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Kool Aid and Multi

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INV ONLY Re: Kool Aid and Multi

Post by Multi on November 22nd 2017, 2:11 am

I could not hide my shock, not just at the kool aid created creature but the color that had been chosen, the blue powder, reminding me of my abilities, and also that I would need to use them soon lest they malfunction.
My expression of shock, however, quickly turned to a hint of a smile. "This is really interesting..." Swallowing slightly, willing to risk a display of my powers as he had done, I placed my hand upon the powder and, with a bit of concentration, there soon was another pegasus, though this one was already falling apart as it had not been an expected creature for the teenager. "I... can do more than this..." I looked at him, "though it tends to wreck havoc on my metabolism..." My voice was quiet but I knew he could still hear me.


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INV ONLY Re: Kool Aid and Multi

Post by Kool-Aid on January 12th 2018, 12:41 am

Kool-Aid watched as the lady displayed her own powers, they seemed to be related to copying things at least thus far. He took control of both creatures so neither fell apart, Multi now had one on both shoulders and they acted like the miniature horses they were.

Doing little displays of half jumping or cuddling up to Multi, Kool-Aid had made them as constructions rather then control them directly and as such he just had to make sure they didn't fall apart.

"Interesting trick, a shame about the side effects you speak of. One of my inner circle might be able to help you out there, he's the one that gave me my powers and I don't really have any detrimental side effects so maybe he can help you" offered Kool-Aid.


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INV ONLY Re: Kool Aid and Multi

Post by Multi on January 12th 2018, 1:02 am

"Really..?" I smiled slightly. "That... would be amazing..." Thoughts drifting off to the reason for my powers, my smile slowly became a frown then a grimace.  "Yako," I lightly growled under my breath, now scowling slightly.

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Quote : "I am not like you. I did not use my . . . skills to gain this title. I did not intimidate. I encouraged. I help. You hurt. I protect. You destroy. I befriend. You break all you encounter."

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