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Meta-Gene: Introduction and Power Ideas.

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Meta-Gene: Introduction and Power Ideas.

Post by Meta Gene on June 21st 2017, 6:34 pm

Alright, so. Some of you know me as Zonky Blong on discord, and if you have been paying attention; you will know that I am making a character called Meta-Gene.

So, here's a brief introduction to Meta-Gene, and how you can help me with his creation.

Meta-Gene - AKA Gene Blackport - is a meta-human with an extraordinary Meta-Human ability. You see, his unique genes allow him access to a wide array of Meta-Human abilities. Literally anything from Pyrokinetics to the ability to cook really, really, well. However, due to a fault in his genetic code; all of these abilities working together began causing cellular degeneration. Soon, Gene would be kidnapped by alien beings. They placed an extremely small, microscopic device directly into his DNA that would stop the degeneration and allow him to choose his powers. Unfortunately, there was a glitch in the system that caused his abilities to be selected completely at random every 24 hours. The race was soon wiped out by an unknown entity and anyone who could fix/remove the device are now long dead. Gene now gets one of his many abilities for 24 hours until the next ability is selected at random.

Here's how you can assist.

I am making a list of AT LEAST 100 powers for Gene. I want useless and useful powers both.  This  link will lead you to a Google Docs where I am writing down all of the powers that I will be adding to Meta-Gene. If you can think of any random/useful/fun powers that aren't on the list; comment down below. I'll see about adding them to Gene.
Meta Gene

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