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Rakhabhata Empty Rakhabhata

Post by Flashbang October 11th 2015, 5:26 pm

The Silver King of Kharu

Basic Biography

Real Name: Unknown
Renegade Name: Rakhabhata
Pronunciation: Rakka-bata
Title: The Silver King
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Age: 6,000
Gender: Sexless
Race: Homo Argentus
Hair: Silver, forms a monastic knot
Eyes: Red
Height: 6'1
Weight: 1,403
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

Standard Form :
Rakhabhata DoRzj

Rakhabhata <img src=Rakhabhata Rsz_ch11" />" />

The Legacy

Bitter, cocky, and harboring a dangerous God complex, Rakhabhata will go to great lengths to achieve his goals, and will do so with accordance to anyone who will help him achieve such. Rakhabhata will do anything to have humans worship him, and that can range from killing a super villain to making them fear for their lives. He has little sense of humor, and fights with efficiency in mind rather than pride, attempting to kill or disable his enemies in the fastest way possible. He harbors an inherent dislike for metahumans and other superpowered individuals, as he sees them as interfering with his deity status.

Forged in the deep vacuum of space, Rakhabhata is a celestial organism unlike any other. It's cells made up of a metal alloy that could atomically be classified as silver, the creature remembers having a consciousness even back then, when it was just a microscopic silver amoeba attached to a piece of space-rock. It's fuzzy, and as a human can't remember it's birth, Rakhabhata can't remember his own creation, but it does remember crashing into the Himalayan mountain range and crawling out into the oxygen-laden atmosphere of Earth for the first time.

Rakhabhata's new environment was great opportunity for it to multiply, and in the next ten years it had reached the cellular volume of a house-cat. He was no longer just a microscopic metal amoeba, he was a huge metal amoeba! He eventually crawled out of the Himalayan mountains and into medieval India, where the increased oxygen and hospitable climate lead to the opportunity for even more growth, and Rakhabhata began to multiply even more rapidly. During this time, he encountered his first humans, who attacked it with arrows and swords out of fear. The creature had no idea how to respond. What could it do? Humans were faster, had tools, and could easily avoid any attacks by the creature. After failing to kill the creature, the humans gave up and fled.

Rakhabhata figured that the best way to survive would be to become a human itself. It crawled into a nearby town to try and mimic the movements and structure of humans, but as soon as they saw the monstrosity, who could now fill a bathtub, they fled for their lives. Disheartened, it crawled into a Hindu temple. Using the religious statues as a template, the creature tried to shape himself into the efficient human form, capable of running and fighting. The process took fifty years of trial and error to replicate the intricate muscular systems of humans, but when it was complete, the creature was finally capable of walking on it's own. It traveled through the countryside, where it met a band of roving bandits, who tried to attack it. Better able to respond, the creature fended them off, killing some of the more armored one with little more than brute force.

The other bandits rallied around the creature, believing it to be a War Diety and giving it it's name, which translated to "Sliver Warrior". Rakhabhata brought them back to its original town, which they developed into a fortress. Over the years news of a Silver King spread across India, and attracted a loyal group of followers. As it consolidated it's power over the region, Rakhabhata also consolidated his own abilities. He could control his ability to multiply cells, allowing him to regenerate from injuries and shape his arms and legs into bladed weapons.

As time went on, however, Indian rule became consolidated by the Mughals, and then the British, and Rakhabhata's personal army was destroyed time and time again. Killing officers of both, Rakhabhata became one of the most wanted beings in India, up until it's independence, when he disappeared for nearly a century.

But there have been reports the last twenty years, worldwide, about a silver man, with a ripped apart chest, traveling through the wilderness and in the darkest underground of cities. It's become somewhat of an urban legend: The Silver King, an omen of bad luck, or a solver of problems. With the increase in the amount of metahuman activity, who knows, maybe the Silver King will reveal himself as well?

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Power 1: Limb-Blades
Rakhabhata is able to change the shape of his limbs into blades, capable of stretching out to three times the length of their normal state. The longer they become, however, the flimsier they become, allowing for the connection between them to be broken more easily. This is quite versatile, and can do anything from turn his fingers into large claws to turning his entire forearm into a large sword.

Power 2: Regeneration
His body is able to multiply cells rapidly, allowing for regeneration from normal attacks. While powerful attack can take out his limbs and other body-parts, he can grow them back in roughly two days (A week if in an incredibly hot or cold environment).

Power 3: Silver Body
With his body being metal, he has much more force and durability than a normal human, giving him super strength and durability. He can shrug off bullets from anything less powerful than an Anti-Material Rifle, and his blows are capable of launching people back.


Weakness 1: Extreme Heat
Rakhabhata's cells begin to disconnect at extreme heats brought on by effects such as plasma, electricity, and fire, causing him to lose focus and slow down. His regenerative abilities are halted if he is constantly bombarded with heat, and if exposed for too long he will begin to completely fall apart.

Weakness 2: Extreme Cold
Cold slows down Rakhabhata's cell growth, disrupting regeneration and shape-shifting.

Weakness 3: Sore Thumb
Rakhabhata's silver skin, dark skeleton, long neck, and twisted limbs give him away from a long distance, even if he wears a lot of clothing his shape still makes him incredibly conspicuous. As such, he can't really travel through the open.

Physical Priority

1. Agility

2. Strength

3. Endurance



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