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[Sodd] One good deed... (open)

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[Sodd] One good deed...  (open) Empty [Sodd] One good deed... (open)

Post by Slyblade April 18th 2013, 6:13 pm

The streets of Chicago were always busy. Even as the night was falling. Sodd had gotten out of his usual den a lot earlier than usual, and he was now venturing a lot farther. He didn't liked to move in the street with so many people around. He was too tall, he was visibly misshapen even with his robe on. And it didn't helped that his metal rod did a loud "thump" sound each time it hit the asphalt. But he had no choice, he had tried wood staff, several times, but they always broke after a few hours.

He shouldn't have listened to the radio. Especially not to the news. But once he had heard about the firemen who were barely alive after being in a burning building as it collapsed. He knew he could save them, heal even their third-degree burn, they could live and save more people. They were true heroes... he would've been an horrible person to let them die...

He felt like a snail, progressing step by step... so slowly... and everyone was staring at him, trying to see under his hood. He blessed the light for being so low, because otherwise they probably would've panicked and caused everyone to freak out.

The sudden scream of the tires slipping on the road as a car brutally stopped drawned him back to reality. But even more did the horrible creaking sound indicating that the driver had reacted to late. There was already a crowd forming around the Smash and it's victim, but Sodd's height allowed him to catch a glimpse of the woman clutching her chest. She was coughing a lot of blood. Since he had healed so many suffering from various illness and wound he could guess several of her ribs must have broken during the impact and had punctured her lungs. She was litterally drowning in her own blood. There was little medicine could do for her, even if the ambulance got there in time. He had to step in... again.

As fast as he could he reached for her, limping into the crowd, easily shoving his way into it until he got into the clear space in the middle around the victim. He was used to it now, having to kneel to reach the lying victim, reaching out to touch her with his good arm, letting the energy flow between the two of them, feeling her ribs as they moved back into place, and resealed themselves, and the blood getting back into the veins and artery out of her lungs. The whole operation took several minutes. Several minutes which felt like a lifetime: there just was so many... people... just standing there, watching. It troubled Sodd. As soon as the woman had completely heal he got up and "ran" away. More exactly limping hastily. He wanted to get rid a the crowd before he got back to going to the hospital.

Little did he knew that several people had took videos of the whole healing, and were already posting them on the Internet. By the next morning the news would probably talks about the buzz...

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