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Trickster in the thicket, Clay in the camp. (Powder Miner/ Request invite)

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Trickster in the thicket, Clay in the camp. (Powder Miner/ Request invite)

Post by Silus on May 6th 2015, 1:17 am

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. The clock upon the wall gave it's little ticks and tocks. The pawn shop owner patroled his shop as he looked in search for an item he had misplaced. Such a varriety of mystical items here it surly was misplaced. The tocks and ticks continued to grind upon his nerves as he searched in ever silence for a magical little amulet. The amulet was indeed so beautiful but a curse sat upon it, a curse rather dark one might say. This magic amulet held a creature that was particularly foul. It's adorable apperance was a creature like that from another realm oh so far away. Adorable indeed, though it's very nature was that of evil. Closing his eyes, the pawnshop owner massaged the bridge of his nose as he called for his apprentice.

"Dante. In here lad. What happened to the necklace that sat in that case right there?" The man called in his thick scottish accent. In a night instant a young boy poked his head around the corner and looked on curiously to the depicted area. Stepping around the corner in a white tee-shirt with a flannel overshirt rolled up to his elbows.

"Yeah, I sold it to a woman from Wyoming. Didn't think you'd have any problem with that." The young man said as the bell to the shop entrance rang out with their pleasent jingle. The owner closed his eyes and inhaled deeply before exhaling again. He'd have to deal with this later.

**In Wyoming**

Peter Pan had ventured into the great state of Wyoming for one reason and one reason only. He was there hunting for a magical artifact said to be able to summon the most adorable little thing that could cause quite a bit of mischief. Being a trickster, Peter simply had to find the creature and bring it back to Neverland. If anyone didn't know Silus, they would find that sentence to be total and utter copyright, but it's not so we're good here! That aside he was hot on the trail, it seemed that the amulet that could summon these creatures was at a camp ground. Peter loved camping, something about being by the trees and so close to nature. It made him all warm and happy. Thankfully now was the perfect time to try and camp. Blend in and identify the amulet and take the issue as it comes.

He was able to blend in quite nicekly, able to take his time to draw himself a tent and everything. He even managed to see a bunch of boyscouts around. They had their things to do, but they seemed to take right to him. Despite his age, Peter never had a hard time making friends of all ages. They even taught him a few things while he kept his eyes out. The rumors of "strange things" abducting children in these woods were a point of concern for locals, though honestly he wasn't afraid. He's punch that bear in the face! Swear on me mum! except the fact he didn't have a mom...

The night was young but he still felt heavy. His eyes dropped and he went to sleep. In the middle of the night Silus awoke to hear screams and when he stirred from his once-peaceful slumber he sumbled out of the tent to see people all gathered around a boyscout tent with four children missing from them. The police were called. Peter decided it would be best to wait until morning to see if any heroes showed up to help him investigate...that and he was just a little tired. These things didn't kill kids, he knew that much. Just kidnapped them to have fun. They'd be fine for a few more hours...and he was kinda tired...


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