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Cumulate [Villain (Ready for Approval)]

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Cumulate [Villain (Ready for Approval)] Empty Cumulate [Villain (Ready for Approval)]

Post by RedRanger August 4th 2017, 6:22 pm


"Anything for the mission"

The Bio

Real Name: Alan Melman
Villain Name: Cumulate
Title: The Deadly Dozen, The Hell Pack
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian Human
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'8"
Weight:200 lbs
Blood type: O-

The Looks

While out of costume (which, outside his base of operations, is rare) Cumulate is a strongly built Caucasian man with a buzz cut of blond hair and harsh blue eyes. His outfit consists of a grey full body combat armor complete with a helmet in the vague shape of a motorcycle helmet combined with a gas mask, along with whatever military hardware he has outfitted himself with. A handful of scars are scattered around his body at all times, regardless of which universe his clones are pulled from.

The Personality

Cumulate keeps himself focused on one thing: the success of the mission, and nothing else. He will do anything to ensure it. However, this also means he will do only what it takes to accomplish his mission. While Cumulate has no ethical qualms with killing, it tends to be that law enforcement tends to crack down even harsher on those with a large kill count, so therefore he will only attempt to do so if it is worth the trouble. A methodical thinker, Cumulate will studiously analyze whatever “battleground” his mission will take place on before heading out. He will appropriately arm himself and his duplicates, acquire the appropriate fake identities if necessary, scope out the location, ect.

Cumulate will take any job he is appropriately compensated for, it just so happens that the majority are from the underbelly of society. In his dealings, both business and personal, Cumulate will never reveal his ability, as it would be strategically foolish to do so. He much rather prefers to keep up the illusion that he is merely a group that have peak human abilities, or a group of those people with a super soldier serum. While he does view his ability very highly, he is not a conceited kind of man. He does, however, like to be prepared if shit ever hits the fan, carrying a small revolver on one leg and a knife on his body at all times.

Cumulate does have some joys in life though. He enjoys working out as well as the thrill of combat. More surprisingly though, he enjoys reading in whatever downtime he has, preferring nonfiction or historical books above others.
When interacting people, he is only as polite as he needs to be. He does not actively try to be rude, it is just that such trivialities are bothersome most of the time. He does however respect positions of power and influence and hopes to achieve such a seat for himself one day. For now though, he is content being a mercenary and hired gun for (typically) the criminal underworld.

The Story

Alan was a strange boy. He never bothered to make any friends growing up. Sure, he joined the various sports teams of his given age, but always turned down opportunities to be friends with the kids on his teams. However, he was extremely competitive in the games themselves, focusing entirely on beating the other team. He grew into a young man who enlisted into the army. And out on the battlefield is where his ability awakened.

He was the last of his squadron left alive, pinned down by an ambush of enemy fire. His compatriots dead around him, Alan was sure he would be next. But in the 18 year old, a feeling awakened in him, a string begging to be pulled. And so he did. As he did, someone faded into being right next to him: another copy of himself, reloading his rifle. Upon fully being realized, they connected into one. Alan now saw through his eyes, heard through his ears and thought with his mind. In the other bodies head were the exact same memories, except that he had just taken a moment to reload his rifle just now. That feeling had diminished somewhat, same as a portion of the energy keeping him awake.

The gunshots were getting louder now, the enemy was closer, but a plan had come to Alan. His two bodies went to two different exits of the building he was trapped in, one towards the enemy and the other to freedom. Body number two was the sacrifice, laying down cover fire against the enemy to draw their attention away from number one’s escape. He lasted approximately one minute before a bullet found its way into his brain. However Alan was able to escape. After the tour was over, Alan was honorably discharged with a medal of honor.

After returning home, Alan tested his ability more, finding an upper limit of twelve bodies to control. With all of these new bodies, he immediately began pursuing combat training of all sorts. From martial arts to weapons training to even sword and knife combat, he could study so many subjects simultaneously while still holding a job with one or two of the others. He began his paramilitary career after approximately five years of this, quickly excelling in his new field. Funneling this money back in, he retired the name Alan, taking on a new name.


The Priority

3. Reaction
4. Strength
2. Endurance
1. Agility

The Powers

Hive-Mind: Cumulate is capable of summoning and controlling up to 12 nearly identical copies of himself. These copies are pulled from alternate timelines where everything may be the same save for one coin flip somewhere in the world (or even off it). When they are fully pulled into this world, their minds join together as one. While this does not increase intellect directly, it does add more “storage space” for memory, as well as another body with which to multitask in both physical and mental tasks. In addition, he is able to view through the senses on each body simultaneously and has grown used to doing so. Each body is identical save for minor cosmetic differences, such as nose shape, slight facial proportions, ect. When a body dies, or should Cumulate will it, they fade away, along with whatever they entered the world with (typically armor)  

Combat prowess: Cumulate has the cumulative abilities of 12 people who have studied martial arts and weaponry for over a decade each. And thanks to their hive mind, all of this expertise is shared between them. The specific fields practiced include:
Brazilian Jiu jitsu
Krav maga
Muay thai
Weapons and Explosives training (Military weaponry specifically, including sniper rifles and rpgs
Knife combat
In addition, each body is in the same state of physical fitness required to utilize such knowledge effectively. While he is not the strongest or fastest man alive, his body is built as a balance between speed, stamina and strength and is in incredibly good shape due to all the physical training resulting from his studies.

The Weaknesses

Just human: Despite his superior physical shape, Cumulate is still physically human. As such, he is subject to whatever weaknesses and frailties the human species suffers from. He’s a physically impressive human, albeit still human.

Mind-linked: Because all of the bodies are technically controlled by the same individual, if one were able to psychically attack one member, all members would be affected because, mentally speaking, its basically just one person. Knocking one body out via “regular” means or killing them does not affect the others save for them knowing it happened. Note that Cumulate is not particularly more vulnerable to psychic attacks than the average person, but rather if you do manage to attack him, you can disable the entire group of soldiers at once.

Cloning Limit: There is a limit to the number of bodies which Cumulate can control at one time: 12. In addition, due to the exponential exhaustion placed upon him by summoning such bodies, Cumulate can only summon one in the midst of a combat scenario, and that is only when he has lost at least a few of the bodies he brings into combat.

The Items

Note, this is a list of items for the group as a whole, obviously a single member cannot carry all this. Also, not all of this equipment will be used in every thread the character is in.
Sniper Rifle
Assault Rifles (multiple)
Grenade launcher + Grenades
Flash Bangs + Smoke Grenades
Low Caliber Kevlar
Gas Masks
Combat Knives
First Aid Kit
Hand guns

The Minions

The Fluff

No one knows that the members of Cumulate are actually the same person
Cumulate knows a multitude of languages other than English, ranging from Arabic to Chinese (multiple dialects) Japanese, German, French, ect.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.


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Cumulate [Villain (Ready for Approval)] Empty Re: Cumulate [Villain (Ready for Approval)]

Post by Bliss August 4th 2017, 6:37 pm



Mitsy's Boutique


Cumulate [Villain (Ready for Approval)] D3d4aa511c4d025601eecb3540adc5f1


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