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Meta-Gene Empty Meta-Gene

Post by Meta Gene on June 21st 2017, 12:39 am



The Bio

Real Name: Gene Blackport
Hero Name: Meta-Gene
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Race: White
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 4’5”
Weight: 110 lbs
Blood type: A+
The Looks

The Personality

The Story

Born in Wichita, KS, Gene was born to a teenage mother. Afraid of what he parents would say if she kept Gene, she gave Gene away and he was given to a pair of wealthy aristocrats where he lived a fairly comfortable life for the early years of his life. He was homeschooled by some of the best tutors in the world, was fed only the finest food, and given only the most luxurious clothing. He lived the good life. However, diagnosed with Achondroplasia, this quickly changed as his adoptive parents couldn’t be accused of having a dwarf for a son. So, he was quickly put back into the foster care system. Now, unfortunately he was unwanted goods. His short stature and less than ideal attitude issues left him with few prospective new parents. So, at age 16 Gene decided he would run away.

Gene lived on his own for quite some time, mostly being looked after by his fellow homeless people, allowing him to share what little rations they could, and in return Gene would share with them. It wasn’t until his 18th birthday that his latent meta-gene finally manifested. The meta-gene was incredibly powerful within him. Displaying multiple unrelated mutations in one single body. It was unprecedented. In fact, the presence of all the different mutations began to take a toll, his cells began degrading. He found that if the process continued for much longer, he would almost surely die.

Providence shined down upon him, that night. As once he was asleep, he was abducted by aliens. The aliens had developed a micro-machine that was so small; it could be injected directly into one's DNA. This would allow Gene to completely control his powers, and utilize them one at a time as needed. The device worked, and Gene was given a device allowed him to turn off his powers if he needed it.

The Priority

1. Endurance
2. Strength
3. Reaction
4. Agility

The Powers

Power Randomization - Gene gains a random ability every 24 hours on a cycle. These abilities range from classics such as pyrokinesis and aerokinesis, to less easy to define question. Like enhanced Cooking Skill. (OOC:  I will roll a dice to decide which ability I will use for the duration of the thread. The number of the power below )

1. Rocket propelled flight - While this ability is active, Meta-Gene gains the ability to fly at   Mach 3. In addition, he gains a force field that's able to deflect wind shear.
Weaknesses - No turning. Once Meta-Gene lifts up off the ground, he can only go in one direction until stopped by something. Whether it's him turning off his power mid-air or a brick wall; Meta-Gene can only turn once he has stopped flying.

2. Metahuman tracking - With this ability, Meta-Gene is able to track the active metagene in any given metahuman.
Weaknesses - Meta-Gene needs to be able to know what the metahuman looks like, and requires concentration to think about the metahumans location

3. Self-Sustenance - Meta-Gene has no need for any food, water, or air while this ability is activated.
Weaknesses - If Meta-Gene does gain this ability, he can't drink or eat anything until his ability changes without getting violently ill.

4. Thermal Resistance - Meta-Gene is able to withstand extremely high and low temperatures. Up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit and -2 degrees celsius
Weaknesses - Higher vulnerability to electrical attack.

5. Enhanced Dermal Durability - Meta-Gene is able to withstand blasts from a thermite bomb as well as the aforementioned thermal resistance
Weaknesses - Attacking Meta-Gene from inside his body can damage him like normal.

6. 360° vision - While activated, Meta-Gene is capable of seeing 360° around him.
Weaknesses - It is completely disorienting, leaving him unable to do much with it activated.

7. Omnilingualism - While activated, Meta-Gene is able to speak any language he comes across. Including binary and non-human languages.
Weaknesses - When frustrated, he begins speaking different languages that may be confusing for people of singular linguistic skills.

8. Laser Generation from the Hand - When activated, Meta-Gene is capable of projecting superheated photons from his hands at will.
Weakness - When Gene utilizes this ability; he burns his own hands. This means he needs to use short bursts, or use it sparingly to avoid permanent damage.

9.(Permission Based) “Love Stare” - Meta-Gene stares directly into a persons eyes. When activated, the Love Stare forces the chemicals associated with love to activate. The target immediately falls in love with Meta-Gene. This lasts for 10 minutes.(In other words, 1 thread; or however long the affected PC wishes.)
Weaknesses - Meta-Gene falls madly in love with the target as well.

10. Super-Speed - Meta-Gene is capable of running at a top speed of Mach 8. With an average of around Mach 6.
Weaknesses - Meta-Gene will literally tear himself apart while consistently going at Mach 6 without a protective suit. Remove the suit, the power either needs to be stopped; or Gene will start gaining injuries.

11. Super Agility - Meta-Gene gains the skill of an olympic gymnast and is incredibly flexible.
Weaknesses - When activated, Meta-Gene loses most of the tensile strength in his skin.

12. Water-Walking - Meta-Gene can walk on water while this ability is active.
Weaknesses - Gene can only walk on fresh and salt-water. Any other form of liquid is impassable.

13. Pyrokinesis - While active, Meta-Gene can use this ability to produce white hot flames of temperatures reaching 3000 degrees centigrade.
Weaknesses - To produce flames of beyond 1500 degrees centigrade, takes an immense amount of energy, leaving him defenseless. Thus he will only use this in a true life or death situation.

14. Hydrokinesis - When activated, Gene is able to manipulate up to 15 tons of water at a maximum.
Weaknesses - Manipulating 10 tons of water with your mind is a ridiculously energy consuming process. Thus, any time he uses 15 tons of water it will leave him almost entirely out of energy.

15. Animal Telepathy - Meta-Gene can manipulate any and all forms of Fauna excluding homo-sapiens. Up to 3 large animals (Rhinos, Elephants, Water Buffalo, etc.), 6 medium sized animals (Big cats, saltwater crocodiles, bears, gorillas, etc.), 10 small animals (Dogs, cats, large iguanas, etc.), and 50 tiny animals (Anything smaller than a medium rabbit)
Weaknesses - When this ability is used, Meta-Gene randomly gains a phobia of a nearby animal. So, for example; he uses his ability to call upon spiders, however; there are bunny rabbits nearby. For the rest of the thread, Meta-Gene will either be afraid of the spider, or the rabbit.

16. Metallokinesis - Gene can manipulate metal of varying densities, shaping it and changing it to his needs. He can manipulate up to 5 tons of metal.
Weaknesses - Manipulation of even 3 tons of metal is incredibly difficult and requires immense concentration and energy. Manipulating 5 tons will leave Gene defenseless.

17. Precognition - Gene can see 1 minute in advance when activated.
Weakness - This ability will cause Gene to completely lose consciousness until his vision is over. Leaving him defenseless until the vision is completed.

18. Astral Projection - Gene is capable of leaving his physical body for a psychic form. This allows him the ability to see into other people's minds while they sleep, go into the astral plane, and battle other spirit/psychic entities.
Weaknesses - Gene leaves his physical form while in astral form, leaving his body defenseless. If his body is killed while he’s in astral form; he’ll be trapped in astral form.

19. Power Negation - Gene is capable of blocking Meta-Human abilities while concentrating on the meta.
Weaknesses - Gene requires concentration to block off the meta. In addition, he can only block one or two metas at a time.

20. Self-Detonation - Gene can detonate a part of his body and regenerate the body part back. The size of the explosion depends on the size of the body part. A finger for instance would be similar to that of a firecracker, while his entire arm would be more like a frag grenade.
Weaknesses - Gene can only regenerate from a wound that was inflicted from an explosion.
Gene cannot regenerate from a full body explosion. And even if he could, the resulting blast would be akin to a single stick of TNT.

21. Invulnerability - Gene can become invulnerable for a period of time. He will take absolutely no damage at all.
Weaknesses - Gene can’t move while it’s active.

22. Invisibility - Gene can become invisible for a short time.
 Weaknesses - Gene can still be tracked by things like cameras and sonar equipment.

23. Portal Generation - Gene can open a portal to anywhere on the planet.
Weaknesses - Gene has no idea where it will open at any given time. It might be 2 feet away, it might be on first class on an international flight.

24. Electromagnetic Wavelength Sight and Manipulation - Gene can see and manipulate electromagnetic wavelengths allowing for the use of internet, listening in on phone calls, and listening to radio stations.

25. Chlorokinesis - Gene can manipulate the growth, the structure, and movements of plant life.
Weaknesses - Limited to 5 plants at a time.

26. Hero-Speak - Gene can speak to deceased heroes and villains.
Weaknesses - The dead don’t like being called upon, thus they may not help him.

27. Air-Walking - Gene can walk on the air for a short period of time.
Weakness - Gene can only walk on the air for as long as his mind is on the subject of walking on air, if his attention is split from that; he will fall.

28. Enhanced Cooking Skill - Gene can cook 6 star delicious food.

29. Time-Stop - Gene can create a bubble of green energy. Anyone inside is immediately slowed down.
Weaknesses - Gene is also slowed down by the green energy.

30. Nemesis Form - Gene shapeshifts into the person he focuses on worst fear, gaining the abilities and weaknesses of that form.
Weaknesses - Gene also develops the phobia from that person for the duration of the thread.

31. Shapeshifting - Gene can shapeshift into any person he sees for a short period of time.
Weaknesses - Gene and his voice remain generally the same.

32. Storm Manipulation - Gene can manipulate the weather in such a way that allows for him to call upon rain, lightning, thunder, wind, etc.
Weaknesses - Gene can only do this if he can see the sky.

33. Firework Generation -  Gene can generate small explosives that explode into colorful shapes, and make large sounds.
Weaknesses - Gene can easily hurt himself with this ability, blowing off fingers, toes, other body parts

34. Aerokinesis - Gene has the ability to manipulate airflow for a brief amount of time. Allowing for an enhanced jump, super breath, and of course gusts of wind.
Weaknesses - Gene requires access to a vast amount of gas. Put him in water, he cannot manipulate the comparatively sparse amount of gas.

35. Super-Intelligence - While activated, Gene is incredibly smart. Capable of understanding vast medical issues, hacking, and small bits of mechanics.

36. Confidence Fueled Super-Strength - While active, Gene gains the ability to augment his own strength which is directly tied into his confidence levels. So, if Gene is at peak confidence; he can lift two airliner airplanes.
Weakness - If Gene is left without any confidence in his own abilities; his strength will actually decrease from normal leaving him even worse off than if he had no abilities at all.

37. None - Gene is completely powerless if this is selected.

38. Cryokinesis - When activated, Gene is capable of manipulating and generating ice.
Weakness - Gene is constantly literally freezing cold while using this ability.

39. Lie Detection - While active, Gene can detect any lie he is told.
Weakness - He must hear the lie for it to be detected.

40. Dream Walking - When active, Gene is capable of entering the dream realm and interacting with them inside of their dreams.
Weaknesses - Gene is capable of being injured and even killed within a dream. In addition, his control over the dream realm is only as much as is given by the person who is dreaming. (Permission based)

41. Disease Manipulation - Gene has the ability to manipulate bacteria and viruses associated with infectious disease and incubate them far faster than normal diseases. These include:


African Sweating Sickness

The Common Cold

The Stomach Flu

Smallpox and Chicken Pox

Weaknesses - Gene himself is not immune to these viruses, so he uses the more lethal infectious diseases as a last result. In addition, if someone is immunized to one of his diseases; there is a 50% chance that the disease will not take affect. (Permission based)

42. Illusion Manipulation - Gene is capable of producing intense illusions, tricking most human senses. Sight, smell, and hearing.
Weaknesses - Gene’s illusions cannot trick the sense of touch, so a simple wave of the hand through an illusion will dispel these ghosts.

43. Muscle Memory - Gene can learn various skills just by watching someone perform these skills and mimicking them.
Weaknesses - Gene cannot learn superhuman abilities just by watching and mimicking them.
Gene cannot retain the skills once this power wears off.

44. Photokinesis - Gene can manipulate Photons for a variety of effects. Including creating light constructs, blinding flashes, and invisibility by shaping the light around him.
Weaknesses - This ability cannot be used to injure people, as he cannot concentrate the light into lasers.
His invisibility can be countered with thermal cameras due to the fact that he puts off a higher level of heat.

45. Geokinesis - Gene can manipulate dirt and stone in such a way that allows him to ride flying boulders, throw large rocks, and cover himself in stone armor.
Weaknesses - Gene can only manipulate dirt and stone. He cannot manipulate sand, fertilizer, lava/magma, or plant life.
Gene can only make rocks float for 5 minutes at a very slow speed. It also takes nearly all of his concentration to keep boulders flying.

46. Magmakinesis -

47. Frigokinesis -

48. Umbrakinesis -

49. Dermakinesis -

50. Sonokinesis -

51 - Haemokinesis -

52. Typhokinesis -

53. Size-Shifting -

54. Temperature Manipulation -

55. Reptile Manipulation -

56. Ichthyoid Manipulation -

57. Avian Manipulation -

58. Mammalian Manipulation -

59. Insect Manipulation -

60. Locust Breath -  

61. Clay Manipulation -

62. Cloth Manipulation -

63. Monologue Control -

64. Self-Cloning -

65. Midas Touch -

66. Poison Generation -

67. Glass Manipulation -

68 - Sand Manipulation -

69. Sword Arm -

70. Prehensile Hair -

71. Scorpion Tail Protrusion -

72. Cartoon Physics -

73. Balloon Mimicry -

74. Name Identification -

75. Odynokinesis -

76. Bone Manipulation -

77. Petrification -

78. Natural Sweet Production -

79. Enhanced Jump -

80. Ice Cream Mimicry -

81. Enhanced Senses -

82. X-Ray Vision -

83. Heat Vision -

84. Freeze Vision -

85. Acid Manipulation -

86. Wax Body -

87. Flaming Tar Body -

88. Sand Body -

89. Computer Data Body -

90. Mist Form -

91. Shadow Teleportation -

92. Inanimate Object Communication -

93. Color Manipulation -

94. Slime Body -

95. Weapon Proficiency -

96. Regeneration -

97. Healing -

98. Electricity Manipulation -

99. Sticky Skin -

100. Bird Bones -

101. Acid Spit -

102. Rodent Attraction -

103. Antenna Protrusion -

104. Force-Field Generation -

105. Intangibility -

106. Food Mimicry -

107. Arachnid Attraction -

The Weaknesses

Gene has a terrible allergy to shellfish, which causes his throat to shut when exposed to the allergen.

Gene is a dwarf, which comes with it’s own issues. Both physically and medically.

The Items

Power Selector Watch - A device that used to be used to select the power Gene would use on that day. However, now that the glitch has taken a hold of his control; it now just notifies Gene which ability he currently has.

The Fluff

One time and one time only, Gene can choose which power he uses in a fight.

Once per thread, the player may choose to re-roll if a permission based power is not available for use.

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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Meta-Gene Empty Re: Meta-Gene

Post by Chellizard on June 26th 2017, 10:53 pm

Approved and moved.

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Meta-Gene Empty Re: Meta-Gene

Post by Arcana on September 27th 2017, 5:44 pm

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Meta-Gene Empty Re: Meta-Gene

Post by Dubloon on May 16th 2018, 8:01 pm


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