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it never fails

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Post by Blood Wraith December 11th 2011, 2:03 pm

Fssshhhh....a bus stops just out side of time squared and an average sized man in a silvery uniform steps out and takes a deep breath of fresh air. Then with a "Kr-Chank throws a duffle bag full of artillery over his shoulder and heads out into the new world known as New York City. Derek's new life had just begun his intentions were pure and there was nothing that could change that untill later in the night when he was sitting in his shit hole of a hotel room watching some tv when an envelope skidded into his room from under the door. He sighs and stumbles off the bed and over to the door where he crouchs down picking up the yellowish envelope and popping it open it was packed full of money 2 grand to be exact, but under all the cold hard cash was a piece of paper that read

"I'm not really sure how this works, but I've included half your payment in the envelope. You will receive the other half when I know the job is completed and trust me I will know. Your new assignment is to make the man known as Roger Marks go away....perminately I've included a picture and adress just below.


I'll be watching"

Derek shakes his head he came to this city to get away from this kind of thing, but it would seem that work follows him where ever he may go.

"Man I really need the money though I cant be living in a hotel room the whole time I'm living in New York now can I...sure ya can we could get another hotel room every other day we would be very mysterious.....Well the ladies do love mysterious."

Mr. Dawn pulls up his tights and puts his mask, his gadget belt, sheathes his katana and holster his two fully automatic pistols he then digs through his bag and assembles a rather large sniper rifle with a silencer on it he has now become Blood Wraith once again, The Demon of The Dark then heads to adress that was placed on the piece of paper. Its very dark out at the moment....of course its dark out its 2 am. Yet the streets are still full of cars and people it was incredible Blood Wraith had never seen such a thing Chicago was busy but nothing like this. As the merc known as Blood Wraith gets closer to his destination things seemed to move slower, sounds grew quieter Derek's sences have reached theyre peak he was ready for anything. Just outside of Marks's castle looking Mansion was a small tower it was perfect to set up his rifle. The tower had a perfect view of pretty well every window in the house as well asthe front door and garage, not to mention a swimming pool with a twelve foot water fall sitting on the far left side of in water bar countered the water fall to the right. This mans back yard was enormous he had tennis courts and basketball courts a beautiful grill, for once in his life Derek was almost jelouse. As night turned to day and day turned back into night Blood Wraith laided on his belly in the same exact spot on the same exact tower.

it never fails Bloodp
Blood Wraith
Blood Wraith
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