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The Demon Killer

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The Demon Killer  Empty The Demon Killer

Post by Rorking March 26th 2020, 2:22 am



The Bio

Real Name: Rex Hayes
Villain Name: The Demon Killer
Title: Thagraan's hand
Alignment: Choatic good
Age: 27
Race: Meta-human
Hair: Black
Eyes: black (white when using his powers)
Height: 6'
Weight: 220 lbs

The Looks

Rex's looks allow him to blend in with a crowd with features like long black hair and an average build. when he's on the hunt he usually wears a black vest and matching pants along with running shoes, leather gloves, and his trademark mask which allows him to see his prey and where they run to while all they can see is darkness and two white orbs staring back at them.
The Personality

Rex is very inclusive and tends to keep to himself, the demon within him tends to keep him company. While he doesn't enjoy killing he understands that doing so is what makes things right in the world, only being able to look past his deeds as long as they adhere to his code.
The Story

Rex was always a normal kid and never seemed to stand out much in crowds and seemed to have a great life with nothing to worry about. From the outside looking in you'd never guess that the 'Hayes' name was made up for the protection of himself and his family,  you'd never guess the kid was the son of Klipso 'The Brute' Maritimus also known as the biggest crime boss to ever exist in Vrosa city. By age ten Rex started to hear a small voice in the back of his mind, a small growl that always seemed to push him to do naughty things. He wasn't much older when the voice seemed to be a less important problem in his life, it got pushed down the list when he was turned 16 and learned the truth about his family and the darkness threatened in the name.

on June 25 Rex was returning from school when he saw his block filled with police cars, not a single one had any cops anywhere near them. he turned the corner and was approaching his house just as he saw his father and oldest brother being dragged out of the house by two cops each, before he could react he saw his mother run by him chasing after the officers that just passed. Over the next two years, Rex learned of all the misdeeds of not only his father but his family's line going back to the founding of the city of Vrosa, with every new tale and telling of the past Rex became more and more ashamed of his own bloodline. By the time he turned eighteen and moved out of the house for college he knew what he must do to move on and live with himself, the day he left was the day Rex Maritimus died in flames and Rex Hayes rose from the ashes. Rex lived a very common life from that day forward with nothing but his bloodline to haunt him, that was until the events that all started outside of the Hen theater.

The day started out normal for Rex, he went was just getting off of work when he suddenly felt a sack get thrown over his head before he got pushed into the back of a van and drove to a warehouse at the docks. next thing Rex knew he was tied to a chair and being beaten up by three men, one Rex recognized as someone who used to come over to his family's house before he was thrown out by his father. Hours went by before Rex no longer felt his kidnappers punch him and scream at him, it wasn't long after he felt his ropes get cut and he was pushed off the chair with a booming "If you can make it out of the warehouse, you can live." He quickly got to his feet and took off into a random direction out of fear, he could see the light of the outside and was almost free when he felt a sharp a burning pain in his side. It was at that moment he heard the voice again, a loud voice  whispering directing in his ear to "take his revenge." Something overtook Rex at that point and before he knew it he was back to his feet and charging at the man that just shot him, it almost felt natural as Rex broke the man's hand and shot him with his own gun. He heard the voice once more whispering to him, this time he was in control as he raised the gun and shot the two remaining men. When the voice came back for the third time and offered him and deal he knew he had a new meaning in life, he knew he was being selected to make things right.
The Priority

1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Strength
4. Reaction

The Powers

Inner Demon Symbiosis With an otherworldly creature swimming around inside of Rex he has gained abilities like:
1. Divided mind: Rex and the demon having separate minds causes this power which one can still be able to speak, think, and observe from within the same head. this allows one to give advice and warning to the other or one to guide the other down their agenda.
2. Predatory instinct: the demon has trained his new host with the ability to stalk and hunt as any predator should.  this instinct also allows him to remember any weaknesses he comes across or learn of others.
3. Pain Suppression: Allows him to ignore non-lethal pain and continue to fight on until he physically can not continue.
4. Demonic blade: With his pact with the demon comes the ability to summon a blade made out of demonic energy as his main weapon, the more power he focuses onto the blade the more energy and damage is dealt with every attack.
4. Inner Demon Summoning: Rex has the ability to summon and de-summon Thagraan in a physical but mortal form at will to fight beside him when he deems help is required, the more power and focuses he puts into it when summoning the creature determines how much power the creature has (every 30 seconds worth of concentration is about .1% of the demon's regular power.

The Weaknesses

1. Even though the second mind allows him to be more aware with eyes in the back of his head, the demon still isn't truthful any more normal, which means the demon might withhold information as tests or even to screw with his host
2. While the power of predatory instinct gives enhanced tracking abilities, they're still limited to a 40-mile radius at best and might lead to the wrong target. it also might allow him to remember someone's weakness but not how to act upon it or where the weakness is in most cases.
3. While his pain suppression allows him to not feel bad at its max strength, he does feel pain and if it's something like the loss of a limb or brain damage it will notify the power.
4. His demonic blade requires constant concentration and requires the sacrificing of his strength to wield it at higher power.
5. While he can summon the demon at will, that doesn't mean the creature is loyal to him and does, in fact, have a mind of its own. another limit is that if Rex were to be knocked out or lose a majority of his strength the demon's form will disintegrate, if the demon were to stick around for an extended period of time it will slowly start to drain Rex of his strength.
The Items

His demonic knife
His trademark mask
The Fluff

Can often be seen talking to himself
The RP Sample

Rex stepped into the room and looked upon the man in front of him with a knife in his leg, while he normally doesn't normally like it when the prey is defenseless he would make an exception to this one.
"Who are you?" the man cries as he spots the predator "what do you want with me?"
The Killer Demon bent down and stared at his prey through his mask "I am your reckoning" he replied in a growl of a voice "I am the one who they call for when they have been wronged."
the man tried to crawl away but didn't make it three inches before he collapsed again, just as he turned to look up at his assailant once again he felt a pain shoot in his leg as the knife shot out and flew into the creature's hand.
"You are nothing but a coward" the thing growled at the man "you kill anyone who opposes you and yet you can't even face me."
"Please let me live" the man begged with the last of his strength "I have a wife and kids"
the demon turned his head slightly like he was looking at someone to his right before he looked back "You should have thought of that before" the creature's eyes seemed to glow even brighter "Your soul has been deemed impure."
before the man could react he felt the knife get driven through his chest, he struggled for a minute before he finally ceased and lay dead on the floor.
"Rest in hell sinner" the Rex said as he removed his knife and carved a skull into the victim's arm "all souls must be judged and those impure must be destroyed."

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The Demon Killer  Empty Re: The Demon Killer

Post by Zonkes March 27th 2020, 10:09 pm

Okay! App looks good! You're approved!

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