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Day in the life of a sociopath (open)

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Day in the life of a sociopath (open) Empty Day in the life of a sociopath (open)

Post by Stebelton December 1st 2013, 10:33 am

Nihil pulled into the gas station. He had been driving for about two hours now from New York to D.C., he wasn't even half way there. This trip always took longer for him because he insisted on taking the off road, round about routes. He parked his technical next to a pump and hopped out to stretch. He then lifted the tarp covering the bed of the truck to check on the scrap metal he had raided from New York. Seeing it was in check he began to fuel the truck. Looking around the station he let out a small chuckle, "This place is terrible," he said as the only other car there pulled out onto the street. Nihil put a hand on his stomach as it gave a slight grumble. He shrugged, "might as well get something from here," he said as he turned to enter the building.

Once inside Nihil simply began to grab everything that looked good to him: Bagged chips, pops, candy bars, they even had a little nacho stand that Nihil helped himself to.

The cashier noticed Nihil was putting all these things into his pockets or satchel. "Sir, can you not put the items in your bag like that?" Nihil ignored him. The cashier called out a second time to him, this time more aggressively, but once again Nihil ignored him. When Nihil was finally done and began to head right pass the cashier and out the door the man seemed to realize he was being robbed. Just as Nihil put his hand on the door to leave the cashier pulled out a pistol and pointed it at him. "Hey, what do you think this is!?"

Nihil had a tremendous grin as he turned to face the man. "You sure you want to do this, little gunman?" He said it with total calm and a little condescending. The man said something but from his mix of fear, anxiety, and excitement Nihil couldn't really make out what it was. However, from the way the guy was still pointing his gun at him Nihil assumed he did in fact want to to this. Nihil shrugged and shot his hand into the bottom of his satchel, grabbing hold of one of his N-Grenades. At this point, the cashier fired a shot and hit Nihil in the side. Nihil then pulled out his grenade and threw it at the man, killing him instantly. In all likelihood, he was killed from the force of the grenade hitting him, not the blast. Although the blast did do quite a bit of damage to his desk area and blew out all the windows. Nihil pulled up his shoot and took a look at where the grenade hit. There was a small bruise already. He smirked with a small laugh, "Nice shot, buddy." He went to the register and looted what little cash it had before grabbing the dead man's wallet out of his pocket and taking out the money, "Just to remind you," he said as he threw the wallet back down onto his stomach, "you wanted this, not me." With that he turned and headed back out to his truck.

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Day in the life of a sociopath (open) Empty Re: Day in the life of a sociopath (open)

Post by soup December 5th 2013, 5:33 am

Doodle checked her road map again, carefully tracing the route with her eyes until she was absolutely sure. Yep, it had definitely changed again. She let the map fall out of her hands and flopped backward over her bag. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck." She hated this, she really hated this! Traveling was such a pain with these powers. She could never tell if compasses were pointing in the right direction, all the little lines on maps move around, she couldn't even read a goddamn book without the ending getting weird. The only way she could describe it is that her powers were working like a weegieboard when this sort of bullshit happens. Little things she concentrated on would change because of some subconscious bit of her was moving it this way and that. If this was happening in the city? Who cares? But out here in the middle of nowhere? It's a goddamn concern! She needed this flimsy piece of paper she bought off that fatty in the kiosk.

With a sigh she struggled to her feet again and marched over to the map, catching it under her foot before it blew away. She snatched the cheap thing up and stuffed it in her pants pocket. She didn't bother to try to restore the map to it's original state, she'd been doing it all goddamn day long and if things kept up at this rate she felt like her head would explode. She didn't like what was going to come next though, nope not at all. It sucked but she couldn't make her own way like this anymore, she had no idea how many times she got turned around. At the rate she was going she'd end up right back in Philadelphia. If she was going to get anywhere, she'd have to hitch a ride with some asshole. "Fuck Fuck Fuck." Doodle stamped over to her bag and slung the heavy thin over her shoulders, the weight made her teeter backward until she hunched forward to right herself. Cantered forward, out of the bush and over the ditch to the side of the road. It wasn't one of the main roads, she'd been avoiding them so she figured it might be a while before she saw any traffic. She was spot on with this assessment as it was an hour or so before she saw the first car coming. By that time she had already settled in and was squatting on her big bag again. With a ground she got on her feet and stepped to the edge of the road and held her thumb out with minimal enthusiasm.

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