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Darkened Clouds - The First Footprint On A Mortal's Earth [Private]

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Darkened Clouds - The First Footprint On A Mortal's Earth [Private] Empty Darkened Clouds - The First Footprint On A Mortal's Earth [Private]

Post by Loki June 7th 2012, 11:42 pm

Everything was still. Dead. Unassuming. Like the quiet before war, the shrill, silent scream before bloodshed fell. A low hum of nothing buzzed over the earth, like a calm breath that pushed the grasses aside in order to continue to move. A cold breath that caused slight crystals of frost to spring to life on the plant life, pushing it over against the ground as one does when watching their son become covered in earth at a funeral. Bowing into submission to the greater weight of something that is completely uncontrollable. Something that they have no power over, but do not want to fight with what little power they have. Something all too auspicious and aerie. Like a god passing his or her hand over the heads of the idiotic race inferior to them, and commanding to bow. The grass bowed. Small, beady eyes glanced from side to side quickly before black wings spread and lifted off into flight. It was the first, but not the last, until a large cloak of darkened birds raised up from the dead grass, and cut through the air, each making their own sound of alarm. They were not the only ones that sensed it coming. Something new, and something that did not belong in a casual sense. Animals often were the ones to tell a story before the story was told, often the ones to whisper warning where it was not able to be understood. However this story was an epic that would rape the lands, and soon become fertile within the minds of those that needed to know. Another set of bead like eyes moved from right to left, haunted by a cautious fright that constricted its entire body like a snake's tail, slowly sinking its teeth into the afraid rabbit, the false venom moving into the muscles before causing them to seize up and sit still, clenching every other second, the nose moving in order to try and smell the predator that it knew was coming. But there was no smell to smell. No sight to see. No sound to hear. No shadow that lead back, when followed, to it's masters feet, and, after more following, to it's master's weapon. Then the prey would become the prey. No. There was none of this.

In a split second, the rabbit's head would move up once more. It's nose sprinkling from one direction the next in a frantic speed. Like the one moment of mercy in a killer's eyes before they close in for the kill, like the moment the blade strikes skin, and there is the thought of consequences, a rain drop fell, and slapped itself across the rabbit's fur. It was nothing of a consequence. It was nothing of a trap which would be followed by death. Only something that warned of more. Threatened of more. And soon enough, more came. It all seemed to be the precursor that pointed in a single direction, at a single word.


A silent scream ripped from the clouds above, and suddenly what followed, followed. More and more bullets of small, condenced liquid began to ring clear with the sound of thunder. Small lights danced against the darkened, humid clouds. It was too cold for mist, or fog, and yet a haze started to move slowly against the ground. The breath that had pushed the grass over before had exhaled, and then had once against, after taking a much larger breath, pushed out its loathsome air once more. It was nothing short of darkened aura. Clouds seemed to be moving faster and faster, and another deep trill of thunder pounded against the sky, beating against its cage, begging to be released from the tormented state that it was always placed in. More lights flickered against the dark back drop. The sky was losing its light. Sun had moved inwards and out of sight, leaving only a slight quiver of motionless light illuminating the silhouette of mountains and trees that polluted their slopes. Everything here was lower than life, less than colorful, and only too gray. Sound started to pick up as more and more rain pelted the earth below. The rabbit regained the ability to move, and made a single hop, laying motionless for a split second. Another boom of thunder after a brief stick of lighting pushed from beneath the clouds, and rabbit bounced into motion, darting away. No life was lift in the void area. No humming, no buzzing, no beating, not a single sound other than that of the environment at play. The field expanded over a large area, darkness beginning to grasp the ground more and more. The clouds grouped together and punched one another, each seeming to glare at the cloud closest to it before throwing it's own attack. The large bodies of water vapor bent, and contorted, pushed together by some odd force that took control of them. Faster, and faster still until the clouds circled each other, growing darker, and filled with light. The black clouds beamed with the lightning of a different color. Dark purple, almost black lights poked, and struck from underneath the clouds, never daring to stick their head from the protective cover of the black clouds into the different, and foreign world. It stunk like something had been failed at birth. Like someone had taken the wrong step in a certain place, and that step needed to be corrected in order to remove the guilt that lay low and exerted such a putrid filth.

Another crackle of light, another burst of sound. More followed. A call and response of loud sounds echoed through the air. The clouds no longer looked normal. They took shape, form, considerable mass. They slithered across the sky like the scales of a snake that lay in wait for food to digest within its belly. No light. Fat, and misshapen from the load of otherworldly magic that possessed the sky. Each cloud yelled at each other with a dark, UV ray scattered voice, resulting in no sound other than the slapping thunderclap that it was normally able to produce. Finally results. the clouds shoved, until the dropped. It all happened fast. Each string of cloud fell like thick glops of caramel into the same bowl - only the bowl was the weak, and unsuspecting ground of the human's world. More and more light until a sudden blast. It came down like a fist against a dry wall, sending shards of dirt in every different direction. Small blitz of rocks shot like shrapnel across the night. A larger boom than had been heard yet slammed into existence. This was not from this world. This was not lightening. A huge cone of power pushed itself into the fabric of the human's dimension, taking hold of it, and ripping it away in order to make room for the new on comer.

Then another, and another, and another yet, until four huge blasts of light up beams had planted themselves into the world. They whirled about, like a tornado built on pure fire and light. Like a drill, the beams scraped at the rocks and earth below until small conical craters were built, each caving in on themselves. Four in total, one ahead and in front of the others, while the other three remained huddled closer together behind the first. Sputtering out until the lights no longer existed in their cone form, and instead ran along the ground in streams of lightening that moved like snakes in water, flipping and flopping until finally sinking below.The smoke from the huge explosions ran over the ground as well in a slow march, meeting with the foggy haze until a perfect fusion was created.

Someone from within the haze opened their eyes, his hands crossed over his face, forming a shield of sorts, aesthetically dramatic. Each finger lay pointed out, butterfly like in appearance, each representing its own wing. The upward curve of Vali's mouth summoned the others to attention. Each opened their eyes. Each breathed for the first time within this new world. A woman's hand placed itself against her hip, her eyes opening and closing with quick motions. Another man's fingers clasped against his hand before releasing in an effort to feel the air flow against his skin. It was polluted here. Not like where they had come from. The thick, dark hair of the last creature waved and stopped as it stood tall, looming over the other's in comparison. Vali's hands dropped, and the light that danced on the ground around him splashed and sparked out.

He had arrived.


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