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King of Valinor Amras Véneanár's

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King of Valinor Amras Véneanár's Empty King of Valinor Amras Véneanár's

Post by King Amras Véneanár's on May 8th 2013, 4:11 pm

(Hey Chellizard, I think I had cap locks on our something when I made my first account... Don't want to reach 10 and get booted. So you can go ahead and delete my first thread, I will go ahead with this one to keep things looking more clean. Thanks for all the advice!)

Real Name: Amras Finwë Lissësúl Véneanár's
Renegade/Hero/Villain Name: King Amras Véneanár's
Title: King of Valinor and the Realm of Golden Trees
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Age: Over four millenia old
Gender: Male
Race: Eldar
Hair: White
Eyes: Glowing White
Height: 8 ft 1
Weight: 250 lbs
Blood type: O+

Character Image/Character Costume Image (Or Description):

King of Valinor Amras Véneanár's Tumblr_lgz5ux9EpU1qez3u2o1_500

(King Amras Véneanár's)

Personality: King Amras Véneanár is of the single mindset that humanity is a parasite, taking everything it can from the Earth, while only offering pollution and death in return. As with all Eldar he's a naturalist, and his connection to Mother Earth makes him a natural enemy to humanity, who he loathes down to his core. While not as powerful as his father King Celebrían the Mighty, his determination and dedication to his people makes him the type of leader his people need most in this most desperate hour for the Eldar, as pollution, deforestation, and the destruction of the natural world threatens their race with extinction.

King Amras Véneanár is perhaps best described as intense, with a steely determination and resolve that can be felt with just his very presence. He is however also a family man, married to a powerful Eldar mystic, who has bore him two children. He's a loving father, who loves his race, and all mystical beings as a father loves all of his children. As such he's prepared to do what is necessary to protect his children, his home, and his lands from harm. King Amras Véneanár is also eternally optimistic that his people will be victorious over the human parasite.

His views of humanity has created a sense in King Amras Véneanár that the Eldar are superior to humanity in every way, and he truly looks down on humanity. He believes the Eldar are the better race, and does not view humanity with the respect his father did, and only feels contempt when he thinks of humanity. To his enemies he's merciless, ruthless even, while on the other hand being a guardian of the natural world that is so often tossed aside by modern day humanity.

(First a little history of the Eldar)

History: King Amras Véneanár is a great Eldar King of the noblest house of High Eldar. The people he leads, the ancient and mysterious Eldar have a history stretching back countless ages of earths history. Flourishing in the darkest and deepest forests of Earth, the Eldar flourished, and established the great Eldar Kingdoms of Nōwē, Olwë, Anduin, and their capital Valinor (Often referred to as the Realm of Golden Trees). Their history in the modern day humans imagination is limited, but ancient Humans called the Eldar "Zin-Azshari" in their native tongues. Often times in Eldar-Human relations things have remained peaceful, the Eldar inhabiting the deep forests, the Humans inhabiting the plains and coastal regions. In ancient times the Eldar, along with their allied races often battled expansionist humans who were intent to dominate all life on the Planet Earth. Wars between the Eldar and their allies against the humans were very bloody, scarring the Earth, and shaping all races involved. However over time, the Eldar and their allies abandoned open resistance to the humans, as the destruction it brought to their beloved forests and their own people was to great. Pressing deeper into the forests and using their mystical powers to hide themselves from prying human eyes, the Eldar and their allies have slipped from the history of humanity, and into tall tales and legends, however their impact on the humanity is no less impactful.

The Eldar are nearly immortal, as they do not age past their early thirties for thousands of years, unless they become weathered by undue stress or tragedy, in which case they fade, their souls leaving their bodies over time, until nothing remains. They can however be killed through traditional means, can become sick, though they are more difficult to kill then the average human. Th immortality of the Eldar often meaning the Prince's and Princesses of Eldar nobility would never rule their home Kingdom's, which caused many young Eldar Nobles to leave Valinors lush Golden Forests in pursuit of their own destiny, leading to the founding of the other great Eldar Forest Realms of Nōwē, Olwë, and Anduin. From these great realms the Eldar have crafted their great works of art, their tree cities, their weapons of war, while all the while caring over the forests and its inhabitants.

Indeed their very name, Kal'dorei in their native tongue of Sindarin, literally means people of the stars. This giving credence to the legend of the first Eldar appearing with the birth of the stars. It was these early Eldar that found the massive Psionic Crystal monoliths deep in Earths deepest forests. Known as "Fil'naveth's" in Sindarin, they give the Eldar the clean energy that makes all of their technology and magic possible. It is said from these crystals flows the creatures of Earths connection with Mother Earth herself, as such these Psionic Crystals are also worshiped by the Eldar, and serve as the base that all Eldar life revolves around. The Psionic Creatures giving the Eldar a special sense of connection with the Earth, as well as all of the creatures who inhabit it.

This belief in their creation, has given the Eldar the permeating philosophy that they are the guardians of the natural universe, and all creatures within it. Taking this philosophy with them to the other Eldar realms, the first Eldar that made contact with humans lead by Elrohir were horrified by the destruction of nature brought about by humans. Elrohir writing to his father Celebrían the Mighty King of Valinor "These creatures that refer to themselves as Humans, their lands burn with fire and smoke.... Black smoke chokes the few forests that remain... Surviving long enough only to be chopped down for the purpose of industry... Their natural world has been replaced by a wholly commercial one...".

The Eldar upon seeing humanity saw many flaws, and attempted to forecully change humanities ways. However after several bloody wars, the Eldar and their allied races abandoned open resistance towards humanity, the Eldar grieving deeply over the destruction these wars brought to both sides, as well as Mother Earth herself. Now at peace with the Human's the Eldar have prayed long and hard that humanity moves towards a path of self sustainability, love of the natural world, destruction of greed, suffering, and pain, and peace among all things.The efforts of the Eldar has cultivated mixed among the various factions of Humanity, making many Eldar believe Humans and the limited scope their mortal minds can view the world in are incapable of living in such a way of harmony. This way of Eldar thought is perhaps best described by the daughter of King Elrohir, Princess Elwing of Nōwē, the Eldar Princess writing on the subject, saying "Humans by their mere mortal bondage to this world exhibit tendencies of the worst kind.... Chief among them greed, cruelty, dark ambition, and the ability to destroy their own kind..... Humanity is not only a danger to the natural worlds they destroy on a daily basis, but also to themselves. With Humanity in a near constant state of turmoil among themselves at either the most macro or micro levels......". This passage by the Princess illustrating the fact their is a strong Eldar belief that Humanity is not capable of being a shepherd of life, as the Eldar view themselves. Rather Humanity has a higher potential to be a great destroyer of life in the world.

It is due to this that the Eldar remain mostly guarded around humans, never fully trusting them in any real capacity, and never revealing themselves or their hidden tree realms to humans. The Eldar fearing greatly, that if revealed, the source of their technologies, the Psionic Crystals would simply be used as a weapon of war by the humans, rather than answering their great mysteries of the universe. Even the most optimistic Eldar believing Humanity is not at the stage of their development to be able to handle such power, which the Eldar and their wisdom can unlock. Due to this, the Eldar isolate themselves from what they call "Human matters", sticking to their own kind, as well as the other mystical creatures that inherit this world.

Times are changing for the Eldar however, as their link with Mother Earth through Psionic Crystal monoliths is fading, resulting in all Eldar females becoming infertile, the oldest Eldar including Celebrían the Mighty King of Valinor fading and becoming one with the natural world, their bodies and souls returning to nature. With the Eldar world now threatened with extinction, it became clear that the fading of their Psionic Crystals is due to humanities destruction of the natural world. As modern humanity has harnessed the power of the most destructive forces in the universe, melted much of the frozen places, cut down many of the worlds forests, all the while polluting nearly every corner of the vast oceans. Humanity its become clear is killing the Planet, and due to their special link with the planet, the Eldar as well.

Celebrían the Mighty King of Valinor now gone, the thrown of Valinor, the most powerful Eldar Realm passed to his middle child, Prince Amras Véneanár of the Realm of Golden Trees, whom assumed the title King of Valinor.

King of Valinor Amras Véneanár's Lotrolothlore18-sms-0309-thumb

(A typical Eldar city)

(Now back to King Amras Véneanár)

King of Valinor Amras Véneanár's Ornaments-laging-4090s.gifl

(The Standard of Valinor)

History: King Amras Véneanár's policies could not be anymore different then his father, who preferred to keep the Eldar isolated from humanity at all costs. The youngest son, and middle child of Celebrían, King Amras Véneanár grew up with the traditional classical Eldar schooling, which focused on naturalism, spiritualism, military training, engineering, and ethics. The youngest son of King Celebrían, Prince Elrohir was next in line for the throne of Valinor, and Prince Amras never truly believed he would rule the Golden Trees of Valinor as its King. However when his brother departed Valinor for the lush green forests of Nōwē, becoming King Elrohir of Nōwē, Prince Amras was suddenly thrust into the position of Crown Prince. With this elevated position thanks to his brothers founding of Nōwē, Crown Prince Amras suddenly became the focal point of his fathers teachings, as he began grooming the young Crown Prince for ruling over Valinor.

Distinguishing himself as a feared warrior during the Eldars wars with humanity, the Crown Prince was horrified at humanities destruction of the natural world. Ever the naturalist, Crown Prince Amras believes humanity is like a parasite, feeding off Mother Earth until they can not take anymore, and has often times pushed his father to once again take up arms against the Humans. Now with King Celebrían's death, and King Amras Véneanár's ascent to the Throne of Valinor, their is growing rumblings among the Eldar and their allies that Earth's mystical beings are preparing to fight for their forest homes, their way of life, and indeed their very lives. King Amras Véneanár has made it clear that he does not favor isolation from humans, rather confrontation, as he will do whatever is necessary to prevent his entire race from fading from the planet they have long cared over. The King saying "If Mother Earth indeed wishes we fade, then we will do so.... But not before our glorious people meet that end with our swords, and our spears, and our weapons of war, as to make such an end, that we will be worthy of remembrance.

King Amras Véneanár is married to Queen Ashari of the Golden Trees, a powerful mystic, whose ability to look into the future has provided the King of Valinor a grime glimpse into the future of natural world should the Eldar not act. Armed with this knowledge, King Amras Véneanár the youngest son of King Celebrían has begun readying the Eldar, Konti, Inarta, Vantha, Chaktawe even the Druvin, and the terriffying Dravlak, and other mystical races for a war against humanity (I'm going to create some Minion Apps for these races, also some NPC and NPC bosses. I'm thinking this could make for a good quest?). The Eldar King is even said to be attempting to sway certain so called meta-humans with similar views of the natural world towards the Eldar cause, which King Amras believes is a fight for the very survival of Mother Earth.

Power(s): As a powerful Eldar King, King Amras Véneanár is able to manipulate living plant life, from trees, to plant life, and even blades of grass. As with all Eldar he's extremely durable, though to an ever higher degree then your typical Eldar. He's also an adept warrior, capable in hand to hand combat, with ranged weapons such as bows, and also Eldar spears and swords.

Occult: 4
Strength: 4
Speed: 4
Durability: 6
Ability: 7
Fighting Skills: 5
Wealth: 1
King Amras Véneanár's
King Amras Véneanár's

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King of Valinor Amras Véneanár's Empty Re: King of Valinor Amras Véneanár's

Post by Forceaus on May 13th 2013, 2:09 pm

Approved until stated otherwise

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