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Candy Cigarettes [open]

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Candy Cigarettes [open] Empty Candy Cigarettes [open]

Post by FrusturationParty June 17th 2014, 11:01 pm

When Avian was eighteen, he thought he might take up smoking. All cool detectives smoke, right? It should be easy and on the plus side, it'll make him look cool. Of course, Avian knew about the health hazards, but he just wanted to be hard boiled as hell. Doesn't everyone? Well, Avian barely started smoking before he quit it: learning to smoke was far too miserable of an experience for him to bare. After trying, Avian naively wondered how the hell people even got addicted to doing that.

Despite this fairly stupid experiment, Avian felt the need to have something like a cigarette in his mouth when he did cool Private Investigator things, and so he decided on candy cigarettes. It'd take time for people to realize that he had a piece of candy in his mouth and every so often, for effect, he'd light it. Unfortunately, that made the candy cigarette, at least on that end, taste pretty awful.

Today was just another day that Avian had a candy cigarette in his mouth. Just another rainy afternoon in Chicago, with Avian patrolling on ground, acting the role of just another civilian. He hadn't had a case in ages and so far, things had been fairly quiet on the superhero front, but he found himself walking through the streets, restraining the need to break out in a dash, going through the whole city in fifteen minutes, and therefore blowing his cover.

Something, anything, had to come along. Not just keep him financially afloat, but also to save him from this hell of absolute boredom.

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