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Webs and Whatnot. [Scarlet Web]

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Webs and Whatnot. [Scarlet Web] Empty Webs and Whatnot. [Scarlet Web]

Post by Duo August 27th 2017, 8:12 pm

"Too easy."

"How much of this you think we'll be getting?"

"It'll be enough so we don't have to do a job for a whole month!"

"What do yuh say after we turn this in we go to the Whorehouse? Best way to get rid of a suspicious amount of cash in a night."

The two men were speaking at full-volume, nigh shouting to the other. They weren't quite the most stealthy. That didn't matter, as they were hitting a series of bars that were scouted and already proven to not have alarms. They took all their time in the world, and often times added insult to... well, not injury but thievery.... by trashing whichever place they were at. At Straight Aces, they flooded the men's and women's bathrooms. The Dive Bar  where 4th Avenue and 23rd Street meet has broken bottles littering the ground and the booths. The question both men were silently pondering: what were they going to do to this little place?

The taller of the men reached over the counter and grabbed two large bottles. He slid one across the bar counter and popped open the other. Then, they just talked and laughed. They never really sat down at any of the previous establishments, and with this being their last one of the night, they could use a break. No cops had caught them, but that was partially due to some Meta-related distraction. The world was a strange and scary place for normal guys doing criminal jobs. A lot of guys in the Gangatinos were hospitalized by those Freakshows with powers. They understood that at any second, one of those masked 'things' could burst in through the door and probably kill them in a second, or at least beat them up very well. That's why they had the emergency button. They weren't going to need to push it tonight though! They got through it all without it! No need for 'Him'!

It wasn't normal that 'He' got called in. Typically when he was, it was too late for the Gangatino who asked for help. He was vengeance, though. Not only that, but 'He' righted where the world had done wrong. While nothing was official, the Gangatinos took it upon themselves to rid the city of Metas. There are a lot of stories of 'Him' killing them in his off-time.

Just for fun.

However, the two men couldn't quite tell if the stories about 'Him' were real or not. very other day there was some tale of what he did. Some of them true, some of them false, some of them he denies to this day despite the evidence... The Swagman was a legend that haunted a lot of the 'Fresh' metas. Especially those that got in the way of his job.

The blonde thug had already downed most of his bottle. He was a bit larger than his brunette friend, but only slightly. Both men looked large and bloated, though somehow perfectly mixed fat and muscle. Their bodies resembled a weight-lifters after each eating another weight-lifter. From the outside, they just had the 'dumb' look. Extremely square heads, to the point where 'block' is only a small step away from the truth. They looked similar enough to be brothers. It could be assumed from whatever dumb conversation they were having about money and lady parts that combined their IQ was equal to about one high-school drop out.

They were having such a blast that if they didn't have a bag full of cash and top-shelf bottles, this would be a nice moment for anyone watching. They were laughing, showing off their crooked grins. They lacked the occasional tooth here and there due, probably from fighting. Their cackling could be heard by people on the sidewalks, but this was an extremely shady bit of town. Nobody cared enough, even if they knew what was happening. On the off-chance that someone was feeling generous and would look in, the two men's stature or the pistols and baseball  bats at their hips would scare them off.

And so, uninterrupted, they drank and laughed.


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