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Gym and Apartment (Awaiting Approval)

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Gym and Apartment (Awaiting Approval)  Empty Gym and Apartment (Awaiting Approval)

Post by Eric Grotto on August 15th 2016, 3:42 pm

Tactics Gym:
Place Name/Business*: Tactics Gym

Built/Founded*: 2020

Location: Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Appearance: Eric’s gym is located inside a large, and meticulously tidy warehouse.

The gym is accessed through a old shipping door, that Eric keeps open during the day, and that he closes and locks at night. Painted on the outside, front wall of the warehouse, is a huge Tactics Gym logo.

The inside of the gym is a huge, and expansive warehouse floor. Punching bags of different weights hang from chains, from the ceiling of the gym. The punching bags are positioned in rows, in a square, around an octagon-shaped fight ring.

In the east, west, and north corners of the gym one can find anything they need to train to be a fighter; including a mat for exercises, chairs to wrap hands while sitting in, lifting equipment, and double-end bags. In the north corner of the gym, right beside an array of old-school weights, there is a closet that is filled with hand-wraps, head-gear, both boxing and mma gloves, unopened mouth-guards, shin-guards, and other various forms of fight equipment.

Unknown to most but Eric, is that there is a small trapdoor in the floor of the gym’s supply closet. During the day, Eric covers the trap door with an old elliptical machine. Even if someone found the trapdoor, it is locked, and can only be opened by someone entering a nine-digit code into the keypad that is on the top of the trapdoor.

Once the trapdoor is opened, one can enter through it into the secret staging ground of Eric’s vigilante activities. Eric’s underground base is filled with police-scanners, computers, an arsenal of mundane weapons, and medical equipment. When he’s not wearing it, Eric’s costume can be seen hanging in a glass case here, hanging on a mannequin.

In the corner of the underground hideout, there is a reinforced door, that Eric keeps sealed and locked when he is not using it. This door connects into L.A’s sewer systems.

History: Eric Grotto was arguably the best fighter in the world, during his very short career. He won an Olympic gold medal for boxing, he held the WBA World Middleweight Champion belt, and the UFC Middleweight Champion belt. He did all this, so that he could provide for himself, his family, and so he had the funds to aid others.

Eric now trains the young-hopefuls of L.A, in an attempt to help them find a better life. Eric is a brutal trainer. He forbids his students to drink, party, do drugs, or to be involved in any form of illegal activity. Eric monitors the men that he trains closely, and is on speaking terms with most the parents of the children and teens in his gym.

Eric almost always knows when his people break his rules. He trains them for free, but if they can’t control themselves, then he won’t teach them. Eric will try to help anyone who falls off the wagon, but in the end, he’s doing his best to give those who can be saved the motivation to save themselves, by giving them hope for a better future.

Eric also uses the gym as a staging ground for his vigilante activities. Before opening the gym, he renovated the basement of the warehouse to serve his purposes.

Main field*: Martial Arts/Fitness Training

Proof of Purchase*: Eric is a multi-millionaire, as is explained in his character application.

Crowntop Tower, Apartment:
Base Name: Crowntop Tower, Executive Apartment

Purpose: Eric Grotto lives here.

Location: L.A, California, United States of America


Eric’s apartment is a two-story suite, that includes a master bedroom, game room, two bathrooms, guest room, dining room, library/study, living room, and a balcony that is equipped with a very large hot tub.

History: The most expensive apartment, in one of the up-class hotels of L.A, Crowntop Tower’s executive apartment is a luxurious, modern paradise, for your every-day millionaire philanthropist.

Wealth: Wealth mentioned in character app. Eric is a multi-millionaire.
Eric Grotto
Eric Grotto

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Gym and Apartment (Awaiting Approval)  Empty Re: Gym and Apartment (Awaiting Approval)

Post by Thorgron on August 15th 2016, 8:04 pm

Very happy to see an actual base application going up, while all of this could actually be included in whatever RP you join I like having it all typed out here. No need for approval amigo, this is all set to go!

Gym and Apartment (Awaiting Approval)  Pbucket
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