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When Night Falls The Stars Come Out

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CLOSED When Night Falls The Stars Come Out

Post by Andrew on May 10th 2017, 11:29 pm

"Twelve exactly."
Andrew spoke quietly as the light in the apartment across from the rooftop he stop on dimmed.
He was after another item. This time it was a flash drive Theodore Witten kept in his top drawer. The drive contained files on multiple corrupt government officials. Their names would be pivotal to the task ahead. Their faces just as important. Two birds, one stone.

Andrew could see the silhouette of Teddy getting into his bed. "Five past."
He stared down at his watch. "Five more minutes and game on."
"Yes sir."
"Remember to kill any females he may be with. Exposing his infidelity towards his marriage will be quite fruitful."
"As you wish, radio silence beginning."
"Don't destroy the city block. It's expensive for us to keep cleaning up collateral damage."
"That's why you're the shields and we're the swords Doc."

Andrew stared across into the distance. He took two steps back and leaped for the mans window.
Smashing through Andrew rolled and jumped up to his feet. Teddy stared wide eyed at the masked man with two escorts with him. "The mission calls for me to kill you three. Would you prefer to stand or stay where you are."
He created ice around all three of their mouths so they couldn't scream.
One girl began sobbing.
Andrew pointed at her and the ice around her mouth grew around her head before squeezing in and making her skull implode.
The other two scrambled for the door.

A wall of ice formed and knocked them both over.
Andrew stepped through the skull of the woman before grabbing Teddy by the neck and lifting him with ease.
"Flash drive and you live. Point to where it is."
Making incoherent sounds he gestured towards the desk.
"Seriously? You keep it plugged in?
The man cried and nodded.
He let the ice off his mouth.
"Who thinks to look at an already plugged in flash drive as a secret document?"
"Anyone with a quarter of a brain."
Andrew made a karate chop motion and cut three quarters of the man's head off.
"I enjoy irony."

Sitting at the desk he quickly powered on the screen. Sirens were off in the distance. Being on the 35th floor had it's advantages in a time sensitive case.
"Doc, i have the file."
"Excellent, now send every file to our secure network, keep the hard copy."
"As you wish."

Andrew stood up and looked around the room.
"At least they get to meet god."
As he was walking away he felt a presence behind him.
"Looks like someone else gets to meet god." he smirked.


Quote : "We Fight For Those Who Can't."

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CLOSED Re: When Night Falls The Stars Come Out

Post by Knightfall on May 16th 2017, 4:18 pm

Knightfall sat back taking advantage of the luxuries of the rich as he twirled a wine glass in his gloved hand watching the liquid inside swirl almost hypnotically. He'd been hired as a private bodyguard to a man known only to him as Mr. Witten. They didn't get along too well since upon their first meeting Nathaniel had called him "wittle kitten", don't ask. So now he laid back wondering why he had to watch over some scummy loser. He was getting paid handsomely so that was the benefit. As well as one of the Witten's girls had given him her number so that was a plus. Suddenly he heard a crash in the next room and went to stand up, noting that both his leg and foot were asleep. He quickly staggered over to the door separating the two rooms opening it slowly to reveal a masked man standing over two bodies one of Witten's girls and Witten himself. Looking around the rest of the room in alarm he saw the girl that'd give him her number cowering in one of the corner and a flash-drive in the masked man's hands. The guy without turning around said something about "meeting god", so he guessed that the man already knew he was here now. "Ahem, well then if you're quite done murdering the guy paying me we can settle this mano y guno." Pausing he added, "But before we get down to the nitty gritty you mind if I walk around a bit? My leg fell asleep while I was chillin' in the other room, the writer said so anyways. Who's Doc by the way? Are you the evil reincarnation of Bugs Bunny? If so I guess that makes me the Michael Jordan in this Space Jam."


Quote : "Woo yeah! I'm like fucking Spider-Man bitches!" -Knightfall
"Didn't your parents ever teach you not to play with guns?" -Knightfall

"Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy." -F. Scott Fitzgeral

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CLOSED Re: When Night Falls The Stars Come Out

Post by Andrew on May 25th 2017, 7:28 pm

Andrew turned and looked at the man, he was gritting his teeth under his mask.
"The Doc is none of your concern. Much like I don't care who your "writer" is. You should avoid asking many more questions."

"Am I the reincarnation of a cartoon character that isn't dead? No. I am not. I just sent the guy who paid you to meet God."
Cracking his neck he created shards of ice around the entire room. Encompassing the entirety of the hotel and window.
"Now if you wish to meet God I can send you to him. Or you can be a good little rent-a-guard and run along and say your gun jammed or something you freaking hack. Get out of my way."

"KILL HIM." The Doctor screamed into he ear piece.
"As you wish."

Closing a fist the shards the circled the entirety of the area all shot at incredible speeds towards Knightfall.
Next Andrew created two large serpents of ice.
They flew growing spikes all over, tearing the walls apart in the direction of the man. Or whatever was left of him.
Lastly, he froze the room over, creating almost and igloo of him and the now presumably dead man in his personal playground.

"If you aren't dead you are going to wish you were smart ass"


Quote : "We Fight For Those Who Can't."

Status :

Warnings : Banned
Number of posts : 551
Location : Beantown
Age : 23
Job : Vigilante
Humor : Franklin Guidaboni, Grown men who argue with teenagers, Adam Paxton, and Dominus
Registration date : 2011-12-22
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CLOSED Re: When Night Falls The Stars Come Out

Post by Sponsored content

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