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Doctor Leviathan

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Doctor Leviathan

Post by Matthew De'lacroix on July 27th 2015, 8:17 pm

Dr. Matthew De'lacroix
“Sadly enough, the most painful goodbyes are the ones that are left unsaid and never explained."

Basic Biography

Real Name: Matthew Jean De'lacroix
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Doctor Leviathan
Title: Witch Doctor, The Fallen Angel
Alignment: Lawfully Evil
Age: 42
Gender: Male
Race: Bioengineered Cambion
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 169 lbs
Blood type:O+

The Looks

Human/Civilian Form(Credit to DC/Warner Bros):

First Transformation(Credit where due):

The Legacy

Matthew is a supremacist, period. Whether it be a white supremacist at the beginning of his crusade, or a newly risen metahuman supremacist, hes just purely xenophobic. He used to be a sweet, kind mannered man but a few events in his life drew him to become a megalomaniac. His drive for power and success in his crusade caused him to disfigure from that nice blossoming flower into an angry bitter man who hides all his emotion behind the stern face. Deep inside, he truly has no anger for those different from him, he just doesn't know how to cope. All in all, he's just a lost soul that is using his religious crusade as a way to vent out his disappointments of life, creating himself into a proclaimed "righteous harbringer of the end times" for those who stand in his way.

Matthew Jean De'lacroix was born in a different world beyond his expectations. Civil Rights tensions were still in the air, even as the emergence of meta humans became a more prominent issue than the simple racial issues themselves. Matthew's father was a bishop in a typical church setting, and his mother was a stereotypical woman of the faith. Both trained him to be a man of high chivalry and honor. Outside of his father's prestige as a well respected man in society, he had several relatives that all held positions in areas such as politics,military, and even the church themselves. In an all-american family, he had high expectations for his life, and expected to live beyond them.

He still however, was a rebellious little boy at heart, a fact that would follow him through several events in his life. As a young teen, it was in the wake of several key events that played into the civil rights movement, something that intrigued and ignited his soul. His activities in support of the movement came at the cost of disappointment in his family, church, and community. His biggest opponent came in the form of his mother, who refused to allow her son to engage in activities with 'those troublesome people'. His father however, was in support of his son's life choices, and always took pity and sympathy in punishments placed on Matthew, even if it came at the cost of his prestige in his congregation. He nevertheless, kept this support in his son secret.

Still determined to fight, he still remained a supporter of the movement, and gained some incentives in return. Among wide range notoriety, it was there that he met little Sandra Parkings. A younger sister to an African-American friend that he made during his days in the marches, Sandra(a year his junior) had a gaze that church boy Matthew Jean found irresistible. After rejection from his mother, along with nationwide disproval of interracial relationships, it was assumed that their forbidden love would be erased from existence. That rejection rather sped up their love, and create a bond that would leave a mark on his life.

After graduating from their respective high schools, the two sought to run away and get eloped in order to prevent any separation of their love. After marriage, the two were met with their first child when Sandra was just the ripe age of 19. Callum Jean De'lacroix was born two the lovely young couple, who found themselves on the run constantly after facing local opposition to their relationship, even narrowly escaping a lynch mob. About a year later, on Matthew's 21st birthday, Sandra gave birth to another baby boy, named Matthias John De'lacroix II, after his grandfather. After deciding to return home in hopes of receiving warm welcoming hands after the seemingly easing of racial tensions. Matthew was met with the news that his mother, suffering from a heavy heart of her son's sudden flight from home, was bed ridden and near death. After meeting her at her deathbed with his one year old son and 3 month baby, along with a now pregnant wife, Madame De'lacroix was surprisingly overwhelmed with joy and tears to see a blossoming family from a love that she rejected from even surfacing. After making amends with her son, and apologizing for her racial mistakes as being unrighteous, she passed away after having an intimate moment with her grandchildren.

Mourning the loss of his mother and regret of not doing anything, he felt a part of him begin to deteriorate as he went longed for ways to create new life. This desire would soon plunge into deeper ends when the family mansion was set ablaze by local mobs who refused to allow the pastor to condone racial integration, as evident in his daughter in law's relationship to his son and the product of his grandchildren. The aftermath was met with the worse news: that the youngest boy Matthias, along with the pregnant Sandra, were killed in the fire; Callum and other members survived as they were out in town when the fire occurred. Matthew was left devastated by this action that it drew him down a path of insanity shortly after.

After learning that the mob was actually led by several African Americans who disproved of the relationship between Sandra and Matthew, ignited a hatred spirit of racism, even centuries' greater than the one his mother had. In addition, he learned that his father had foresight to the events of the De'lacroix Fire, but simply ignored them as weak threats. This ignorance would lead to a long term boiling hatred between the two, until the elder Matthias' death.

Having nothing left in the south, but their family's wealth, the two relocated to New York City to start afresh, as Matthew continued and completed his studies as a medical professional/doctorate, something that his father would hope stir his mind from the events behind them. It rather drove Matthew mad as he delve himself into deeper religious lore and medicine to try occult rituals behind his father's back in hopes of reviving his dead love ones. In the mind time, Callum faced a love-hate relationship with his father that would reflect the relationship between his father and grandfather. After adopting a young orphan to hopefully complete the family, only stirred Matthew down a plan for domination. Following his father's untimely death, he allocated majority of the inheritance to create a company under the moniker Nahtaivel Industries, Inc. This company would just be a cover up for an underground cult called Leviathan that began a series of several projects in not only reviving the death, but even more extreme measures, such as bio engineering. Using his son Callum, his adopted brother(now son who was named Xander), and several other orphans adopted by the church's foundation as labrats for these experiments, Matthew hoped to create an army of religious crusaders to lead a fight against the government to invoke a supreme race, in the wake of the emergence of the meta humans, who he saw as the answer to his desire to revive his dead wife and children. After lucky searches, his company managed to capture several ethereal beings, seemingly Angels, and began testing on these beings. The results led to successfully converting his sons' DNAS to resemble the Angels, after fusing the DNAS of the two groups. The first experiment, with his son Callum, led to Callum growing a pair of wings and several other angelic features. Callum, whose disappointed judgement of his father's bigoted behavior and involvement with occult groups to complete his experiements led him to grow rebellious, decided to use his newly given abilities to run away from home at the age of 9. The events led to Matthew shutting down the projects and seeking to go back to his professions as a doctor and a man of the bible. The rise of more metahuman occurrences rather stirred up his desire to create more metahumans of his own, as the projects resumed approximately 8-9 years after Callum's disappearance.

This time, he decided to experiment on his adoptive son in the same manner that he experimented on Callum. The success also followed with Xander's transformations, which led to Matthew attempting to commercialize this procedure. Xander felt that his success  went beyond enslaving the world with his meta human gift. He followed his adoptive brother's footsteps and ran away from home himself, rather deciding to become a hero. As Matthew began to experiment on more people, rather brainwashing them this time to enslave them, he also grew tired of watching those close to him disappear from him.

He utilized some of these resources at his disposal to try to capture his adopted son, who has been under the guidance of certain unknown organizations, and try to find his own son in order to restore his family and start his campaign for power. Needing the power to lead this however, came with a price. After accidentally capturing what appeared to be a dark angel in his definition, he decided to use this being to experiment on himself. After making a pact with the being to fuse their souls, it was discovered that this being was rather a demon/fallen angel, unlike the previous occasions in which his experiments included angels. He underwent the same transformations as his sons and his other subjects, and began to utilize the power to catalyst his quest. Taking the mantle of Doctor Leviathan, after a ancient biblical creature, he has stepped out from the shadows to unleash his agenda and capture his sons.

The Truth:

Investigations and discovering deeper behind the circumstances behind the De'lacroix Mansion Fires arrive at the conclusion that there were no remains of any deceased bodies that were discovered. In actuality, The senior Matthias De'lacroix had arranged for the extradition of Mrs. Sandra De'lacroix and the young Matthias De'lacroix from the mansion, before the fire. The expecting Sandra took the boy away to settle with sympathetic family members up north. After taking heed to the warnings of the Bishop that Matthew's behavior had become erratically dangerous after the death of the family's matriarch, and prompting a possible harm to the lives of the children, Sandra was prepared to flee with the children for their safety. Callum De'lacroix was supposed to be arranged to have "died" in the fire, but his desire to be with his father during their routine trips in town prevented such from happening. Sandra decided to leave the boy in the care of her ailing mother in hopes of hiding him from his father, as she fled to Canada until the situation would be cleared by her father-in-law. The situation took a drastic turn when communication was severed after Sandra gave birth to the final child of the De'lacroix line(presumably died in childbirth), the death of Sandra's mother prompting the Bishop to quickly adopt the boy under a different guise, and following up with the Bishop's own death. The fate of Sandra and the final child is unknown to this day, but it is assumed that she is dead and the child is orphaned, or they are both alive and well under a different name. This truth is unknown to Matthew De'lacroix or anyone else, as the confession was written in a series of letters by the Bishop, last seen under the guidance of the now missing Callum De'lacroix.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Demon Physiology: Leviathan's mortal soul is fused with that of a demon, giving him some of the following abilities.
Subpower I-Enhanced Condition
Like his son, Doctor Leviathan is able to maintain his vitals(both mental and physical) at a superhuman peak without necessary maintenance.
Subpower II-Horns/Teeth
He has a pair of horns and some sharp teeth that can cut into most organic surfaces with heavy concentration on an area(ie. multiple bites into a human's skin should cause some bleeding).
Subpower III-Flight
The fusion gives him the power of flight, which he accesses through a pair of demonic wings on his back.

Hellfire Manipulation:
Leviathan has the power to possess damned fires to create constructs, and utilize them to his benefit in areas such as basic fire balls to advanced topics such as immolation of his enemies.

The species of damned creatures from which Leviathan come with a interesting genealogy. Each creature possesses hellfire manipulation, along with one other unique power before possessing minor/other talents or abilities. The creature that bonded with Leviathan has the power of hemokinesis, or the power to manipulate blood. With access to even the slightest drop of blood, Leviathan can create and construct various things with the usage of blood.


Demon Physiology:
Subweakness I-Power Trip
While his relationship with the creature isn't as much of a power struggle like his sons' and his pawns', the demon inside him often has a lust to be manifested through Doctor Leviathan, instead of being caged as Matthew De'lacroix. As a result, the demon may overtake him at the wrong time, causing/forcing a transformation. While this rarely occurs in public, it is a hazard that Matthew has to live with, since he loses mental and physical control over his body as a demon. This makes it even more dangerous than a power struggle that his sons/pawns go through.  
Subweakness II-Wings/Immune system
Quoting from Seraph's app-
"Majority of his wings have been left vulnerable by his armor, allowing heavy,concentrated damage to incapacitate his flying. His wings will be shattered for up to 7 days, before a slow regeneration that will take another week. His wings are also central to his life force and physical condition, so damage to his wings can temporarily disable his immune system, until the regeneration process starts."
Subweakness III-Choosing of the Two Goods
Leviathan doesn't have to worry about choosing one form of powers to use when transforming, like Seraph and etc. He does have to be careful however, that the use or combination of hellfire and blood can be catastrophic to his vitals, and without proper care, can kill him. So while he can use both at the same time, he often just resorts to choosing one in combat at a time, creating an artificial coin flip.
Subweakness IV-Horns/Teeth
The Horns are likely to get stuck in places to leave Leviathan vulnerable(think of a bull running into a tree or something), but he hardly uses the charge tactic. His Horns and Teeth are highly durable, but they can't withstand this strength without being bathed in blood periodically.

Hellfire Manipulation:
Subweakness I-The power of...this water compels you!
The flames are often vulnerable to heavy Holy/Demonic elements, and specifically aqua/water based ones.

Subweakness I-No super blood for you
Metahuman blood/paranormal blood(except for his,Seraph and co's) is difficult to manipulate for Leviathan, which requires him to utilize other resources of blood(such as his own and etc.) when in fighting.
Subweakness II-Blood Donor on Aisle Four
With such a rare blood type, utilization of his own blood when fighting comes with a grave warning: too much withdrawal of his own blood, like anyone else, will cause a lengthy rejuvenation to restore all lost blood. Lack of blood restored can lead to death.

Im just HuMAN:
Leviathan at heart is still a half-human. Therefore he is vulnerable to most things such as common diseases and sicknesses or simple attacks such as stabbings. While these may take a longer effect to attack him, they are still fatal to him, especially when his immune system is disabled.

The most dangerous man, is a broken man:
The traumatic events of his wife,his son, and unborn child's deaths still haunts him today. Certain events that he goes through on a daily basis may trigger his PTSD, which causes him to act erratic or even drive him to accidental transformation.

RP Mechanics

A Educated Man:
Matthew has received a doctorate of biomedical sciences at a certain prestigious institute of sorts, which has given him his day job and alter ego as a former CEO, now Director of R&D at Nahtaivel Industries, Inc. The job gives him some good/decent pay, and helps as a cover up, since most of the executive members have been replaced with demons/cult members of Leviathan.

This staff that was also created by Leviathan members to rival that of Seraph's Halo Edge is fused with several alloys that help maintain its strength. Upon his bond with the demon, Purge was fused with part of the demon's spirit, causing it to become almost a living thing that can break off into two distinctive swords, depending on Leviathan's preference of power at the moment(Hellfire(left) or Blood(right)). Weaknesses include vulnerability to higher holy/demonic weaponry and the basic element of water. It also requires a constant blood sacrifice to recharge its soul.

Leviathan is equipped with a demonic armor that helps protect him in areas of battle and warfare. It is vulnerable to most heavy ammunition and holy/demonic armor. It gathers its power from a blood sacrifice like Purge; the more blood offered, the longer of a durability/shielding it provides. Without a sacrifice, it will become futile and begin to crumble.

Leviathan's Theme

Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility 4
Endurance 3
Reaction 2
Strength 1
Matthew De'lacroix

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Re: Doctor Leviathan

Post by Zell on July 30th 2015, 8:30 pm

Approved until stated otherwise


"Gone from light, lead astray. Soul turned to darkness in a single day. Lead me back to the light. Killing me...the only way to set things right."

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