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Nowhere Left to Run (closed to Kagaro)

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Nowhere Left to Run (closed to Kagaro) Empty Nowhere Left to Run (closed to Kagaro)

Post by Gizmo August 16th 2014, 1:51 pm

Target Name: Gregory Benedict. Occupation: Librarian/book collector. Known Aliases: Kagaro among numerous other civilian aliases over a 300 year period of time. Known Abilities: Umbrakinesis allowing for limited teleportation and creation of all 3 states of matter constructs. All of this information, the data collected during the fight with Williams and so much more was laid out in GIZMO's mind. There was not a thing that Gregory Benedict could do that he was not now ready for. The fight with Williams had been invaluable, displaying the infected's fighting style, personality, even the full extent of his powers and the major weakness that would be exploited today. During the fight it had been displayed on multiple occasions that Gregory Benedict's constructs were incredibly strong but were easily weakened by light. Estimating the output of his infected opponent's abilities GIZMO activated his adaptation modules. Allocate Modules 1-8: Light Creation/Manipulation. For a moment his body shown brightly, the modules doing there work and making him glow like the sun. The entirety of the book store where GIZMO was currently hiding shone bright for a brief moment then was suppressed back to darkness by his newly allocated ability. It was all set, the infected's regular schedule and movements had been tracked. He would return within the hour. When he did he would at first find nothing. GIZMO may have been large but he knew how to be stealthy. Only when the moment was right would he reveal himself hiding within the aisles and shelves of the occult library. Until then he lay in wait, like a panther hunting for its prey. Al he needed now was the gazelle on which he would feast...

Nowhere Left to Run (closed to Kagaro) Gizmo10

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Nowhere Left to Run (closed to Kagaro) Empty Re: Nowhere Left to Run (closed to Kagaro)

Post by Dragonflizzle August 16th 2014, 3:10 pm

The encounter with Williams had shaken his resolve a little. His ability did have one major weakness, it would seem. His return to the library had been slow, he had been wary of someone watching him, he believed someone was watching him. But unavoidable he had to return to normal life for a few days, to get his affaires in order before he faked his death again.

Williams had access to everything, no way it was over. Greg Benedict needed to disappear, soon he had to make it seem like a accident. Not a coincidence. So he hatched a plan the men or man who would come to take care of him, would be his cover. If at all possible. Though the offer Williams had given him, seemed perplexing. Almost enticing.

Luckily today was the last day, he was gunna burn it down and move to a new location. as he walked in boxes where stacked floor to ceiling with books and relics of all types. The back ails were totally empty.. Unless some one was invisible they would easily be seen from front door. The store itself was rather large open. Shutters blocked the windows keeping the light out. But invisible burglars do happen and since some one was trying to kill him it was good to be cautious. So kagaro called to his shadows and cast out a small ripple thru the store showing him that he wasn't alone.


It just happened to be today. "You can come out now, and tell me what you want". Kagaro took a few more steps into his store. The figure was easy to sot as kagaros shadows swept over him giving his location away. The shadows then cloaked around kagaro hardening them as the shadows gathered making them cloak around him grabbing the wall behind him in order to spread around the store. Connecting him to the shadows within.

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