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The Golden Mist of Valinor Descends

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The Golden Mist of Valinor Descends  Empty The Golden Mist of Valinor Descends

Post by King Amras Véneanár's May 15th 2013, 4:06 pm

Three Months Ago

King Amras Véneanár's wife, Queen Ashari of the Golden Trees, was the High Priestess of all the Eldar - Called an Amamara in Sindarin-, which made her the most powerful link the Eldar had to the fading "Fil'naveth's" -The massive Psionic Crystal monoliths at the heart of any Eldar Realm, that make Eldar technology possible, as well as give the Eldar their link to Mother Earth- whose wane in energy signified to the Eldar that Mother Earth, and their very way of life was dying. Despite this however, the Eldar persisted with the annual "Ceremony of the Water", during which the Amamara gazes into the pool of enchanted water which has collected at the base of the "Fil'naveth's" since before time was time. The "Fil'naveth's" along with being able to generate tremendous amounts of clean energy, also act as a psionic device when placed in water, which acts as a conduit. By sacred Eldar writs, only the High Amamara are allowed to gaze into the shallow, brilliantly glowing spring beneath the "Fil'naveth's", only they are allowed to see into the future of the Eldar and the "Unseen World"

Through the ages, this ceremony has been a happy event, done amid much celebration and glad tidings, however those times have changed, ending like the setting sun. The Eldar, with their higher levels of psychic ability have long sensed the diminishing of their race, as well as all the mystical races, as their realms have begun to dwindle from human expansion. It seemed as if humans were at there gates, ready to break into their world of peaceful tranquility, and mystical old ways. More and more dark visions and feeling clouded the Eldar's hearts, as Eldar women became infertile, and the oldest of their kind began to fade away, including Celebrían the Mighty King of Valinor, the "Unseen World" of the Eldar and other mystical creatures it seemed was coming to an end. Humanity for all its flaws, finally achieving the domination of all of this planet, something they long had desired. King Amras Véneanár's was determined this would not come to pass, the King even promising to unite the "Unseen World" against humanity, as many Eldar went so far as to call King Amras Véneanár's the savior of his people. Salvation had to wait however, as uniting the various races of the "Unseen World" proved a monumental task.

The once vibrant Eldar city of Valinor was tense and more troubled than its new King Amras Véneanár's could remember, as he walked into the Giving Tree (The Temple of the Giving Tree is the center for religious activity of the Eldar, it also holds the Palace of the Giving Tree, which is the home of Valinor's King. The Giving Tree is truly massive and glows a light gold aura, and blooms golden leaves and flowers.). As King Amras Véneanár's made his way down the gilded, candle lit corridors of the Temple of the Giving Tree with his wife Queen Ashari, and a host of other members of Valinor's ruling class, he couldn't help but feel even more unease permeating within their mystical world. The corridors were lit by Khaydarin Candles, which hung from the ceiling, giving the Giving Tree a truly regal feel. Soon the gilded corridors gave way to a massive court yard, which was the most sacred part of the Temple of the Giving Tree, and glowed with the feint blue glow of the "Fil'naveth's", which along with the "Seers Spring" stood in the rear of the courtyard.

Standing in front of the Seers Spring stood the Eldar priests and priestesses, who ere all gathered at the basin to the spring, wearing their ceremonial white and gold robes. Queen Ashari was wearing a white dress, which was bathed in a light blue aura, a trait that all Eldar High Priestesses held as far back as was recorded. As the members of Valinor's nobility filled the courtyard, Queen Ashari took her place at the base of the Seers Spring. Her priests and priestesses bowed before her, as she began the ceremonial rites of the "Ceremony of the Water". Queen Ashari faced her husband, her beautiful, confident Eldar eyes piercing the new Kings as she said "You come here seeking knowledge of the water? You come seeking the fortune of your people? Highest of all Eldar, whom are made from the stars of creation?", the Queen nodding when King Amras Véneanár's said "I do.". The Queen then turned, now facing the Seers Spring, as she said "Then let us see what the Seers Spring has to tell.". Two priests lifted the cover off the Seers Spring, placed it on special holder. Instantlyy bright light began pouring from the spring as Queen Ashari stood above it, gazing inside the spring below. The Queen stood over it for a few seconds before she tried to break away, only she couldn't. King Amras Véneanár's and the other Eldar could tell this was an ominous sign none of them had seen this ever happen to the Eldar High Priestess. Queen Ashari stood over the well, as she tried to drawback as hard as she could, making noises of pain and fear, until finally she threw herself from the spring, as the priests immediatly covered it.

As soon as she pulled back from the Seers Spring the Eldar priests, priestesses, and King Amras Véneanár's quickly rushedt to her aid, as even more Eldar rushed forward to hear what the Queen saw in the psionic spring water. First to ask the Queen was her husband however, King Amras Véneanár's saying What did you see? in a fearful tone. After several moments of catching her breath, Queen Ashari said in her angelic Eldar voice "A shadow of fear.... The time of the Eldar is at an end, if we do not act quickly... From all corners machines.... Black..... Spiritless..... And with hearts of only metal and oil, seek to destroy our world. The humans build factories as lbig as forests, which shoot ash and black clouds as dark as their plans. Machines creating other machines, while humanity focuses on one greedy plan.... They seek only material and destroy everything of natural beauty that they find to satisfy the will of their masters. They kill all life in the way of gaining the energy and material they need, an immense host, a virus, they spread throughout the world for these dark purposes. They are close, so close to our own borders.... And if we do nothing, we shall all simply fade.... If we fight however, we may still be able reverse the humans domination over this world.... We may still save this planet....."

King Amras Véneanár's looked at his wife, he knew the time of the isolation of the Eldar was over, and war was the only possible option he could give to these beasts. A plan would need to be hatched....

Present Day

King Amras Véneanár's plea to unite the "Unseen World" had not gone unheard, from everywhere the mystical creatures that had once dominated this planet were traveling from, all headed to Valinor, the "Unseen Worlds" true capital city. Their were Eldar from the lesser realms of Nōwē, Olwë, Anduin, Goblins from the Jagged Mountains, Trolls from the Great Pine Forests and the Murky Swamps, Konti from the shores of the Inner Ocean, Inarta's from the Mountain Cities, Vantha and Chaktawe Peoples from the Endless Desert, and the Druvin and Dravlak, terrifying beasts who were in normal time the sworn enemies of Valinor. From all corners of this "Unseen World" the allies and enemy of King Amras Véneanár's descended upon Valinor, and they were greeted as great conquerer's of territory. The Eldar of Valinor sung great ballads of war, the Eldar woman prepared great feasts, and the trees and flowers bloomed with vibrant colors and fragrances, as all of Valinor celebrated the arrival of a great host of warriors from all of the "Unseen World" to challenge humanity.

First things were first however, and King Amras Véneanár's was away from Valinor's Golden Forest to see to the success of his initial plan which if successful would transform all. The King of Valinor and a dozen of his closest, most trusted Royal Guards, rode out from Valinor, leaving the protection of the "Unseen World", riding into the realm of man. Though this was merely the prelude to war, King Amras Véneanár's wasn't about to place this task in the hand of lesser men, as everything depended on it. So it was here in the most unlikely of places that King Amras Véneanár's, the King of Valinor chose to begin his war against humanity. The first act in the war? He'd learned the location of an item of extreme importance, which only he knew of, an item whose mere being was held only the most noble of Eldar, a secret which could solve all of this worlds problems...

On top of the generic looking red brick building, slightly more then a dozen heavily armed Eldar Double Swordsmen made their way across the roof of the building. The building looked nothing like the tree homes of Valinor, which were built with the land, not against it, and the soldiers took longer to get across the building then they'd expected, as they were practically spell bound by this hideously ugly rock building. To the Eldar world seemed half living, half dead, as they were use to the angelic songs of their race filling the wind, not the roar of engines, and trees offering shelter and beauty, not simply a burden to be cut down. Rain crashed all around the Eldar warriors as if Mother Earth knew the destruction that would be wrought from what came of this night. However, out of death, comes life, as the natural world shows us time and time again. Destruction was only temporary, as the Eldar and their long lifespans had seen time and time again, and few races could truly conceive.

The rain hit King Amras Véneanár's light weight Eldar Armor hard, rolling off the gold, blue, and silver colored armor, which was designed to provide maximum protection, as well as comfort to an Eldar warrior. The soft wind blew each Eldar's long white hair back, as they stood overlooking edge of the buildings roof, King Amras Véneanár's motioned to two of his companions to act as sentries, each Eldar he posted here were armed with Longbow's, and they would dispatch any unwanted intruders. Now with ten Royal Guards accompanying him, King Amras Véneanár's approached a doorway which jutted from the roof, no doubt some sort of service door to the roof. The Eldar King of Valinor walked over to the door and kicked it in with all his force, as he did so the door splintered into many small pieces and flew away from the Eldar warriors.

The Eldar warriors quickly rushed inside the building as an alarm sounded loudly into the dark, rainy night sky. The name of the building on a sign the Eldar all passed as they entered through the shattered door "Jefferson County Museum". The Eldar warriors lead by their King rushed down a service hallway, pushed through a set of doors, and then into the floor of the museum itself, where the visitors all scattered with something resembling startled panic. A guard rushed towards the Eldar King, but was immediately cut down by a throwing knife from one of the warriors. Several more guards appeared at the other end of the corridor, each holding pistols in their hands, they managed to each get a few wild shots off before they were dropped by two arrow shots to the head. The visitors all drew back in terror at the site of these fair looking giants, some started to run towards the door, but an arrow smashed into it, which herded them back into the center of the room.

King Amras Véneanár's payed no attention to the humans as he was practically transfixed by a strange looking gold box in the center of the room, which had in bold print "The Unlockable Box" written on top of the display case. King Amras Véneanár's turned to his Knight-Captain and said "That's what we're here for...", at which point the massively tall, light skinned Knight-Captain broke the glass and grabbed the box, pulling it out and placing in front of King Amras Véneanár's. The King smiled as he knelt down saying "Êl síla erin lû e-govaned vîn" in his native tongue as he stroked the box with his long fingers.

Just then the door was kicked open, the ran and cold chill entering the front entrance of the small museum.

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The Golden Mist of Valinor Descends  Empty Re: The Golden Mist of Valinor Descends

Post by The Womb May 17th 2013, 12:39 pm

The Womb had been sitting patiently in a cafe, situated in a small town just on the outskirts of New York. A brief spell of psychosis had led him to disband his Legion of Womb and take a period of solitude wandering to the east in search for some inner peace. The majority of his journey he had not stopped nor rested himself. Seemingly transfixed on simply occupying himself with the act of a solitary pilgrimage. However after reaching what he thought to be as far as was needed, The Womb found himself in Jefferson county and decided to take some time to re-accustom himself to humanity.

Upon entering the cafe, The Womb had instantaneously cleared the place of customers. His unsavory appearance giving him the air of either a demon or narcotic flashback. However he meant the Humans no harm, he simply wished to sit and converse. It was clear however this would not be the case. After an hour or so had passed, the owner of the cafe made his way from the back room, to the rear of the counter. He entered sheepishly despite bringing a projectile weapon with him. Womb noticed this, and stood to address the middle aged Human. "Do not attempt to kill me Human. The consequences of such actions may cost you your existence. I only wish to rest myself here, nothing more."

Perhaps out of nervousness, fear or anger. Perhaps all three, the owner screamed a generic Human curse at The Womb before firing the weapon into The Wombs chest. The buckshot blast hit Womb like a punch in the chest, staggering him and ripping through The Womb's shirt and jacket, putting various singed holes into his attire. However, due to the Womb's resiliency, the shot had had no serious physical effect upon him. Neither a scratch nor blemish o his skin.

The Womb did not respond with words. His rage too unspeakable to verbalize. I did warn this insufferable worm his actions held great consequences yet he did not listen. In your act of violence you did speak volumes of your evil nature. You shall be vanquished form this plain of existence lest ye commit more atrocities in times to come! Without delay Womb sprang forwards, launching himself over the counter in a tackle-like motion. He connected with the owner with his shoulder, smashing it squarely in his face. The owner cried out and rocketed backwards into the wall, smashing the back of his head against the wall and leaving a stain that trickled in the branches of a tree. The Womb had landed into a roll, and now stood from his previously crouched position.

The owner was unconscious and bleeding profusely from the back of the head. The Womb however, did not take pity on him. He gripped the man by the throat and lifted him into the air in a calm and controlled manner. The Womb held him the, squeezing ever tighter all the time, watching as the man's face began to change into a purple hue and kick with erratic spasms.

After a short while the man was deceased and the Womb dropped him to the ground, a feeling of sadness that it had come to this. As he stood there a loud and persistent alarm began to siren from a large institutionalized looking building just over the square. The Womb, curious, decided to investigate the cause for such a ruckus. While he had been researching the Humans, he had found stories of a similar ilk, telling of how a band of ruffians would pillaged the local coffers in a town or city and a loud siren or alarm would raised in their wake, alerting the authorities. The Womb felt this situation was one typical of a community that lived under the corrupt system of money and thrived in the boggy marshes of greed. However, if this were the case in the current situation, The Womb decided he would assist the robbers, as any assistance to the destruction of the economic system was one The Womb felt obliged to assist with.

As he approached the building, he recognized it as a house of artifacts and treasures, something The Womb felt much stronger about and actually wished to protect. As he drew ever nearer an arrow head slammed through one of the wooden entrance doors sending splinters to the floor in its wake. They're using violence in their operation? If they have murdered innocents they shall be punished for their hate crime! With that thought rushing through his mind the Womb kicked through the wooden doors, his natural eye for theatrics still ever present, taking both of them off their hinges and cracking them both in the center. Before even being able to survey the situation The Womb was met with two throwing knives into either side of his chest and an arrow through his shoulder. He screamed in pain, the sound of it resonating through the building and quelling any noise that had come before it bar the repetitive shrieks of the alarm. The Womb reached towards the knives with one hand and pulled each one out slowly. He then, with his spare hand, released the arrow protruding from his shoulder and threw it to the ground, keeping hold of both the knives and keeping one in each hand. "Whom dares try their hand at life of The Immortal Womb? Your insolence shall prove your downfall."

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The Golden Mist of Valinor Descends  Empty Re: The Golden Mist of Valinor Descends

Post by King Amras Véneanár's May 24th 2013, 1:42 pm

King Amras Véneanár's watched as several of his Royal Guardsmen engaged the strange creature that had smashed his way through the doorway of the museum. Two throwing knives, as well as an arrow from a longbow crashed into the strange, skeletal looking man, who screamed in pain, then cried out "Whom dares try their hand at life of The Immortal Womb? Your insolence shall prove your downfall.". As King Amras Véneanár's Guardsmen prepared to strike at the man now known as the Immortal Womb again, the Eldar King of Valinor said "Nár alta halla...", at which point the Guardsmen lowered their weapons, save for the one who was watching the humans.

King Amras Véneanár's of Valinor stepped forward, saying "Immortal Womb.... Forgive my men, as you can imagine they're on edge, as we're in the realm of the humans for the purposes of war. I am King Amras Finwë Lissësúl Véneanár's of Valinor and the Realm of Golden Trees, and I mean you no harm... We've come to claim this box, which belongs to my people, it's contents are an ancient mystery.... It was plundered by humans, and I've come to reclaim it.... As it seems all humanity is good for is stealing what isn't theirs, and destroying whatever they touch. Tell me Womb, you appear to be from the unseen world, can you say that this is not the case, that humanity cares only for themselves, and will throw every other living thing into the fire for the sake of a shallow, empty, coin?".

The towering Eldar King of Valinor walked over to the Womb, looking particularly imposing with his regal looking gold, blue, and silver colored armor, with two sheathed Eldar swords on his back. The King outstretched his hands, saying "Immortal Womb..... We Eldar can sense things, and I can feel you're as disgusted by humanities corruption, greed, and destruction as all of us.... I offer you this once, and only once.... Join us.... I am assembling an army in Valinor, and we will return the world to balance, and we will break humanities system of greed and oppression.... I only ask for two things loyalty, and the will to do what's necessary to save this world... Stand with us Immortal Womb.".

The Eldar King then outstreched his right arm to shake the Immortal Wombs hand if he was in.... The Royal Guardsmen cautiously looked on, readying themselves if the Womb attack, however King Amras Véneanár's seemed quite confident in what he was doing. Perhaps it was fate that made the Eldar King and Immortal Womb cross paths on this rainy, cold, dark night. Whatever the case, the Womb had more in common with the Eldar then the humans, who no doubt would not understand such a creature, and would immediately brand him as a villain.

King Amras Véneanár's

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The Golden Mist of Valinor Descends  Empty Re: The Golden Mist of Valinor Descends

Post by Sponsored content

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