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Round 1: BlackOut and Echo

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Round 1: BlackOut and Echo Empty Round 1: BlackOut and Echo

Post by BlackOut March 14th 2013, 1:50 pm

BlackOut marched through the tunnel toward the location of his fight. The ground beneath his feet trembled with the cries of excited fans ready for everyone's favorite hero to make his debut. Black grinned as he finished the last bit of the coffee he had picked up from one of the many vendors around the arena. He fingers tingled as he had made sure to get a full charge before his fight. He was ramped up; he could feel his heart was beating at an incredible pace, and the caffeine only added to this feeling. He shook the paper cup to be sure there was not residual caffeinated goodness left; before he handed it to a nearby security guard. "Be sure that goes in the recycling, you know we only have one planet and all that jazz."

Black grinned as he turned away and continued his march down toward the light at the end of this tunnel. He rolled mask down to cover his mouth once again as he reached the opening. Instead of a ground where his battle and ultimate victory would take place he came face to face with a row of teleporters.

"Shit, we're doing this, again?" He groaned and stared up at the ceiling exasperatedly. He turned to face one of the event staff that stood near the entrance of the room; staring at him with an odd look on his face. "Yeah, I'm not a fan of these fucking things, okay?" he said as he placed his palm against his forehead. "Well may as well get it over with. I can feel the headache coming on already." He moaned as he stepped though the machine.

Black popped in on the other end of the teleporter; once again with a slight light headed feeling and the taste if what he was quite sure could only be described as purple in his mouth. He immediately shielded his eyes from the sun whose rays were only intensified by the surrounding snow... yeah that's right snow.

Black stepped of the teleporter platform and sunk into the white powered. The snow came up to about halfway between his ankles and his knees, and he could feel it starting to soak through his costume already. "You have got to be shitting me." He murmured pushing himself just far enough off the ground so that he could glide across the snow's pearly white surface.

Black then to the time to observe his surroundings, and what exactly was in store for him. It seemed for his bout he had been dumped into an arena fashioned to look like a frozen forest. Black watched as the skeletons of trees shuddered in the wind; knocking bits of snow and the occasional icicle to the ground. The pretty sight did nothing to soothe him though; as he continued to seethe over his poor luck. His head was swimming after his use if the teleporter and now he was cold on top of it.

Black wrapped his arms around himself feeling his body tremble unintentionally. "They couldn't put me in a replica of a city. This is bullshit; who do I look like, fucking Yukon Jack?" He growled through chattering teeth; watching the air from his breath condense and float away as a grumbled.

He hoped his opponent would show up sooner rather than later. Otherwise he would be knocked out of the tournament by the elements before a punch had even been thrown.

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Round 1: BlackOut and Echo Empty Re: Round 1: BlackOut and Echo

Post by The Phantom March 17th 2013, 7:08 pm

((Nice long post BO sorry you win by default though. As it had been the three days waiting period.))

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