Empty Re: Tesla (Jeremiah) Hero Application

Post by Dubloon on December 11th 2017, 4:58 am

Approved until stated otherwise. ^_^

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