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Chaos the Escaped Experiment (FINISHED)

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Chaos the Escaped Experiment (FINISHED)

Post by Hana Saku on March 2nd 2011, 4:29 pm

Real Name: N/A

Super Hero/Villain/Renegade/etc Name: Chaos

Title: Big Bad

Alignment: Villain

Age: 50

Gender: Male

Race: Mutant

Hair: N/A

Eyes: Completely white and ghoullish

Height: 5 foot 10 inches tall

Weight: 197 pounds

Costume Description/Image: N/A

Personality: Chaos's personality can be classified as 'Amusingly and Horrifyingly Psychotic'. He murders and eats everyone he sees with reckless abandon, cackling and laughing all the while. He has absolutely no regard for any life whatsoever, not even his own. He destroys, eats and kills whatever he wants without any fear of repercussions and without fear of any heroes, who he calls 'Superdorks' or 'icke superbutts' coming to deal with him, due to the fact that he is so completely and utterly nuts he is physically incapable of feeling fear. His greatest desire is to get rid of fear and he believes the only way to do so is by killing each and every living thing on the planet that is capable of feeling it. He is always making jokes, puns or comments that he finds amusing as he does whatever he does and is said to act in a very immature manner as he on his slaughtersprees. He also has a deep obsession with his enemy Pain, who is considered his rival, enemy, friend and brother all at the same time and from day one, he has staked a claim on Pain's life and he will always interfere in any fights Pain is in to help him out in order to make sure that he will be the only one who will kill Pain. Chaos has built up a reputation of not being very trustworthy as because he has switched from hero to villain many times to the point where he is considered both, though he commits more crimes then he stops them. Despite all of that, he has a twisted moral code about him. He will not, under any circumstances, go after any of his enemies friends, family or loved ones as because he feels greater satisfaction in killing them then attacking them emotionally. He also has a tendency to play with his opponents from time to time, outright mocking them and making childish taunts, comments and puns as he does so without any shame or regret. It is unknown exactly what is needed to do in order to get him angry as because it has never happened before. However, if you get in the way of his fun, he will gladly destroy you. However, aside from his usual self, he's also prone to snap at people and make comments about either him being old or other people being young or disrespectful. Despite what may be believed, Chaos can act normal. However, it usually is brought on by an intense, powerful emotion.

History: Chaos is a mutant experiment funded by the government. He was supposed to be designed to get rid of vigilantes and villains. However, the experiment proved to be a failure when designing the mental persona of Chaos and instead of creating a loyal, brainwashed puppet, they created a deranged, borderline immature, mass-murdering, flesh-eating nutcase with an obsession for destroying things, killing people and the emotion of fear. Unfortunately, this was not known when they finally finished with their designing of him and when they awoke him, he went on a murder spree, slaughtering everything and everyone in his path and blowing up the facility in which he was born in. Since then, he has gone on multiple sprees of murder and wanton destruction non-stop until one day, he was confronted with an idea. He figured if he really wanted his plan of eliminating fear to succeed, he decided on the creation of an evil organization. This organization was known as S.C.A.R, or the Secret Criminal Association of Rejects, Chaos in command of the organization. For a while, Chaos and his band of super villains terrorized the world, with their enemy G.U.N, or the Guardian Unit of the Nations, stopping them at every turn. Chaos, at the time, was deemed the biggest threat to the world at the time. Chaos got into one big showdown with the Leader of G.U.N, Pain, or as Chaos liked to call him, Scarface and Pain managed to defeat Chaos. With Chaos's defeat, SCAR was without a leader and they were disbanded. For a few years, the world was allowed to relax and breathe easy, everyone believing Chaos was gone.

A few years later, S.C.A.R was revived by someone who was believed to be Chaos. After months of mystery, it turns out S.C.A.R was run by a pair of mutants similar to Chaos, called Fantom and Relic. Fantom and Relic attempted to recruit the rogue Chaos but he turned them down and instead chose to help Pain fight them and the new S.C.A.R. After getting into a few scuffles, Chaos disappeared into the shadows for the remainder of the fight between G.U.N and S.C.A.R.

Years after that was a breakout of creatures created to be like Chaos, an invasion of sorts. The mutants terrorized the world in an attempt to conquer it. Chaos was reported to have been an ally of the mutants at the time before he decided he turn his back on his fellow mutants and disappeared back into the shadows, never to be seen again for the remainder of the invasion, going into what he called Super Villain Retirement, never being seen again.

Currently, Chaos is waiting for the right time to strike back out in the world, biding his time and picking the most opportunistic time to reveal himself once again to the world and strike pure and total fear into the hearts of the masses.

Powers: Super Strength, Super Speed, Endurance, Healing Factor, Shape Morphing. Chaos has the ability to morph certain parts of his body around, like his arms or tentacles or his mouth and he has the ability to take on a single Human Form.

Power Grid:

Normal Appearance:

Human Appearance:

Character Image/Description:

Last edited by Chaos on March 4th 2011, 8:36 pm; edited 4 times in total


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Hana Saku

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Re: Chaos the Escaped Experiment (FINISHED)

Post by General Administrator on March 2nd 2011, 10:58 pm

"While he can change his shape into something like a snake or a rat, his forms all look exactly alike or similar to his original form so that is why he can only morph instead of shapeshift."

I'm not sure if that part of the power is gonna be okay. The way I've read it is that you transform into anything you want.

Other than that, this application is fine. Just work this out with me and you'll be approved.

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Re: Chaos the Escaped Experiment (FINISHED)

Post by DerekSkiba on March 3rd 2011, 11:02 am

Morphing has been fixed. Everything checks out now, Approved and moved.

Derek Skiba

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Re: Chaos the Escaped Experiment (FINISHED)

Post by Bliss on April 24th 2011, 5:12 pm

If you have a 3 point morphing power, then your healing is a 3 point power. Just because you aren't morphing doesn't mean your regeneration goes up.


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