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Hero Application: Supersonic

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Hero Application: Supersonic Empty Hero Application: Supersonic

Post by Supersonic February 1st 2022, 9:53 pm


Real Name: Sam Zoldyck
Hero Name: Supersonic
Title: The Sonic Hero
Alignment: Neutral good
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Metahuman
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'5 ft
Weight: 200
Blood type: AB+

Tall and a muscular body though most of the muscle is hidden by his civilian clothes. When in his superhero suit he appears more muscular. Supersonic sports a blue, gray and gold Skin tight suit, that encompasses his sleek muscular build.

Light hearted guy who tends to make plenty of jokes (most of them not the best) but also tends to be quite reckless and not think things through. A guy with a heart of gold but with a weak mind.

Sam is an orphan who never got adopted and eventually left the orpahanage once he turned 18. With no home or job he put himself through lots of medical tries in order to make ends meet. He eventually got approached by the army for a medical trial that would pay very generously and he eagerly agreed. He went through very painful tests, both physically and psychologically where they treated him like an animal. Not managing to turn him into a super soldier they eventually discarded him on the street, not worrying about a homeless orphan going up against the army. It wasn't until a few years later, with his life on the right direction, that his powers manifested making him stronger and more durable as well as giving a sonic scream and a better than average hearing. Eventually he became a superhero, going by the name of Supersonic.

Flying, a Sonic scream and just a little extra strength and durability

Mostly struggles against enemies who keep him at range and all the same weaknesses a normal human does





After a few long hours in the police station Supersonic had finally learned what he needed, Baal's location. He had his little base of operations right in a warehouse near the chemical factory. Baal had managed to get the upper hand on Sonic one too many times but this time he hoped it'd be different. He flew all the way and entered through the glass roof, shattering it and landing as glass shards rained down around him.

What Sonic did not expect was the group of drugged brutes ready to tear him apart and Baal himself sitting down in a chair as if he was expecting this. With just a snap of the villain's fingers the brutes all tried to gang up on Supersonic, the hero was dodging and throwing a few punches trying to get himself from being sorrounded but one of the brutes got to him from behind and put him in a full Nelson. Sonic was about to unleash his sonic scream on the approaching goons but he was suddenly punched in the face by his archnemesis who he didn't notice getting up from the chair. The scream was cut off and the goons managed to pounce on Supersonic, punching him wherever they could before getting him on the ground and kicking him relentlessly.

By the time Baal had ordered his people to stop, Sonic had gotten such a beating he was barely conscious yet he still managed to glare up at the Villain who only smiled down condescendingly at the hero. "Sweet dreams hero" and with a stomp on the back of the head, Supersonic had been defeated.

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Hero Application: Supersonic Empty Re: Hero Application: Supersonic

Post by Chellizard February 2nd 2022, 1:08 am

1 power to 1 weakness is our required ratio for characters created on SHRP.

Be sure to also give descriptions for your individual powers, and what exactly they can do.

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