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What is happening

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What is happening Empty What is happening

Post by jakester12 August 27th 2012, 11:23 am

While walking home from a long day of school I saw this shady guy running away from the cops. Exploding grenades were coming out of his hands and he was trying to kill the cops. To me it just looked like he robbed some place of all its money. I was almost close to him when to ninjas appeared. He leaped onto some building and then again to the top of the building. I herd the cops say "requesting backup target using roofs of buildings to get away". When fighting the ninjas I used my electrical powers, but they kept dodging the blast. They then they ran up to me and I tripped them both. With both of them down I shocked them just enough to make them unconscious and give them to the cops to put in jail. When the cops came over they said " thanks, what is your name". I said " uh um Static Shock sir". From that day on I was now the superhero called Static Shock. Still knowing that the other villain was getting lose I went looking for him. I found him a few hours latter after tracking him for so long at an abandoned apartment building. When I entered the building there was a long stairway to get to the top apartment. When I got to the top I knocked the door down with my foot and yelled " where the hell are you". The shady man said " right here'. I turn around and he was right behind me. I through some blasts, but he just dodged them like it was nothing. He then shoot some grenades at me, but he miss hitting random things in the apartment. Back and forth of use throwing our blasts and us dodging it from each other I ran in and put my hands on him and shocked him till he went unconscious. After he fell down I pick up his wallet and looked at his name and I.D. It said Alex Perton A.K.A Mr. Boom. I instantly remembered that name. He goes to my school. The cops finally cough up to me and I handed the villain to them for he can go to jail. I then finished my walk back home, because it was getting late and my aunt and uncle were thinking were was I. so I got home and I told them what happened and they were proud of me. I then told Zeke and my other super powered friends and they were jealous of me. I then asked them if they wanted to join my group, but it did not work out. They did say that they would like to help me out on some missions if it was OK and I said " it was fine".

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What is happening Empty Re: What is happening

Post by Chellizard August 28th 2012, 12:14 am

Your character application is still posted in the incorrect area. If you would like help, come into the cbox and seek out an moderator or administrator. I am willing to help you. And because you are not approved, you cannot post within the forum. So, this post cannot be replied to; you will have to wait to RP with anyone.

So, let's just take a step back, breathe, and work on your application.

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