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Leviathan Empty Leviathan

Post by Phi December 27th 2015, 4:07 pm


“Over countless years Man has given me many names and written innumerable stories about me.  If you believe all that’s been written I fought God itself.  Perhaps you should consider then, listening to my words as you are, how trivial and small your life must be to me.”  

Basic Biography

Real Name: A precise series of screeches backed by a chorus of roars.  (Unpronounceable to most single headed creatures.)
Villain Name: Leviathan
Titles/Other names: The Dragon, The Beast, The Lernaean Hydra, Ušumgallu, Bašmu, Mušmaḫḫū, Tiamat
Alignment: Lawful evil
Age: So old even she doesn’t remember
Gender: Female
Race: A colossal ancient seven headed dragon/sea-serpent originating from another plane.
Hair: None
Eyes: Vary (See Personality)
Human Form: 1.65m (5ft 5in)
True Form (Whilst pushing herself upright): Around 100m (328ft)
Human Form: 57.6kg (9st 1lb)
True Form: Around 164,000 tons
Blood type: Defies classification by modern science
Theme: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The Looks

Human Form:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Image by Senko-Wakimarin: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

True Form:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Image by LDN-RDNT: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

The Legacy


As a literal seven-headed dragon Leviathan’s personality is… complicated.  Each of her heads retains the majority of her knowledge but has a divergent personality.  

Whilst in her true form all of her heads are conscious simultaneously and typically operate together in tandem.  These heads are physically identical with the exception of the central one, which is considerably larger.  

However whilst in human form only one personality can be fully conscious at a time making her seem somewhat “fractured”.  Conveniently her human eyes change colour according to the personality that is currently in control.  

As their time in a human body caused each personality to become more distinct and independent they required a means to refer to each other.   Unwilling to demean themselves with human names and lacking enough simultaneous heads for their native speech they settled on referring to each other by their associated eye colours.

Each personality follows:

Brown: The personality of the largest head: predatory and cunning with a particular taste for corruption and manipulation.

Blue: An exuberant bon vivant, carouser, wanton and glutton.

Green: The personality from where all nurturing and maternal instincts once stemmed. However with nearly all Leviathans’ children dead or gone it has become wracked with grief & anger.  Enough of its original instincts remain however to take kindly to non-human monsters.

Amber: The personality worst hit by the Curse of Jeb.  Whatever its previous focus it is now entirely obsessed with living a normal human life.  It likes to pretend it’s just a normal human woman and live out imaginary scenarios.   It grows increasingly frustrated by its own inability to hide its true nature around mortals.  It is also frequently in conflict with the other heads/personas due to its radically different goals, (Which they find trivial and humiliating.)  It is by no means “the good head” however and is still more then willing to commit evil acts to vent its frustrations or get what it wants.    

Gray: A cruel & sadistic lover of riddles, puzzles and games.  It is frequently thought insane due to its habit of sprouting deranged nonsense sprinkled with archaic knowledge and insight.

Hazel: A megalomaniac that believes that as a whole Leviathan is the closest thing to a god the world will ever have and deserves to be worshiped like one.  

Red: A savage animalistic beast incapable of civilised speech.  It indiscriminately takes what it wants and cannot be reasoned with.  However like any animal it will heed shows of force if they constitute a genuine threat.


In ancient times Leviathan came to this plane from another, fleeing the famine that ravaged her home.  She, like so many other monsters, came to earth for its bounty - its veritable feast of life.  

For a while times were good; she ate her fill of the sea and birthed hundreds of young.  Her children were not like her, some weren’t even dragons, but she cherished them all the same. She took great pride as they spread beyond her domain to dry land and prospered from its bountiful offerings.  

But as the man-creature spread across the world it came into conflict with her children.  It hunted and killed them wherever it could. Whilst all the time preaching a moral right, a false diction of superiority.  It was then that she travelled inland intent on repaying the debt in kind.   Her wrath was terrible; Armies were slaughtered and cities burned.  

As the bodies piled up news of her rampage spread across the ancient world until it arrived at the attentive ears of the wizard Jeb.   Amongst a council of his peers he devised a way to contain her.  He sought not only to halt her rampage but also to capture her so she might be studied, questioned and her secrets divined.

Under a blood red moon on the seventh day of the seventh month, the company of Jeb completed their ritual.  They sealed Leviathan within the body of a human woman and cursed her eternally to a mortal form.  Having never known such weakness Leviathan was left confused, dejected and shocked.  Jeb’s servants easily detained her that very night.  

She was kept prisoner for years before a deal was struck.  Time erodes all things and many of Jeb’s fellow mages had turned against him.  Playing on Jeb’s newfound desperation she convinced him to restore a mere fraction of her power so that she might aid him.   She kept her end of the bargain and played her role of a servant come weapon, assisting him against his enemies.  Then, after all his enemies were slain, she murdered Jeb in his sleep.   That, after all, was not stipulated in the bargain.  

She hunted and killed what few mages remained in the region before she’d had her fill.  It was, she had learnt, far easier to kill mages when shrieking masses did not warn them of her colossal monstrous form hours in advance.  Still, she missed her true body and followed a deep longing back to the sea.
Arriving at the ocean she walked solemnly into its embrace and slept.   She slept until Jeb’s curse wavered and her legend became distorted by time.  She slept until she could recover her form, if only temporarily.  She slept until she was left with only the wounds time could not heal.    

When she awaked Leviathan and her children had faded into myth and the world had grown ever stranger.   It belonged to the man-creature now, they had tamed it, made it theirs.  Gone was the bounty of life the world once offered, it was quickly turning barren.  Everywhere man bickered and contested over the scraps.  

She turned her attention to securing what she could for herself; she would not face a second famine unprepared.  But she remembered the lessons of the past, this time she would be subtler pursuing her goals.  

Leviathan entered a cycle of gathering resources, slumbering decades and then awakening to gather once more.  The world of man quickly bored her after each awakening prompting her to sleep again.  She had no desire to live alongside the feeble cattle for entire lifetimes.

That was until just recently, when she awoke to find the world had become a very interesting place.   Very interesting indeed…  

The Powers and Weaknesses


Monstrous Powers


Leviathan is in possession of immense strength that allows her to level or lift entire buildings. Because of her strength she has a tendency to cause widespread collateral damage in combat, whether she’s trying to or not.  


Due to a combination of sheer mass, scales and her supernatural nature Leviathan is exceptionally difficult to harm.   She can be damaged but it typically requires super strength, heavy ordinance or magical attacks.  But finding a means to damage her is just a start; her monstrous stamina allows her to endure a multitude of wounds before falling.  


There was a time when Leviathan was primarily an ocean dwelling creature.  Because of this she’s perfectly suited for underwater life.  She can breathe, sense and move underwater better then a human can on land.  She navigates the ocean with an average speed of 40 knots.  She reaches a maximum speed of around 80 knots during a sprint.  She can also endure the intense pressures of the deep sea.  

Exhale the Inferno:

Leviathan’s fiery breath burns so hot it scorches even underwater.  When exhaled by all heads at once the fire covers such a wide angle that it pretty much immolates everything in range indiscriminately.  During such an attack so much fire is spewed all around that even Leviathan can’t see what she’s hitting.  Subsequently she tends to spray everywhere wildly in the callous hope she’ll destroy her target.  This makes it fairly easy for smaller creatures to find cover and escape harm.    

Sevenfold Mind:

With seven heads and seven minds Leviathan presents an insurmountable challenge to any mental assault.  Furthermore any powers which function by connecting an outside mind to Leviathan put their wielder not only in danger of failing, but being overwhelmed by the combined force of all seven ancient minds.  

Born in Water, Reborn in Water:

Water has a healing effect on Leviathan.  Submerged wounds regenerate quickly and a few years of slumber under the waves will reverse her aging process.  Subsequently she’s able to remain young and healthy indefinitely as long as she can reach water.  It has even been speculated that returning her corpse to the ocean might be enough to revive it.


Leviathan is a colossal multi-headed creature and reaps all the expected benefits of such.   She is roughly 150meters long and can reach around 100meters in height when pushing herself upright. Consequently outside of skyscraper-ridden metropolises she dwarfs most buildings.  She has seven heads each of which can serve as a limb, giving her a distinct advantage in grapples with other large creatures.   The massive scale of her biology also makes it difficult to affect her with toxins unless they’re provided in equally massive volume. Furthermore her large nature means that the scale of attacks against her is reduced.  IE an attack with a magic sword against her would be the same as an attack with a magic drawing pin against you.

Mortal Powers

The Dragon’s Horde:

Leviathan has been gathering resources for a very long time.  In the past this might have taken the form of gems and precious metals.  But in modern times this constitutes company shares, clever investments, filled bank accounts and a global network of influences.  These vast, but ultimately mundane resources allow her to manipulate the world around her without needing to crush entire neighborhoods.  They also allow her to live in relative luxury despite the difficulties she has interacting with mortals.  (See Unconcealable Truth in Weakness.)  

Martial Prowess:

Leviathan was forced to learn new ways to defend herself when trapped in human form. And having lived longer then any normal human, she’s had ample time to learn them.  Leviathan has mastered a multitude of modern and archaic weapons as well as a handful of unarmed fighting styles.  These masteries represent the pinnacle of human ability and are still ultimately mundane.  They are also typically useless whilst in her true form.  


The Curse of Jeb:

In ancient times the wizard Jeb led a ritual to trap Leviathan within a human body.  And whilst he later revoked some of the curse it nevertheless continues to cripple her.  Whilst in human form Leviathan can only harness a single one of her monstrous powers at any given time and is otherwise human.  So should she choose to be Indomitable she’ll lack any other powers and will be vulnerable to mental assaults.  Or should she use her Aquatic power to go diving she’ll be as vulnerable as your average human as she’ll lack her Indomitable power.  When she harnesses a monstrous power she channels it from her true form as a magical effect functioning through the curse; this has no visual effect on her human body.  In human form she is cursed to a specific size and is completely unable to harness her Titanic power. Switching powers takes a full moment of concentration.  Subsequently she cannot switch powers between blows in order to benefit from the Indomitable and Immerse Might powers simultaneously.

Out of her Element:

Despite Leviathan’s long healing slumber The Curse of Jeb continues to limit access to her true form.  She can only return to her true form if entirely submerged in water.  When transforming the water will turn completely bloody and opaque until her new form explodes forth from its confines. During the process harmless earth tremors give ample warning of the terror to come.  

Unconcealable Truth:

Even the Curse of Jeb cannot disguise the indomitable truth of such an ancient and powerful creature.  Any creature that sees Leviathan’s human face immediately knows that she’s something ancient, predatory and powerful.  How they react to this sudden instinctual realization is up to the creature in question.  This makes it very difficult for Leviathan to pretend to be something or someone she’s not.  

Divided she falls:

Leviathan’s heads are naturally inclined towards teamwork or, at the very least, not antagonizing each other.  However they have become increasingly independent and often have differing goals and opinions.  A clever mortal can use this to turn them against each other, which is incredibly disruptive for Leviathan in either form.  In human form feuding heads will snatch control from each other whenever possible and prevent each other from achieving their goals.  In her true form they’ll actively attack each other, often forcing the other heads to intervene.  In the resulting fight Leviathan will at best be entirely preoccupied and at worst maim or injure herself.  

Seven Anchors:

Seven ancient crowns bind Leviathan to this plane allowing her to remain here.  There was a time when Leviathan wore these crowns atop her seven heads believing them to be safest in her presence.  But the curse of Jeb forced her to adopt a different approach.  Over time each of the crowns was modified and secretly gifted to a different mortal ruler.  None of the crown’s owners have ever known the true origin of their crown but have been motivated to protect them nevertheless by their value.  

  • The first crown is St Edward's Crown currently held in trust for the UK by Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The second crown is the Crown of Queen Elisabeta of Romania currently held in the National Museum of Romanian History in Bucharest.
  • The third crown is the Crown of Christian IV, part of the Danish Royal Regalia kept in the Schatzkammer at Rosenborg Castle.
  • The fourth crown is the Crown of Bavaria kept in the Treasury of the Residenz palace in Munich.
  • The fifth crown is the Iron Crown of Lombardy kept at the Cathedral of Monza outside of Milan.
  • The sixth crown is the Crown of Norway kept in Nidaros Cathedral in the city of Trondheim.
  • The seventh crown is a Nemanjić Crown kept in the Royal Treasury museum in Vienna, Austria.

Damaging any of these crowns immediately causes Leviathan tremendous pain and distress. Furthermore the destruction of all seven crowns would force Leviathan back to her own plane indefinitely.  Subsequently anyone who manages to steal one of these crowns acquires significant power over Leviathan.    

Colossal Target:

In her true form Leviathan is a colossal kaiju-sized creature.  Subsequently she inevitably destroys any clothes, items or buildings being used by her when she transforms.  Whilst transformed she is generally forced to leave a trail of destruction if traveling through an urban environment.  Naturally she is also easier to hide from and exceptionally easy to hit. Furthermore whilst in true form she causes widespread panic and alarm.  So extended time in it will attract full-scale military assaults as well as catching the attention of any superheroes in the area.  


Leviathan’s particular status as a planar creature means she can be conjured by practitioners of magic.  When summoned in such a manner she will miraculously appear within a binding circle.  She cannot leave this circle or cause immediate harm to anyone outside of it and can be returned to her previous location at the whim of the practitioner.  If any harm is attempted against Leviathan, including attempting to starve her via a prolonged stay in the circle, the binding is immediately broken and she is free to act as normal.  If the practitioner leaves her presence or is not in the same room as the circle she is likewise free to act.  Leviathan appears in whatever form she is in at the time she’s conjured.  However in order to summon her in her true form an exceptionally large binding circle would need to be made.  It should be noted that due to a general desire to stop knowledge of her conjuring ritual spreading Leviathan does not teach any of her servants the ritual.  Subsequently she cannot abuse it to teleport around the globe at her whim.  Furthermore the ritual requires genuine magical competence and cannot be attempted by random mortals. (E.g a random group thrill-seeking teenagers on Halloween night.)

Can’t resist a pact:

The head known as brown became particularly sick of mortals preaching moral superiority over Leviathan and her children.   She began to delight in tempting mortals into evil acts and proving that they were really no better then her.  Over the years this has evolved into a fully blown compulsion.  Should a mortal announce that they want to make a deal Leviathan will always stop whatever she’s doing to hear them out.  Even if brown isn’t in control at that moment, so intense is her need to corrupt that brown will seize control to hear the deal out. She’s under no obligation to accept the deal if she doesn’t like the terms but is typically inclined to if the mortal is willing to perform a corrupting task she proposes in return.  Of course she gets nothing out of corrupting evil characters so they’re expected to offer a possession or service she’d like instead.  Brown prefers to fulfill her end of any bargains using her considerable resources rather then getting her own hands dirty, but has been known to make exceptions in special cases.  Brown’s own code of conduct and sense of superiority prevents her from breaking any deals she’s made.  

Mother of Monsters:

Leviathan once gave birth to monstrous creatures of all shapes and sizes. The head known as green is particularly grief-stricken over the loss of these children.  This mixed with strong maternal instincts makes her incredibly amiable towards non-human monstrous characters. She will treat such characters with kindness and generosity and may even attempt to mother or nurture them.   If another head is attempting to harm such a character she will actively seize control or otherwise intervene to prevent them.  

RP Mechanics:

Ancient minds:

Leviathan is exceptionally old.  Because of this she knows a great deal more then your average human, especially when it comes to history.  Her knowledge has limits though; after all she spent a lot of earths past slumbering under the ocean and has missed or forgotten many things.


Having been around a while Leviathan knows many languages.  Most of these languages are ancient and no longer spoken however a handful of them are modern.  Much like with the previous trait it’s important to note that this knowledge is not absolute, she does not know every ancient language, just an impressive amount of them.  


Harmless supernatural effects tend to manifest in Leviathan’s presence.  These are unintentional on Leviathan’s part and she has little direct control over them.  They tend to be subtle unnerving things like lights flickering or her casting seven shadows briefly.  However when she’s distressed they can be more obvious.  For example in human form eerie draconic roars might back Leviathan’s cries of pain.  These effects are always superficial and cannot harm other characters or influence the environment in ways beneficial to Leviathan.  

Minions & Items:

The Cult of the Beast:
A group of religious fanatics formed long ago by the head known as Hazel; these cultists adore, fear and worship Leviathan.  Whilst they tend to dress up for ceremonies (see image) the majority of the time they dress normally.  Subsequently they could easily be mistaken for some kind of personal staff when following Leviathan around.  They have operated so long that they rarely need to overtly recruit.  The majority of the cult’s members are born into membership through their cultist ancestry or marry into the cult.  They’re also secretive, amoral and sometimes a little deranged.  Leviathan provides them with substantial funding. This is used to aid their endeavours and reward their dedication.

The cultists primarily do trivial tasks for Leviathan but are fanatical enough to fight for her when necessary.  They have enough understanding of the occult to divine their mistress’s location but have no other supernatural powers.

The cultists simply can’t compete with player characters.  They fail whenever a player character opposes their actions, whatever their actions may be.  The only exception to this is when a player intentionally chooses to have their character loose to cultists for narrative effect.  Therefore in combat they only serve as cannon fodder and are easily defeated.  No matter how numerous they are.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Photography by Mlle Chèvre - Expand for full credits:
Models : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Leather accessories : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Dress : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Make up, photography and edits : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Leviathan has a fondness for Khopeshes, a kind of sword used in ancient Egypt and Assyria. She has a vast collection of newly forged Khopeshes of varying sizes stored away. Typically she’ll have any cultists accompanying her transport around a slightly larger then average Khopesh (see image) that they’ll hurry to her in a fight. They also tend to carry around two normal sized Khopeshes as a backup for her.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

12-gauge Short Barrel Shotgun:
Leviathan tends to covertly carry one of these whenever she thinks the situation may call for it. They can fire up to four shots between reloads and are small enough to be concealed inside a jacket or bag.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Physical Priority:

Endurance 1
Strength 2
Agility 3
Reaction 4



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Leviathan Empty Re: Leviathan

Post by Phi January 1st 2016, 3:59 pm

Phew, finally done.  She's ready for inspection now Smile.



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Leviathan Empty Re: Leviathan

Post by Thorgron January 2nd 2016, 2:30 pm

The approval is given!

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