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Operation: Arcana Check

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Operation: Arcana Check - Page 2 Empty Re: Operation: Arcana Check

Post by Rozmer October 3rd 2016, 11:36 am

Interdimensional incursions were more common than one might care to believe. And they were only growing more frequent. Anymore Rozmer seemed to be feeling them daily. A tear in space here, a being not of this reality there, it was becoming something of an issue. This was not the behavior of a healthy dimension. This was utter chaos, the kind of thinning of the existential barrier that almost certainly preceded a major incursion, the kind of thing that could destroy not only this reality but any that had the misfortune of drifting too close within The Void. It was utter madness. And where was Rozmer in all of this? Well he was frantically trying to stitch up a world tearing itself apart at the seams. Today that seaming fruitless endeavor lead him to an abandoned wear house on the outskirts of a city. Where it was didn't really matter. What did was the tear he felt at its center.

There was a portal inside, it had to be. Nothing else could make him feel so instantaneously close to another of himself without his doing. But why they chosen the old wear house? Probably for its secluded location, lack of general interest or credible witnesses. After all, the only people likely to hang around in a delapidated old industrial complex were likely either drugged our of their minds or doing something illegal themselves making either I like to report any disturbances. More likely than not that meant that the portal was opened from this side of reality and it's opening had been intentional, exactly the kind of thing that meant bad news for Rozmer and the overall stability of this reality.

He reached into his vest pocket, producing a pack of cigarettes and lighter. Slapping the pack against his palm a few times, he popped the top open and slid out a single cigarette before slipping it between his lips. Cupping one hand to block the wind he lifted the other holding the lighter. An ember glow burned on the tip as he inhaled deeply, letting the smoke fill his non-existent lungs.

Can't you people ever just leave this kind of shit alone? he muttered to himself, slipping the pack and lighter back into his pocket. Then all at once he was gone, the thin trail of smoke fading into the wind being the only indication of where he had just been standing.

Out of thin air Rozmer appeared inside the complex. Remaining phased, he would be visible yet physically not there as he hovered an inch or two above the ground. There would be no sound of breathing, no sense of something in the room only his appearance and the very real and tangible smoke leaving his cigarette would betray him. In front of him with their back turned was a person in a hazmat suit and before them an array of monitors which they seemed intently focused on. This is gonna be fun Rozmer thought to himself as he silently floated forward. Turning in midair he floated with his back parallel to the ground his head passing effortlessly and harmlessly through the man's back and out his chest as though it were moving through nothing at all. Which his neck, head and shoulders through he finally spoke.

Looks like you've been busy he said abruptly, smoke puffing from his mouth with every word. What exactly are we watching? he asked, rotating his body so thy now his stomach faced the floor for inside The Lost. His eyes scanned the screens coming to rest a monitor displaying a familiar form in a large room. He couldn't see the face but the form looked familiar. Not that that said much, so many faces from so many realities were familiar to him that this person could have been anyone. Resigning to wait and watch Rozmer continued to float there, his body sticking out halfway from the front and back of the other man in the room. It didn't take long for his curiosity to pay off.

The man on the screen fell to his knees and two kinds of energy came flowing off of his body. That certainly doesn't look good he mumbled through his cigarette, eyes bulging as they stayed glued to the screen. Suddenly a portal burst open in the room and a red-headed woman in futuristic Victorian garb came stumbling out. Her face was in the direction of the camera and Rozmer's jaw dropped as he looked at her. Immediately he planted his feet on the floor, standing straight up and facing the other man in the room with him. What the hell is going on here?!

Simultaneously, another Rozmer appeared inside the chamber where the Interdimensional interloper and the mystery man stood. This Rozmer had no cigarette in his mouth and stiff with his arms crossed, eyes shifting scolding my between the two of them. So he started, with the tone of an upset parent Either of you care to explain to me what exactly you're doing here?


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Operation: Arcana Check - Page 2 Empty Re: Operation: Arcana Check

Post by The Lost October 3rd 2016, 12:09 pm

The Lost had left the office he was sitting in, and went to join Soothsayer team in the comm room. Everyone was so focused on the panels before them, no one noticed Rozmer until he made his presence none.

"..." The Lost was a step or two beyond startled. Alarmed. Frightened. However, he did not dare show it. For a man with super intelligence, knowledge was literally power. Betraying anything, even the simple knowledge of fear to his enemy, was a huge setback. Thus, he had trained his poker face well. That is not to say, he did not react and simply sit there.

He stood up and away from the seemingly intangible individual.

"Intruder. Illusion or intangible," he drew his sub-machine gun and aimed it at the individual floating in front of the monitors. Even as he did, he looked around the room for anything or anyone else that might be casting an illusion. Everyone else in the room had also turned and trained guns on the floating man in the monitor room.

"Sayer 03, monitor room feed," he ordered. One of the men in hazmat suits turned back to his panel, and quickly checked the feed from the security camera in this room, trying to find any inconsistencies. He also knew to check for someone projecting an illusion.

In the back of his mind, Lost was wondering if this man was an illusion created by their guest. However, instead of answers he only got more questions as he saw what happened to the guest through the monitor feed.

"Intruder, you are trespassing. Identify yourself and your intent, or you will be fired upon," The Lost finally would call out, still not sure if this man was an illusion or not. Of course, he ignored Rozmer's silly antics and did not respond to any of what he had said. The things that The Lost wanted to say had priority here, not what this intruder had to say.

To those who go the way, he who has strayed shall be known as The Lost.

To he who has strayed, he has simply forged a New Path.

It is time to take The Next Step
The Lost
The Lost
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Post Mate

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Operation: Arcana Check - Page 2 Empty Re: Operation: Arcana Check

Post by Arcana October 3rd 2016, 1:52 pm

”Wow that Soul Stream is a slippery ride. Wasn’t expecting to have it ever end.” She sighed, standing to her feet and dusting herself off slightly and looking to Sean with a suddenly surprised look. ”Oh...the entry way was a person.” She then noted, examining the very room she had been spat out in while Sean just looked at her with an expression of utter surprise.

”Who the hell are you?”He asked, arcing a brow as she  went about actually ignoring him.

”This place looks really unfamiliar. I wonder where I actually am...if I am in a place.” That was when someone else appeared, adding to the continual confusion. This one was a blonde in a suit. Now there was a gaping opening in space, a strange redhead and now this guy. He massaged the bridge of his nose as the female just appeared to take in everything around her.

”Well I don’t know what you’re trying to ask me. I was just...flowing through The Soul Stream and it spat me up here. Didn’t have much choice with her chasing me like that.” She explained without much really need to. ”The walls of this world were weak, so getting through was much easier.” She appeared thoughtful, stroking her chin while she trailed a long dress fringed with frills.

”And who the hell was chasing you? Wait, who the hell are you anyway?!” He asked, turning from Weaver to Rozmer who had suddenly appeared. ”First these idiots decide to rip open portals in reality, and then there’s this chick. I swear no one cares about not trying to destroy everything.”

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Operation: Arcana Check - Page 2 Empty Re: Operation: Arcana Check

Post by Sponsored content

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