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The Human Stain (Open)

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The Human Stain (Open) Empty The Human Stain (Open)

Post by Pariah May 23rd 2013, 7:15 pm

Alex thought to themselves as they soared through the clouds. The wind blew from whatever hair the wind could reach from a gas mask sans the filter Alex bought online for no more than thirty-something dollars. Up here, they could usually to be free to think to themselves, the only sound being the constant whistling of air as they dashed across the sky, aside from the occasional flight path they would accidentally encounter. Currently, they pondered their own misanthropy. Looking down at the lands below, they thought of the people who lived below. Their cities were like stains on the landscape of the planet. From Alex's altitude they were almost like ants to them. No, they were ants to them. They were annoying like ants were. Like ants Alex could crush instantly with little more than a thought.

Alex closed their eyes and simply just let go, beginning to fall from the sky. They apathetically let the wind spin and flip them around as they drew closer to the ground. Right before they landed, Alex thought of how interested it was how even though the descent seemed so slow, contact with the ground crept closer until it came all at once. And just like that, it did. He landed in the middle of an intersection in some city. After a few moments, they began to tear their body from the concrete in which their body was embedded in from the fall. They groaned softly, and looked around, not recognizing the area. Alex did however notice the multitude of people staring at them with wide eyes. Alex wished they would stop staring at them, that they would shut up, that they would leave them alone. Why were people so infuriating? They disgusted Alex. Finally having had enough of their presence, Alex pulled a car from the ground, and sent it flying into one of the buildings nearby. The action produced favorable results, as everyone began running away from Alex for their lives. Expression unchanged, they lifted two more abandoned cars into the air, crushing them into balls of metal and plastic; the beginning of another destructive frenzy.

"I will wipe the stain of humanity from the Earth."

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