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Introducing...The Grey

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Introducing...The Grey Empty Introducing...The Grey

Post by The Grey August 13th 2015, 7:08 pm

Premise: One Cory Jardin is seen entering a random bank in Chicago (just 'cause.  Shut up!).  It all hits the fan, someone hits the alarm and "RUN!" etc

Oh, and there's this:
All Points Bulletin wrote:*static*

Robbery in progress at [insert random-ass bank name].

Suspect seen fleeing the scene.  Considered armed and dangerous.


So yeah, Heroes, Villains, whoever in the Chicago area, pay the bank a visit (if it makes sense). I want to feel out how he'd deal with stuff.

PS. Hi. I'm the new guy.

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Heather Jardin (Violet Feral)
Antonio Ramirez (Guerrero)[XP]
Adelaide Zollern
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The Grey
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