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A drop of divinity (The Grey)

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A drop of divinity (The Grey) Empty A drop of divinity (The Grey)

Post by Shael Atterrius September 1st 2016, 10:49 pm

”I still think all of this gold is a bit much.” Christian Hale noted,  sitting cross legged on what looked to be an overly large bean bag chair. The slightly younger male appeared to be playing around with their phone, thumb rapidly tapping along the touch sensitive screen. Idol watched them go about this with a silent fascination, seemingly more curious about the device than anything else they could be talking about. For a moment he had let his glamor down, hair a stark white compared to the normal brown and eyes a shade of gold that looked as if they were molten.

”I don’t know what you mean. I thought a temple was supposed to be… extravagant, and gold conveys that perfectly.” His eyes scanned over the room, taking in everything around him. While it was not made of pure gold, the walls were inlaid with golden veins that caught light and cast them off with a sheen. It appeared that the walls of his own personal chambers were well designed, with much care put into them, and yet this was something that the entire temple bore.

Christian had been worried that people would try to gain entrance into the temple and peel the precious metal from the wall, though all it took was a few spells across the temple to make that more trouble than a thief would want to put into it. ”I mean...i’m glad you didn’t make everything gold. The eyestrain would be a pain.” He ceded with a sigh, sigh of the air conditioning mingling with the faint tapping of fingertips. ”But the temple isn’t as empty since all those….followers moved in.” A part of his tone suggested that he was not so keen on the idea of having others around, but then again  that was just his same argument.

”I feel like I know where this is going.”

”It always goes in this direction doesn’t it?” Despite how young he looked, one could not argue that the male was mature.

While they talked within Idol’s personal chambers, the exterior of the temple was mostly hidden. It only took a little cursory searching along the outskirts of LA to find the entrance hidden within a hill. Typically anyone who truly wanted to enter could do so, but those with malicious intent tended not to leave.

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Shael Atterrius
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A drop of divinity (The Grey) Empty Re: A drop of divinity (The Grey)

Post by The Grey September 2nd 2016, 11:41 pm

Enter Jardin did. It had taken a little time but the young thief had found the Idol's temple. He did not like it. The idea of a building constructed by a man in his own honor made the anarchist's skin crawl.

The thief understood the reason so many had come to worship this man. His gifts, his 'miracles' resembled those described in his own faith; the healing powers of the Nazarene resembled the magic used by this Idol.

So, now he was here, clad in a gray sweater, blue jeans and a suade jacket, sensitive eyes still shielded by a pair of sunglasses. Most would be awed by the shimmer of gold leaf across the walls but the glare would have been blinding to the metahuman. It was also tacky, another knock against Idol.

Jardin fidgeted with the scabbard under his right wrist. He had set up a rig for an aluminum syringe. After all, he was here for work. He needed a sample of Agni's blood. Why? No clue but he was being payed to act as a retrieval specialist, so...

Still, a part of the young man was curious if this new 'savior' would recognize him. Maybe if he mingled with the throng, he could sort out his plan to both steal his sample and get away clean.

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