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Probably your typical heist (Super Cutie)

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Probably your typical heist (Super Cutie) Empty Probably your typical heist (Super Cutie)

Post by Shael Atterrius June 2nd 2016, 3:17 pm

Sebastian was always one to takes risks, especially if they offered some kind of enjoyment or reward in the process of finding this risk. His eyes danced over what looked to be some kind of flier for an exhibit, one that was being pretty hyped up from what he could believe. The target of this attention was a strangely large gem, one that supposedly was worth a large amount of money but the monetary value didn’t really appeal to him. This reminded him of those old heist movies more than anything else. People sneaking into well defended places and taking things, with all of the excitement he felt as a kid watching these things. Just thinking about it was enough to make him want to, and he hadn’t ever done something as cool as this before. Honestly, all he had done was the typical boring types of robberies, which wasn’t that fun when you could just port through the shadow’s.

Maybe they would have some cool extra protection again metahumans, which would make this all the funner, or just annoying. For the moment he stood within the shadow of a building, looking over the large museum place. Getting into it would be simple, as it was open to the public though the security itself would probably be pretty tight. Guys in those security outfits just walking around, looking for anyone suspicious and honestly he didn’t exactly look not suspicious.

Granted, he was just there for the gem rather than anything else. Hopefully there wouldn’t be any weird suited people just coming after him, as that involved him getting his knee shot out. Not exactly a great feeling to have, because that shit hurt like hell. ”Alright so time to see what i’m workin with.” He said to himself, now just sorta going through the whole tour thing. There were a few people with him but no one really interesting. Just your usual people interested in junk people showed off in these kind of places, and he had to play along. So he dressed up in the best clothes he had available to him, not that they were exactly suit and tie fair. There were ancient, semi important artifacts behind their glass casings and other things, however the thing he was looking for was near the end of this. Behind a curved dome of likely bulletproof glass, or maybe just really tough stuff, was the gem about as large as the fist of a really large person.

Wow, that is a big rock. Sebastian thought to himself, even more interested in the prize before his eyes. Well, that would have to wait until tonight when the whole place was closed, and then he could start the heist movie portion.
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