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Blue Gyro (Sentai)

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Blue Gyro (Sentai) Empty Blue Gyro (Sentai)

Post by ProwlerKnight May 27th 2024, 2:12 am


Blue Gyro

"Let's go, American Sentai!!"

The Bio

Real Name: Caleb Garfield
Hero Name: Blue Gyro
Title: The Gravity Sentai
Alignment: Hero
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 180lbs
Blood type: N/A

The Looks

The Personality

Caleb often keeps to himself in public, but those who get to know him see a dorky, goofy kid with a weird sense of humor, and likes to talk.

A conversation with him can only be described as "a train going off the rails", as one story can take multiple side stories and distractions before they finish, if they ever do.

When he is suited up, he is a complete joker, sarcastic, and confident.

The Story

Caleb grew up in South Park, LA, with just his mom, and older brother Isaac. When he was two, he was diagnosed on the lower end of Autism, and show signs of being incredibly smart for his age.  

He grew up with a fascination with Power Rangers, and other Sentai series. Him and Isaac would run around outside, pretending to be Rangers, fighting bad guys. One of his earliest memories were when his mother saved enough money to buy him a full Ranger suit for Halloween in his favorite color, Blue.  

It was that Halloween night that he met his first two friends, Frank Marston, and Eden Reed. The three of them would always hang out, play video games, watch TV, play outside, and go on countless adventures.  

When he wasn’t playing with his friends, Caleb would tinker with things, taking old stuff apart, and putting it back together, or improving it. He was always building new “gadgets”.  

Because of this, Caleb was enrolled at the Wentworth Academy, a private school for children who show exceptional talent.  

Life was going pretty great for the young kid, until he hit puberty.  

For most, it was hair in odd places, pimples, and body odor.  

But for Caleb, it was something far greater. He woke up one morning for school, and found he was on the ceiling of his room. He eventually discovered he was able to manipulate his gravitational pull, allowing him to walk on walls and the ceiling, as well as become heavy enough to be unmovable, or lighter than air.  

When he confronted his friends about this, Frank revealed he also had his own power, and the two formed a plan to live out their childhood dream, and be heroes.  

Buying Ranger-themed spandex suits off the web, the two started out small, rescuing cats, stopping purse snatchers, and the occasional rescue, all while Eden provided moral support, as well as snacks.  

A year into their antics, Eden eventually joins them, revealing powers of her own, and their hero gig grew bigger, now stopping bank robbers, and becoming known heroes.  

Eventually,  Marcus, a boy from Calebs old school, as well as Isaac, who also gained powers, joined the team.

With the team gaining popularity, they realized they needed an “Upgrade”.  

Using Franks family money, and Calebs brilliant mind and skills, they designed new suits, with actual protection, and each suit designed to utilize each heroes unique power.  

They also invested in an old Gym and Juice Bar that went out of business, turning it into their base of operations, Caleb adding a few upgrades.

After a few more years of escalating their heroics, the team eventually decided to take a vacation, heading to London to see a band perform live.  

Except, they didn’t see the band, as a battle between heroes and villains broke out.  

Without their gear, and clearly out of their element, the team stuck to helping civilians escape the danger zone.  

Eventually, the team was forced by the local Law enforcement to evacuate themselves, as they were loaded onto one of the rescue helicopters.  

Before they could take off, they spotted an old lady, moving as fast as she could towards them, desperate to escape.  

But there wasn’t enough room on the helicopter, and she would have to wait, as the villain began to charge up something big.  

Seeing the fear in her eyes, Isaac jumped from his seat, letting the old lady take it.  

“Don’t worry guys, another helicopter is on it’s way back, I’ll get on that one.”  

These were the last words they heard from their friend.  

As they were airborne, they watch as the “hero” of the fight send a powerful wave of energy through the city, destroying everything in it’s path, and killing everyone caught in its wake.  

Everyone, including Isaac.  

Now, a few months later, the team continues the fight, while dealing with the backlash of the anti-meta movement, and the pain from losing their friend and brother.  

The Powers

Gravitational Manipulation: Caleb is capable of manipulating his own Gravitational pull. He can change the direction and intensity, allowing him to move along any surface freely, as well as be immovable, or light as a feather.  

The Weaknesses

Human: While he has condition himself to be a formidable fighter, Caleb is still human, and can be harmed by conventional methods.    

Autism/ADHD: While his mental condition has it’s benefits, it also has its drawbacks.  

When Caleb becomes over stimulated, it makes it difficult for him to function, and he must find a space where he can get away from whatever is over stimulating him, or force the stimulation to stop so he can think. He can become agitated, quiet, or even go into a panic. In his particular case, Caleb becomes overstimulated when he can’t compartmentalize. He must be able to fully deal with one issue before starting another, and cannot handle multiple questions at once, as he cannot focus with the sudden overload of noise.  

Things must always be in it’s place, and if it isn’t, it can affect his functionality until he “fixes it”.  

While he can easily socialize, and function in society, his personality and things he says can come across as “odd” or “too much information”. He also sometimes will say what he’s thinking, not realizing he said it until it’s out there.  

It is also incredibly difficult for him to read people, and understand tone.

The Items

A custom Armor, heavily inspired by Calebs favorite Sentai series. It hosts a variety of tech.

HUD/Vision/Communication: The helmet comes with a heads up display, as well as IR, Nightvision, Thermal, Zoom, X-Ray, and Motion Sensor). They are also outfitted with an encrypted communicator.

Weakness: EMP  

Rebreather: The helmet is outfitted with a custom rebreather, allowing the filtering of air pathogens, and can even be used underwater.  

Weakness: They are connected to an oxygen compressor located in the back of the armor. If damaged, it can no longer function, and the rebreather will switch two air canisters located in armored pouches on the belt. This gives the heroes a solid hour of oxygen before the canisters are emptied. Once empty, the rebreather will shut off, and the hero will be breathing in external air.  

While the canisters are in armored pouches, they are still vulnerable to armor piercing rounds.  

Armor: The suit is made of a lightweight modular armor, able to withstand smalls arms fire, fire, and mild electricity.  

Weakness: The armor can only endure so much wear and tear before it must be replaced, and is still weak against armor piercing, and cannot stop explosives.  

The Minions

The Fluff

Autism/ADHD: Caleb is on the lower end of the spectrum.  

Because of this, he is able to compartmentalize major problems and deal with them in stages. This makes him perfect for making plans.  

His mind is constantly working, and can adapt when things change.  

He also stays incredibly calm under pressure, cause of his ability to rationalize a situation.  

Genius level intelligence: Caleb is incredibly smart, an expert in Physics, Genetics, Computer Technology, Coding, Engineering, and Applied Science. He designed the tech his team uses.

Designer: Caleb fabricated his teams uniforms.

Martial Artist: Calebs has been training with his friend, and knows enough to hold his own. He is proficient in Judo.  

The RP Sample

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Blue Gyro (Sentai) Empty Re: Blue Gyro (Sentai)

Post by inquisitor June 11th 2024, 3:40 pm

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