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Vik The Ghost Killer

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Vik The Ghost Killer  Empty Vik The Ghost Killer

Post by Vik on June 5th 2015, 1:08 am


Basic Biography

Real Name: Vik
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: Ghost
Title: "The Ghost Killer"
Alignment: Unlawfully Evil
Age: Sixty Five
Gender: Male
Race:  Human
Hair: White Hair
Eyes: Light faded blue
Height: 5'6ft
Weight: 110lb
Blood type: A

The Looks

Vik The Ghost Killer  154zqcp

The Legacy


A quiet demeanor  when approached, silence is his weapon of choice. Let the dogs bark while the cat conjures up a plan to outsmart and outwit the dog. You can say his personality comes from the spirit animal of a cat. A loner and a hunter is why his nickname is the ghost killer.

The Middle Man, can't be bought with money, can't be bought by friendship, a true loner who calls you an associate rather than a partner. A man who would betray you when your back is towards him, a man who truly despises the human race.  This man didn't buy his title, he earned it through his criminal career.

A sad prison it is, yet he never shows his sadness through his emotion, he keeps it bottled up inside him until the day he dies. He isn't a man to mess with, nor could you interrogate him to obtain the information you so desire. He is a man who in a sense, will ride and die for you, yet that was his former personality, now his personality holds no grudges, in fact, those grudges, opened up a new man, a man who will kill you the moment you say the wrong choice of words, whether it be accidental or purposely.


From A Dog Life, To A Cat -

Vik was a normal middle class man growing up with two lovable parents. Vik was always a dog person, which the term, "man's best friend", really stuck to him during his youthful years. He loved his parents and his dog, excelled in school, and overall, fought for what he truly believed in, that like a dog, your best friend would never betray you. During the year of him being eighteen, his dog died. The dog's passing was not by nature or an accident, it was delivered to him in front of his eyes, as an officer gunned down his barking dog. The funeral was made later on that day, and he vowed to seek revenge on the officer who claimed his dog's life.  Vik didn't want to go through the justice system to have a fair trial, he wanted a dish personally served to the officer. The weeks passed by, Vik stalked the man's car, his house, knew certain days who would be in and out of the house. The officer didn't have an animal, but he had something of more precious value, a son. Within a month, he plotted on what he would do.  During this months time, he failed all of his classes and dropped out of school. His parents were starting to get worried about his behavior but never acted on it because of the passing of his dog. The day finally came, the officer came home to his son being hanged to a ceiling fan. The investigation went cold, since there was no force of entry, no DNA on the child, nothing was left as physical evidence at the crime scene to link it to Vik. The few days went by for the officer and the third day, he got an enveloped letter on his windshield and read it.  The officer read the letter and immediately knew who the killer was and knew where to meet Vik, The officer went to the building and along with two other officers who he knew wouldn't sell him out once he murdered Vik. The officers approached the building and searched it, The officer then finding another envelop telling him to meet him somewhere else. The officers got in their car and started their cars, and the explosion came after, having all three of their cars destroyed and engulfed in flames. The evidence was never found to convict Vik of the murder and he walked away as a free man. A silent killer who stalks his prey before going after them. The next decades went by and he continued his murders on law enforcement officers who thought they had all the power in the world and used it on innocent victims.  He was titled as the ghost killer from then on. A certain situation claimed his legs to being trapped in a wheelchair and unable to move them, he had to conduct more of his killings but with him being bounded to a wheelchair, what could he possible do. An experimentation went wrong in trying to fix his legs to move again, and this almost cost him his life. The experimentation was a success and he obtained an abilities that would favor him.

The Powers and Weaknesses

(All characters can be as powerful as they want, as long as they are balanced with proper weaknesses.)

Power 1: Transmutation - Vik is able to easily focus his mind or hand into an object coming towards him or him throwing something at someone else, and transform it into something else. (Example: Knives coming at him, turns it into pieces of paper balls)

Power 2:  Smoke Manipulation - Vik is able to generate smoke whether it be by his hands or his mind, he is able to conjure up the smoke to conceal himself, or use it to kill his enemies.


Weakness 1: Unable to walk and is wheelchair bound and needs assistance if out of the wheelchair

Weakness 2:  Poor eyesight, having the vision 50/50

RP Mechanics

RP Mechanic(s):


Physical Priority
(You are to put these physical attributes in order from 1 to 4. 1 is the highest priority, 4 is the lowest.)
Agility - 3
Endurance - 2
Reaction - 1
Strength - 4

Status :

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Vik The Ghost Killer  Empty Re: Vik The Ghost Killer

Post by Forceaus on June 5th 2015, 2:14 am

Just so you know the transmutation power won't work on other character(s) powers without permission from the players.

Approved until stated otherwise.

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Mega Poster!

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