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Pink Mirage [SENTAI]

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Pink Mirage [SENTAI] Empty Pink Mirage [SENTAI]

Post by Zonkes July 9th 2024, 10:42 am

Pink Mirage

"Don’t worry, you won’t even remember I was here."

The Bio

Real Name: Emma Lee
Hero Name: Pink Mirage
Title: The Whispering Sentai
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Half-White, Half-Korean
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 116
Blood type: B-

The Looks

The Personality

Emma is shy and quiet 80% of the time. She hates being rude or loud and will default to just staying silent, letting others take the spotlight that she feels would be wasted on her.

With friends, Emma is bubbly and energetic. Entirely different from what she’s like in public. She loves talking about her favorite movies, video games, and books. Emma is a massive nerd and is absolutely the first one to jump at the chance to do something nerdy like D&D or the latest MMO.

A total homebody, if it weren’t for her team Emma would probably choose to stay at home all day and play video games or read books. She hates using her powers, even though she knows it’s important for her to do so.

This is especially distressing when one of her friends catches sight of her while her power is active, as it will probably take all night for her just to explain it to the point that they’ll remember her again.

In a lot of ways, Emma is terrified of using her power too much and leaving it always on. She already seemingly permanently lost her parents to this, and the idea of losing everyone else is… oftentimes too much for her. She’s trying though.

Inside, Emma wants to help others as much as she can. Especially after yellow… this is the thought that keeps her from giving up the superhero lifestyle and just settling into a comfortable quiet life. It’s her driving force. She doesn’t want anyone else she loves to die and will do whatever it takes to ensure she doesn’t. Even if that means using her powers and risking losing them anyway.

The Story

Sigh Okay. Where should I start?” Emma asked her therapist, staring at the ceiling.

”Wherever you feel comfortable, Emma. This is a healing process.” The therapist said, and Emma shut her eyes and let out another long exhale.

”Okay. So I was born into a strict family. My mom was an immigrant, and my dad… was complex. They were tech developers, working on an incredible piece of VR hardware. It even had a tactile sensory array! Do you know how hard it is for… I’m distracting myself arent I? Okay.”  Emma straightened her shirt and kept recounting. ”As a kid, I was given most of everything I wanted. New game console? Mine. New books? Mine. An entire new wardrobe? Sure! And I feel like… I should be grateful for that. But it felt like it was… a replacement in a lot of ways. A new console because they were going to Korea for a business trip and wouldn’t be back for a few months. A new book because I had to entertain myself while they went out to wine and dine investors. I just… I guess in a lot of ways I felt forgotten. Which I guess is ironic given how my life turned out.” She’d let a bitter bark of a laugh slip free from her mouth.

”I guess I was fairly popular in school. When other kids find out you have the latest video games they all tend to flock your way anyway. It honestly all feels like a blur after everything I’ve been through. I got good grades, other kids liked me enough, teachers weren’t the devil in disguise I guess. It didn’t get really bad until I turned 15.”

”I don’t remember how it started. My dad was mad about something, and I was crying. All I wanted was for him to forget it so we could be happy again… and then he did. He forgot what he was mad about… and he forgot me. I tried asking my mom but she didn’t know me either. I was suddenly and irrevocably alone. People wouldn’t look at me on the streets, my friends didn’t know me anymore. I think honestly? It was the worst day of my life… or… I guess it would be if not for the day… [color=yellow]He died…”

“I lived alone for a while. Getting people to remember me was the hard part. I was forced to live in other peoples houses for a bit, they… didn’t know I was there. Eventually I started seeing small victories. Poole would remember small things they’d remember seeing me at a convenience store. Or at the mall. It was great! And I just kept pushing against my instincts until eventually…”

“I was at school. I kept up with my studies by hiding from my teachers and other faculty during school hours. But when the janitor found me in the closet writing an essay on the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, he remembered me. For the first time in 2 years someone remembered me. I think I was 17 at the time, and once I had my power off I never wanted it on again.”

Emma choked up a bit thinking about her predicament. ”But it was short lived. The janitor forgot me before he could reprimand me. But I had figured out how to turn it off. And now I could start reintegrating! I made friends with a group of perfect weirdos. Isaac, Frank, Caleb, Eden, and Marcus. It turned out they were all like me. Sort of at least. They all have good powers. But they offered me a place to stay after they learned about my situation. Everyone is so kind to me. Caleb and Frank send out a document every day to make sure I’m always remembered. Eden helps make sure I remember to eat and helps me when I get hurt. Marcus is always there with something shockingly wise, and Isaac…”

Emma’s face visibly falls and darkens.

”London was hard for us. I mean it wasn’t easy for anyone I don’t think, but… we… we were doing so well. We were rescuing so many people. When that Gooden bastard decided to throw around so much power,  we’re asked to leave. Everyone got on the helicopter but… Isaac got off to let someone else on. He said he would catch the next flight. How was I supposed to know that he would be the one to die?!” She rapidly clenched and unclenched her first while blinking back tears.

”It should’ve been me. Isaac was… he was the best of us. I don’t even do anything for the team.  I run the social media and organize events. I’m too scared to speak publically and my powers are too useless to make any sort of difference in a fight.”

The therapist finally spoke up. ”You must’ve been close to this Isaac. To have such a reaction to his loss.”

Emma blushed and shifted uncomfortably.

“Frank is obviously taking it hard. You can see it in his eyes. And Caleb lost his brother. Eden… I don’t know. I can tell she is struggling with it. Meanwhile I feel… like I don’t deserve to feel the way I do. Everyone else had these close relationships with Isaac and… Isaac and I started dating maybe a few months before London. I think I really loved him. But I didn’t know him like the others. Not for nearly as long and it feels like. I’m not supposed to be as depressed as I am. Everyone else lost a brother. I lost… my boyfriend. God I sound pathetic.”

Emma. Losing a partner is in many ways just as traumatizing as losing a family member. If not worse. It’s important to think of others, but not at the detriment of yourself. Your grief is valid. You are valid. I’m afraid we’re out of time this weak, Emma. I’m going to refer you to a psychiatrist for some medication to treat your anxiety and depression. I think we can make real progress together. Please come back in two weeks for our next session.”

Emma nodded and left, more in turmoil than before but… better.

The Powers

Face in the Crowd - Emma has the power to make it so that nobody can remember exactly who she is or what she is doing from moment to moment. This can be turned on and off at a moments notice. Whenever someone looks at her while it’s active, they’ll rapidly forget everything about her and her actions, before quickly losing interest and going back to whatever they were doing. [Permission Based]

The Weaknesses

My Best Friend, My Enemy - Emma’s power doesn’t work on technology. Security cameras, computer terminals, etc. will be able to capture her actions and face just fine without the risk of losing or corrupting data. Physical records - school records, birth certificate, work documents etc. - are also unaffected.

Socially Anxious - Emma doesn’t handle social interactions well. She’s been known to crack under even the slightest amount of social pressure from a stranger and is very bad at eating no. She’s also not great with words - at least in her opinion - and stumbles over her words in an attempt to get them out faster.

The Items

HUD/Vision/Communication: The helmet comes with a heads up display, as well as IR, Nightvision, Thermal, Zoom, X-Ray, and Motion Sensor). They are also outfitted with an encrypted communicator.

Weakness EMP  

Rebreather: The helmet is outfitted with a custom rebreather, allowing the filtering of air pathogens, and can even be used underwater.  

Weakness They are connected to an oxygen compressor located in the back of the armor. If damaged, it can no longer function, and the rebreather will switch two air canisters located in armored pouches on the belt. This gives the heroes a solid hour of oxygen before the canisters are emptied. Once empty, the rebreather will shut off, and the hero will be breathing in external air.  

While the canisters are in armored pouches, they are still vulnerable to armor piercing rounds.  

Armor: The suit is made of a lightweight modular armor, able to withstand smalls arms fire, fire, and mild electricity.  

Weakness: The armor can only endure so much wear and tear before it must be replaced, and is still weak against armor piercing, and cannot stop explosives.  

Sound Dampening Boots: The boots on the armor are capable of dampening the sound of her footsteps to almost nothing.

Weakness: The boots are less effective when used on wet or slick surfaces.

The Fluff

Martial Artist - Emma has been training in taekwondo with a local teacher. She’s not extremely proficient, but is still dangerous in hand to hand combat.

The RP Sample

Application created by Chellizard | This code is open-source and available for free use.

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