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A Sun Goddess Descends (Arcana & Pinnacle)

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Alert A Sun Goddess Descends (Arcana & Pinnacle)

Post by Pinnacle August 5th 2019, 9:29 pm

Israel walked into his hotel room in Egypt and collapsed on the bed face first. It was extremely difficult to make him physically exhausted, yet he found himself with a phantom sense of it through the mental exhaustion that still hung over him after recent events... Both in Belarus and in Egypt.

His "vacation" turned out to give very little in the way of relaxation; on the first day, an alien and self-proclaimed sun god attempted a massacre of some tomb-raiders, followed by an attempt on the Siren and Israel's lives as well. On the second day, a ripple through the proscenium primordium called him to a lone temple in the desert, once hidden in the sands and destroyed after the events that transpired thereafter, as a philosopher stone-wielding immortal tried to take out both him and the Prime Minister of Belarus. On the third day, he went to visit Lucius in Belarus, only to be contacted by his AI to help contain a technological interloper who turned out to be a back-stabbing friend of the Prime Minister and a once member of his organization.

All of these conflicts added up to one rather crappy, if eventful, vacation.

It was the 5th day now of his week long faux-hiatus from work, and he felt more exhausted than he ever was before he left. Still, he had at least had a single day of the vacation that DIDN'T have a power-crazed lunatic in it by this point, so that was something.

... And then ECLIPSE called.

"All available ECLIPSE agents of A class or higher, be advised: Multiple hostile metas attacking New York City, USA. This is a 10-2000 threat level Zenith. Repeat. 10-2000. Over."

It was a general message, but something big was clearly happening in New York. In response, Israel flew backwards onto his feet from off of the bed and converted his atomic structures into that of neutronium, allowing him to carefully phase through the wall to the outside before launching himself into the air at incredible speeds. "This is agent Knight responding. I'm en route. Brief me. Over." Israel responded via radiowaves directly from his person.

As ECLIPSE briefed Israel of the situation in New York, he made his way in its direction travelling at roughly mach 25, but absorbing the resulting energy output so as to avoid damaging anything he might pass by.

It would take Israel about 17 minutes to arrive in New York airspace...

A Sun Goddess Descends (Arcana & Pinnacle) PinnacleSig
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Alert Re: A Sun Goddess Descends (Arcana & Pinnacle)

Post by Arcana August 8th 2019, 1:05 am

Sean loved New York. The big city with so much happening, but what he didn’t like was the literal fact that it had a tendency to get hit by all the big bad wannabes. Maybe it was the fact it was one of those cities that people cared about and wanted to get some attention from messing up. Imagine his surprise when he saw the broadcast by a villainess named Amaterasu on the news. He was not happy to say the least. He would have ignored it but apparently ECLIPSE wanted him to look into it. Well, maybe he wouldn’t have ignored it but now he was contractually obligated to look into it. Which made the whole heroism thing feel like work.

Now he was just internally complaining.

Because he liked to complain, that was just his thing. Reclining in ones ridiculously comfortable recliner  and watching a ludicrously large television. New York getting fucked. Gonna see if I can do something about that. He sent the text to Zell and leapt to his feet, rolling out a few kinks in his shoulder. He changed into something that fit more for active work, which came down to a pair of dark brown cargo pants and a bomber jacket over a dark grey shirt.  He muttered something under his breath and a portal appeared before him. An undulating vortex that seemed to go against the very reality before him.  

He stepped through and the scent of smoke was the first thing that hit him.  ”Looks like...well like things have gone to shit,” He muttered to himself, feeling the magic flow through him and considering how much help he could actually be.  The last time he was here he barely survived, and the phantom pains that accompanied that was not pleasant experience.  This wasn’t Necrodium however and they had Atlas who was absent during the prior attack. Maybe he could do something about the big bad, unless it was all Sean who was expected to deal with things.

He was thinking to himself when one of the metas noticed that there was literally someone appearing from a magical portal and thought it was a good idea to attack them. They were fast but his body improved through The Soul Stream allowed him to react quickly enough. Motioning with a quick sweep to push them off course and directly into the concrete. He floated backwards onto a lamppost, arms crossed and eyes narrowed on the person who he was supposedly fighting.

”Hm, you look pretty strong but something tells me you’re just a grunt. Mind pointing me in the direction of your boss?”


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