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My super hero application

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OPEN My super hero application

Post by Dravo324 February 5th 2019, 10:03 pm

Flash Point

"You'll be gone in a flash."

The Bio

Real Name: Jonathan Velloni
Villain Name: Flash Point
Title:''The Devils pet''
Age: 32
Hair:burgundy buzzcut
Weight:195 Ibs
Blood type:O+

The Looks

The Personality

Charming but devilish.He will never keep to himself and let it all out.
The Story

At a young age,Jonathan's mother died from cancer and his father fell into a deep depression and they lost everything due to a riot that destroyed their home.Soon after that Jonathan lost his dad after a high tech company used him for a experiment gone wrong.To get revenge Jonathan made his own suit and gained his power through a amulet called ''The Speed of NoNzuna''.His only weakness is ice because when frozen his amulet will stop powering him and could possibly break.To this day he hunts down the men that killed his father and at the same time wreak havoc across the city.

The Priority

1. Agility2
2. Endurance1
3. Reaction3
4. Strength4

The Powers

Super Speed
The Weaknesses

Ice or coldness
The Items

Amulet-''The Speed of NoNzuna''
The Minions

No minions
The Fluff

Red lightning bolts follow after Jonathan's every move
The RP Sample

I haven't  really role played before but I do have some experience but here is a sample
''Jonathan looked over the city.Clouds as dark as his soul filled the sky.The sound of burning steel filled his head.Jonathan then leaps and turns into...Flash Point.''

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OPEN Re: My super hero application

Post by Chellizard February 6th 2019, 10:14 pm

So far so good. I'd like you to put a little more thought into this, and we require an RP sample for new folks on the board. The best thing to do is read a few threads to see how other folks do it, and then write a sample as your own character. (:

I'd also like for you to delve into his personality a bit more, and kind of go into how he found the amulet, and exactly what it does.

Will also need you to clarify if your character loses his powers if he's not wearing the amulet, or that he obtained the powers from the amulet and now he just has super speed.

With the super speed, I need you to explain how fast he can go, and if it affects him long term, or if he can move very fast. Also, super speed on SHRP does not mean you automatically get super reflexes.

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