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Out of place. (Entei)

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CLOSED Out of place. (Entei)

Post by Quinn on May 27th 2017, 4:20 pm

Maya stares up at the night sky from the dead end street that they emerged out of, wondering why she can't see the stars even though there wasn't a cloud in the sky. As the last child manages to finishing climbing out of the hidden entrance to the facility, Maya does a quick head count, making sure that all sixteen children had made their way out.

"Okay you lot, let's go, we need to find you some food." Maya motions for the children to follow her, making sure to stay at least five feet in front of them in case something decided to jump out at the group. The sounds from the city around them were constantly making her ears twitch as they were slightly overloaded with all of the new experiences that they were getting, though nothing was loud enough to actually effect her. Though the noises didn't bother Maya all that much, when she finally reached the corner and saw a multitude of metal things rolling in both directions she was caught off guard. "What the hell are those!? This world is weird and I'm talking to myself aren't I? God dammit..." Muttering that last part under her breath she leads the group to the sidewalk and just watches the cars go past for a minute, making sure that they aren't a threat to the children.

Once she was satisfied that they weren't a threat, Maya sniffed the air for a second, locating what smells like food and following it down the street, making sure that she was between the children and the road. It wasn't long until she stops in front of what seems to be a rather expensive looking building, which was where the scent of food was coming from. After Maya makes sure that she didn't lose a child on the walk here, she heads inside the building, holding the door open as the children filed in one by one. Chuckling a little as the little ones look at everything with curiosity, she scans the tables to see if there was anywhere that could sit all of them. Spotting a room off to the side, she starts to head that way before someone steps in front of the group, a displeased expression on his face.

"Out! Out I say! This is a five star establishment and we don't need you dirtying it up!"

Maya just stares at the man for a second, then chuckles to herself a little, causing the man to get even angrier at her. "Man you are super funny, let me show you how amused I am." It was then that she reaches over, grabbing the shouting and red faced man by the front of his clothes and then just tossing him over the children, who helpfully duck, and through both doors causing him to land in a pile of broken glass and wood on the sidewalk outside the building. Maya pretends to dust her hands off before herding the children towards the room again, not bothered by the fact that most of the other people that were dining here decided to get up and get out before anything else went down.

Once Maya has all of the children seated, she looks up at the frozen waiters and frowns. "Well, are you just going to stand there or can I get some food for the children? They haven't had a good meal since...I don't know, forever?"

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CLOSED Re: Out of place. (Entei)

Post by Entei on May 28th 2017, 2:21 am

"So, Mr. Furiyama, as you can see from the numbers..." Michael Krieger sat across from a middle aged Japanese man, who was currently holding a matte black folder, flipping through the papers inside of them. Both of the men wore expensive Italian suits, and were sipping at expensive Irish whiskey. The young cambion took another bite of his chicken as the man flipped through the papers, growing a small smile on his face.

"I must say young man, I felt a bit of disrespect when your sister told me I would be meeting with you. A young man who has only been in the business less than a year. However, your work is organized, meticulous, I am impressed."

"Well, I have an excellent secretary who helps keep me on track and from getting distracted."

The two men shared a polite laugh, before a crashing noise rang out through the restaurant. Michael's lithe pointed ears perked up at the noise, causing his head to turn a whole second before anyone elses inside the dining room.

"I.. should see what's going on. Stay here Mr. Furiyama." Standing from his chair, and giving a small bow, he buttoned his suit top before heading towards the direction of the noise.

"Well, are you just going to stand there or can I get some food for the children? They haven't had a good meal since...I don't know, forever?"

Standing in the entrance foyer, Michael cocked a eyebrow at the sight of what was in front of him. Sixteen small children, who couldn't have been older than eight and a.. wolf.. girl..? He rubbed his eyes, being sure he wasn't in some sort of fever dream induced from staying up far too late watching anime again.

"Uh.." He said, scratching the back of his head with his tail. "I want to assume you're a criminal from the face that the maître d' is laying in a pile of broken glass, but... the children seem a bit young to be committing robbery, don't they?"

He kept his body language loose, informal, doing his best not to scare the children. His thoughts were racing though, just who was this girl? Worst of all, he hadn't brought his sword, so if he was going to have to fight he'd have to rely purely on his super strength.

"Now, why don't we apologize and talk about this, yea?"

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CLOSED Re: Out of place. (Entei)

Post by Quinn on May 28th 2017, 5:35 pm

Maya was just about to sit down herself when a man approaches them, though this one seems far more respectful then the last one. It was a good thing too since she didn't exactly have a door to toss him through anymore, maybe a window would work just as well. As she was pondering on the pros and cons of tossing someone else through objects as she only half listens to what he says. It wasn't until he mentions the children that she perks up, her eyes focusing on him to make sure he isn't a threat to any of them. "Robbery? We aren't actually stealing anything though? Or is eating without paying considered robbery in this world? It wouldn't even be unexpected seeing how weird this place is." The last part was more to herself then to the man that had approached.

Suddenly a thought occurs to her, the waiter had yet to move from his spot, still frozen in shock. "Hey, I thought I told you to get going. Don't make me repeat myself a third time. Go. Get. Some. Food." The waiter shudders before skittering away, clearly not wanting to piss off the girl who just tossed someone through a door. After staring at where the waiter disappeared for a moment, she sighs. "He isn't coming back is he?"

Sitting down and locking her fingers in her lap, Maya looks over at the man who approached them. "So, who are you and what do you want? I have some time before we head off to search for food."

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