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Post by Kool-Aid on September 3rd 2017, 1:10 am


"No one but me, can make you do something without your consent."

The Bio

Real Name: Calix Cashel
Renegade Name: Kool-Aid
Title: The Kool Padre
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Race: MetaHuman
Hair: White Gold
Eyes: Orange
Height: 5'3
Weight: 63lbs
Blood type: Grape Falovoured

The Looks

The Personality

Calix is often seen more of a man then a teenager, because he's quite wise beyond his years and comes across as more of an old soul then a young one. He doesn't act like most teenagers, in expecting everything from the world and works hard to acquire what he needs. However this doesn't stop him from using his powers on people either, though he prefers to talk a person to his side first. That way he feels he has better sway over them, because of this Calix is a skilled verbal manipulator. Being able to get people into his line of thinking, often without the need of his powers. Though Calix is an ordained Priest, he is not actually religious and instead uses it as a medium of control over people.

Though he seems like a person who likes to be in control of everything around him, Calix is not technical evil. He abides by his own code of morals, that he believes to be above religion and sometimes law. Though he follows certain tenants that exist within law, such as shying from murder, discrimination and fraud. He also believes that all people should be safe in their own homes and streets, and that those that would do them harm don't deserve the rights the world has allowed them. Despite not being religious Calix will work with underprivileged, homeless, minority and sick people without hesitation.

In general Calix can have a variety of moods or masks he wears depending on the occasion, when preaching his views Calix can be quite passionate and verbose. While helping others and working in charities, he comes across as quite nice and heartfelt. However when out patrolling and stamping out crime, Calix or Kool-Aid as he's become known as. Can be quite cold and nasty to those who would harm others for their enjoyment or profit, some consider him creepy regardless of what mask he wears. But he doesn't care what people think of him, and just wants to get his moral values across to people.

The Story

Calix Cashel is a direct descendant of the notorious Jim Jones, as his grandmother had been made to fornicate with Jones while she lived in Jonestown. But lucky for her, she'd left before the famous drinking of Kool-Aid. Having felt that the rape of her person, was just too much for her to bear, even though she had friends that died there. His grandmother attempted to never speak of it again, but when his mother was growing up. She found a picture and diary of her mothers, that explained their relation to the man known as Jim Jones. With this in mind, Calix's mother had a defection of her own.

She ran away from home and started reading up on Jim Jones and his beliefs, along the way she found a like minded boy whom she fell in love with. They got married and eventually fell pregnant but in an effort to give their child a better chance in the new and changing world. She found a controversial scientist, who held similar views to her own and thought that her new child maybe Jones' second coming. With that in mind he made a serum, which was injected directly into the womb to mingle with the growing child. This child was born and called Calix Cashel, and would be born with a variety of powers to help him succeed in life where Jones had failed. They raised the boy as the new Jim Jones Messiah, implanting knowledge from all the same sources that Jones himself had while adding in other modern variations as well.

Calix's childhood wasn't like most, he wasn't allowed to go and play with other children. Because his parents feared that they would infect him, with their parents notions and instead was home school. By parents who'd barely passed high school themselves if at all. Thankfully Calix was smarter then his parents and by age eight had them removed, and put into mental asylums because of their over the top views. Though Calix did see the value in some of some of what they taught, he had his own views that he wished to convey which weren't completely the same as Jones himself. He actually didn't like much of what Jones' preached and especially disliked his paranoia, and the cowardice that brought him send all those lives into the void.

Despite all the teachings Calix was not religious and didn't believe in a higher power or even an after life, preferring to work at things in the life he has rather then attempt to hope for a better time after death. As such Calix worked his way into priesthood from a young age, getting officially ordained when he was eleven, Calix soon begun preaching his own views instead of those from the bible. Gaining a following Calix started to look into started looking into getting his own congregation, though not religious Calix or Kool-Aid as he'd soon become known. Felt his views were the best to follow, and many started also believing this and following him. All the while Kool-Aid was flexing his powers and training them so that he could help protect his folk and other innocents that were being wreaked by the criminals of the world.

With his Kool-Aid Church established, Calix soon had a following and an inner circle that would follow his lead. The Words of Calix became that name of the religion, while the church was named after his Kool-Aid persona. He wasn't one to wear a mask and instead did things on the level for the most part, his church followed the rules of law and became an official religion and charity. Getting all the regulations sorted for the building and what it does, while also doing his nightly works though these weren't as regulated. As he felt his views needed to be enforced not those of someone else, as such he became a Renegade in the super community while doing his sermons during the day he patrolled and protected others at night. In an effort to allow himself more degree of protection, he's also trained in some martial arts styling via members of his congregation and their connections.

The Priority

3. Agility
2. Endurance
1. Reaction
4. Strength

The Powers

A genius mind
Calix Cashel is an unparalleled genius in regards to his overall intelligence and his ability to create new and wonderful things and ideas. His mind is quite adaptive and strategic while also allowing him to read people's micro-expressions thus reading weather they're lying or telling the truth and sometimes how they're feeling. He can also create wonderful technology well beyond that which is in the world today, whether it's better then alien technology is unknown. He can also combine his powers and that or others with technology he's developed, to reinforce or accommodate such powers if the need is there.

Is it Hypersuasion or a Leader's Aura
Calix can use words to his advantage by saying phrases in a certain way, to incite a person to do what he has asked them. This means that he could tell a person to turn themselves into the police, and they would do so. This however isn't mind control exactly, more like super persuasion and not everyone can be taken by his words. Along side this is the aura that Calix imbues, which is that of a leader and as such people flock to him. They're more inclined to follow his words, or at the very least listen to what he has to say. It's why he has such a following in his church, and can have people feel like they should follow him. Again this isn't mind control, as it won't always do the job on everyone.

One's Namesake
Calix also has the strange ability to control the substance of Kool-Aid itself, this includes it's powdered form, it's crystal form and of course it's liquid form. He can control and manipulate it to whatever end he needs, using it as simple attacks or to make constructs. He can harden, soften or sharpen the crystalline form, while also being able to create wind like attacks with the powdered form. The liquid one can be used much like water manipulation, he can create balls, bursts or blasts of it. Even make it hard or heavy water, he can also manipulate the Kool-Aid within his own person and others.

You will not stop me
Kool-Aid has a duel layered invulnerability, in that he can't be hurt by physical means such as punches or kicks. As well as blades, bullets, falls and explosions. Regardless of the strength level of a physical attack, it just doesn't actually hurt him. Even applying holds don't actually do damage, conventionally speaking.

The other side is that he deflects energy attacks, they reflect off his person and go elsewhere. Where they land is up to chance though Kool-Aid generally does his best to send it skyward or out of harms way. Preferring. Not to allow harm to come to innocents because of the reflective nature of his abilities.

To Better Protect
Calix decided in order to be more helpful to those when patrolling, he invested in some martial arts and other such skills. He's trained in the use of Capoeira, so as to make things flow for him when engaged in battle with others. Krav Maga so that he can use that which is around him to his enable, him to better deal with a changing situation. And he's also trained in the use of Yamakasi, not just in the Parkour sense but the other means as well. He often combines these three arts, so as to better help those in his flock and the innocents who need protecting.

The Weaknesses

A fish a day
Despite all the mind and intelligence that Calix has, he can't remember everything he's thought up ideas wise or creatively. This means he doesn't have an edetic memory which often comes in handy for such mental prowess and instead uses a book to try and save what he can. Also despite his strong mind and will, a powerful telepath can mess with his head or shut his mind off. In regards to creating things, he of course needs the resources necessary to accomplish the task.

Should I heed or should I follow
Calix's Hypersuasion has to be said in a specific way, such as in a soothing manner and most be heard in full. Otherwise the words themselves won't have the necessary affect, those of a strong will and mind can also ignore his words in their persuasive fashion the same could be said for skilled psychics. His Leader's Aura is also reliant on those who have doubts in their beliefs or will, those with strong faith, beliefs or convictions can't be swayed by his aura. Unless their belief is the same as his, than you are in his full sway.

Happy it's quick to make
Kool-Aid despite his name can't emit Kool-Aid in any of it's form, and must use existing sources or that which he has on or in him to be able to manipulate said substance. It's also quite affected by freezing temperatures regardless of what form it takes, thus making it hard t o work in colder climates or against ice based powers.

Ain't all it's cracked up to be
Kool-Aid's invulnerability is not all encompassing and doesn't protect him from energies such as electricity, as that doesn't reflect and is instead taken in to excite/electrocute. He's also affected by sonics and plasma energies, alongside this is the fact he can be harmed by chemicals. Such as acid, it's opposite and other such harmful chemicals and he also needs to breath thus he can be drown or suffocated though he can't be strangled oddly.

The Items

Book of Ideas
Kool-Aid holds a thing that resembles a metal book or briefcase, which is in tune with his thoughts and allows him to copy down his thoughts and ideas. It otherwise has little other uses, besides holding Kool-Aid's ideas, sermons and thoughts. It also has digital interface and can be written into, with a stylus type pen if the need is there.

Kool-Aid for miles
Always has a large quantity of Kool-Aid sachets on him at all times, the type, style or flavour doesn't matter as long as he's got some on him to use.

The Minions

Congregation of Kool-Aid Church

The Fluff

The RP Sample

It was late in the night and down near the docks, was a group of smugglers who'd been using the late hour to mask their activities. However they weren't the usual smugglers, who unloaded drugs onto the streets of an unsuspecting city. These were much worse, they smuggled people but not to have them escape war and danger. But to sell them to the highest bidder or most perverted rich person they could find, thus the traffickers were unloading the boxes they used to transport people in. Meanwhile above the action on the rooftops stood Kool-Aid watching the happenings below, as the large crate was lifted up into the air.

Kool-Aid his way below and onto the crate itself, he did so in a manner that wouldn't note that he'd arrived yet. As the crate was lowered to the ground, the guards stood at the entrance to the crate and begun to open it. With a slight bit of movement, Kool-Aid had used the brief moment to pour Kool-Aid powder down from the top. Covering the entrance to the crate, thus upon opening they were greeted with a wall of powdered Kool-Aid. They group stared at each other for a few seconds, before the powder erupted into a forceful wind towards them. Covering the area around the smugglers in a smokescreen affect, using the cloud as cover Kool-Aid jumped down into the middle of the group.

And started attacking and disarming them, while they flailed about in the powder. Hoping to strike at whomever was attacking them, once the powdered cleared all smugglers had been taken care of. Laying on the ground cradling injuries if they were indeed conscious, turning to the ladies inside the crate. He spoke to them in a soothing voice and told them everything would be okay and that they would be getting help soon, he had called ahead previously to a charity that deals with trafficking victims. And they were currently arriving with the police in tow, Kool-Aid bid them all good night and went back into the shadows.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Re: Kool-Aid

Post by Kool-Aid on September 13th 2017, 2:27 am

Kool-Aid is ready for some reviewing

Quote : You don't know the power of words, until you meet me

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Number of posts : 4
Location : In your head
Job : Negotiator
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