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The Boston Massacre

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The Boston Massacre  Empty The Boston Massacre

Post by Andrew September 10th 2012, 6:09 pm

Andrew had been home visiting with his family. They still didn't know he was the hero Phoenix. He sat in his parent's living room, talking with his dad. "So Andrew, what've you been doin' over in New York now that your'e outta college? Dont'cha dare tell me you're a Yanks fan." His dad said laughing, turning up the volume of the Patriots game. Andrew hated lying to him, but he needed to. "I've been working at a comic shop and I've been dating this girl, Tyuki. really pretty." he said a smile forming on his face. "Tyuki? She aint a Guinea is she?" he asked chuckling a little bit. "She's half Japanese." Andrew replied back to his dad.
"You heard the news reports 'bout that guy killing people and dragging them over to Castle Island. They're always covered in blood, it's fuckin' nasty." the heroes father said shaking his head a bit.

Andrew's eyes opened up and he looked over at his dad. "What? No, I didn't, since when is this happening?"
"Oh I don't know the past few weeks."
"Yea it's been a little while."
Andrew stood up and walked down the stairs to his room, calling back to his dad "I'm gunna look over some stuff."
Once inside his room, Phoenix opened up his closet and pulled out a pair of black jeans, a black tanktop, and a pair of black vans. Quickly changing into his new outfit, he pushed a few jackets aside and saw an old katana of his. "Awesome." He held the katana's strap in one hand. Looking for a sweatshirt with the other. "Aha." he found his old red one from his high school days.
He pushed his katana out of his window and walked back upstairs to his dad. "Dad, can I borrow your car?"
"Yea sure, but why are ya dressed like you're going to rob a bank? I want a cut if you do." the italian man said laughing to his
son. "I'll split it fifty fifty with you, you old ginzo." Andrew said picking up the keys and walking out his front door, grabbing his katana on the way.

Once inside the car, Andrew turned on his dad's GPS and punched in 101 Castle Island. Pulling out of his drive way, he was on his way to find some answers. He had been gone so long that he forgot he was needed in Boston too. This made him question himself living over the city that never sleeps. After about a 20 minute drive of deep thinking, the hero arrived at Castle Isalnd. He put his car in park and hopped out of the drivers side, throwing his katana over his back on the way out.
He put his hood up over his head, and heard a woman's scream. Right away Phoenix pumped full speed towards the cries for help. Andrew's run had lead him to the docks and he smelled dead bodies right away. He saw a women dead, covered in blood below him. A figure stepped out from behind him and the hero made a his hand into a fist.
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The Boston Massacre  Empty Re: The Boston Massacre

Post by Conall341 September 11th 2012, 11:47 am

Edward was playing smart, he moved from state to state every time he killed a large number of people, and by the time he got back to the state he was in beforehand, they would have long forgotten about him, he was doing this for years and they never caught on, so Edward was free to kill without getting caught, before he would leave the state however, he would get rid of the loose ends, Edward would find the main investigators checking out these mass amounts of murders and make them disappear. Edward would find civilians, kill them and leave them in a pile that wouldn't be found until he was long gone.

Edward was in Boston, before killing anyone he would find a perfect place that the bodies would be able to be hidden, and eventually he found the perfect place, the docks. He checked around the area looking for certain things, police stations nearby, any local freaks that will stop him and flow of civilians in the area. The place was perfect, no police stations were anywhere near, there was no known superheros in the area, so nobody could stop him, and the flow of civilians was at medium pace, this was perfect, too fast and he would be caught by other nosey civilians, too slow and he would have hardly any victims. This place was magnificent, it had everything necessary for Edward to do what he does best.

Edward started his killing and hidden the bodies at the docks, he did this for days without being caught, until a hoody with a video camera caught Edward dragging his latest victim to the docks. Edward didn't see this man, this was a first, the first time he had ever been caught. The day after this video had been put out Edward was moving alleyway to alleyway and something caught his eye, A shop with T.V's on the other side of the glass had the news on. He started listening and the reporter said,
"Yesterday a cloaked man was caught on camera dragging a body in the direction of Castle Island, police have searched this place but nothing has turned out yet, it is thought that this video is a hoax but we cannot be sure, keep your eyes open Boston."

Edward was enraged, how could they find him? He always traveled under darkness and searched for witness'. Edward blamed it on the reporter, and he swore that he would find her, and make her suffer for finding out what he has been doing.
"What couldn't she have kept her mouth shut, I'm going to make her my last victim in Boston."
Edward investigated this reporter and only came up with her assistant, so he went with that and ended up with her assistant's blood on his scythe and a schedule of the reporters day in Edward's hand.
"I've got her."
Edward noticed that on her schedule she was going to meet her family in Castle island. This was the perfect chance.

Edward seen her car driving close to there, but lucky for Edward, she pulled a wrong turn, she ended up at a dead end and Edward followed her, the street wasn't populated so this was Edward's time, he walked up to the car and ripped her out,
"Scream and you die."
He then hit her with the back of his scythe and knocked her out. After this Edward dragged this body to the docks, it smelled horrible, even for Edward who had experienced this putrid smell before. When he was just outside the docks she came around and screamed for help, big mistake. Edward grabbed the girl and sliced her to ribbons, she was drenched in blood, right after that, Edward heard an engine and he made his way to a dark corner waiting for someone.

When this person walked up and seen the body lying limp on the ground, Edward made his move and walked behind this person,
"You've just signed your death warrant, human."
Edward's scythe formed in his hand and he swung for a swift blow in the neck, so he could decapitate him and give him a clean death.

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