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An Alien and a Demon (Uzma, invite)

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An Alien and a Demon (Uzma, invite)

Post by Entei on October 31st 2014, 8:27 am

Michael Krieger let out yet another impatient sigh as he stared once again at the holographic clock that hung on the far edge of his office. 4:59pm, Eastern Standard Time. He spun in his office chair lazily as he realized he still had thirty-one minutes of work left, before he could take off, and head home for his planned night with Uzma. It was October 31st, Halloween, and Entei himself had never once been trick or treating, or dressed up in a costume. Though, it made sense, after all, he grew up in a very christian monastery. His adoptive father, Father Christopher Krieger, had tried his best to allow the young boy this one freedom, but the older, more authoritative voices in the church declared the holiday paramount to witchcraft, and would not have one of their own  participating in such debauchery.

"If they could see me now..." the young half demon mused as he continued spinning in the office chair. Not only was he now the antithesis of what his the church had planned for him, being a literal son of Satan, but, he also worked in a large company owned by his half demon, half vampire sister, and was dating an alien. Somehow, he didn't quite think this was what the priest had in mind for him when he was growing up.

"Mr. Krieger?" The voice of his secretary, Lily, rang in his ears as she entered his office through the clear glass doorway. He quickly placed his feet on the ground, stopping the rotation of the chair, before turning to face his young meta human secretary.

"Yes, Lily, what is it?" He asked, greatly hoping that it wasn't some last minute work that required his attention, causing him to miss out on the festivities.

"Don't worry sir." She said flatly, having become accustomed to her bosses rather....lazy work ethic, at least when it came to the boring stuff. Tell him that a building was on fire down the street and you couldn't keep him in the room. Tell him that a board meeting required his attention though, and good luck luck even finding him. "It's just that I got your costume all gathered up. I will admit, it was much harder than anticipated. If I may sir, the hell is all this anyway?"

"It's from an old sci-fi show I use to watch with my dad back when I was younger." Michael explained, pulling the cloth costume and what appeared to the metal hilt to some form of sword from the hands of the blonde assistant. "It was about knights from a destroyed order who were trying to fight the evil emperor and free the galaxy from his terror."

"Sir, you're kind of a nerd. You're very lucky that Uzma finds you attractive." Lily teased. Though he may be her boss, Lily and Michael had become good friends while she had been working for him, and she knew she could get away with teasing him.

"Yea yea." Michael said, Waving the girl away. "Call Uzma and tell her to meet me at the office, oh and, pull the blinds, I'm going to be changing in here. Don't need to give THAT much of a show to everyone."

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