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Doughnut Run (Open 1-2)

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Doughnut Run (Open 1-2) Empty Doughnut Run (Open 1-2)

Post by cymakara February 3rd 2015, 3:49 am

Zzzz.... Zzzz....

"Cross?... Cross! Wake up!"

Zzz.... Zzzzz....

"Damnit Cross! Wake up!"

Were the words that the Ditzy Detective heard before his supervisor slammed his fist sternly on Gabriel's desk, waking the man from his afternoon nap with a startle. The man jumping up from his slumber and falling into the floor as he gathered where he was. His supervisor staring at him sternly, before greeting him with an exhausted sigh. "Asleep again? Jesus Cross... Look." Trying to maintain his calm as he sat down the day's Doughnut funds down on Gabriel's desk. "If you're not going to get any work done, head downtown and grab the usual. No coffee this time though. Last time you spilled the damn lot on your way in." Another groan greeting the memory of last week when Gabriel was sent on a simple task, trying to balance three boxes of doughnuts and two trays of coffee as he walked into the precinct just to trip on a trashcan and ruin the entire load. Gabriel stood, adjusting his uniform as he pocketed the cash, "R-right! Can do, boss! I'll make sure they put extra powder on them this time, ha-ha!" Another groan from the supervisor as Cross went out.

It would take a few moments before the cheerful and usually idiotic in appearance detective's demeanor would take on a quick change. Eyes going stern for a moment as his mind travelled.
Not that I wanted to spill the entire load on myself... But anything to keep these people thinking I'm nothing more than an asset. Plus I've not stopped smelling the stains in my jacket... Ugh... I might have to start coming up with cleaner means to throw people off. My laundry bill this month was atrocious... Soon returning to his normal look as he merely smiled and laughed loudly, to most? For no reason. He didn't drive, he didn't take the bus or a cab, he just walked. He prefered it really. Plus? It was good exercise. It made even less sense then why this random Officer (After all, he happily wore his badge around his neck, letting the golden object shine in the sunlight. Still part of his clever "Ploy.") was laughing loudly when he had no one around him. Oh well, just another day in the life of the cheery Ditz Detective.

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Doughnut Run (Open 1-2) Empty Re: Doughnut Run (Open 1-2)

Post by Super Cutie February 4th 2015, 12:58 pm

The "world famous" Bigby's classic doughnut shop was a remnant of old Chicago if there ever was one. It prided itself on being one of the few family owned doughnut shops left in the city which meant it was kept afloat and aired by both the same old conservative men who's been coming there for years and the younger, upper middle class white crowd that was so sure the fact that it was locally owned made it better than the dunkin the rest of the country ran on. Clayton was just there because he felt the need too stuff his face, and it was close to what he called home.

To hell with the health code, he shrugged as a fly buzzed past his head. He made another attempt to sip his coffee while he waited. He cringed, his tongue would need a few seconds to revived from the scalding liquid. He'd purposely gotten there a little late in the morning in his of avoiding the bulk of the morning rush, and he had, but still there was nothing for him to do but stand and wait his turn.

Clayton had been there for about ten minutes when cop walked in chuckling to himself. What could possibly have a Chicago cop in such high spirits? Especially around here. Civil rights violations, probably. He nodded to himself and eyes officer friendly skeptically.


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Doughnut Run (Open 1-2) Empty Re: Doughnut Run (Open 1-2)

Post by XxRedxX February 5th 2015, 3:06 pm

The bell of the entrance door rang loudly through out the doughnut shop as a bear on all fours moseyed on into the shop. Gryz had been on the planet for nearly an entire Earth year, he had been attacked, captured, tortured and eventually freed which has left him in this city. Most people have started getting used to him being around treating him more like a celebrity more than anything else. "I over slept again it would seem." He mumbled as he went to the back of the line to make to wait to make an order. He wasn't wearing his armor or carrying any weapons, he actually hadn't done that since his escape from his captures months ago.

One might ask how a bear makes money for a living in the city but it was actually pretty simple. He most resent started doing commercials for advertisement from people looking to make a quick buck from a walking, talking bear. It was demoralizing but he had to make a living and the more of himself he put out there the more that people would except him being there. Also being a public figure made it difficult for somebody to simply kidnap him again considering people would notice this time around.

Gryz could still feel some peoples gazes and he could also feel the people who tried their best to avoid starring. It was only natural. Gryz has frequented the library often in order to learn about the world in order to assimilate himself into the culture and has learned much about the discrimination over the years against their own race. Such division made no sense to him, on his planet there were different clans that battled but it was mostly for material things such as land or resources.

"Could i get a picture Mister Bear?" A young 20 something woman asked, holding out her phone ready to snap a picture. Gryz growled in annoyance. The woman chuckled a bit, "You must be a grumpy bear in the morning." She smiled, amused with herself and that fact that there was a grumpy bear in front of her though the amusement escaped Gryz.

"Yes, you may capture my image on your cellular device." Gryz 'smiled' baring his white sharp teeth to the woman who simply looked a bit put off by it but snapped a quick selfie of herself with Gryz in the background. "oh my god! Thank you so much my friends won't believe this!" She quickly left the building, it seemed like she only came in for the photo.

"All i want is some Coffee." Gryz thought, scratching his belly and yawning as he returned to face forward in line. Gryz caught a glimpse of the menu for food items. "And maybe a few donuts..."

Doughnut Run (Open 1-2) Picnikcollage
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Doughnut Run (Open 1-2) Empty Re: Doughnut Run (Open 1-2)

Post by Sponsored content

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