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Mirage Empty Mirage

Post by Lilbunnyblu October 17th 2022, 9:05 pm


"Welcome to my nightmare. I think you're gonna like it, now do you wanna play with the dolls?"

The Bio

Real Name: Tempest Jasper Fae
Villain Name: Mirage
Title:Lady of Chaos
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: White
Eyes: Left- Pink, Right- Blue
Height: 5 foot 3 inches
Weight:135 lbs
Blood type: AB positive

The Looks

Mirage KQNy1D7

The Personality

Tempest would be considered erratic and childish. She is a bit clueless. Tempest tends to be apathetic to others due to not being able to understand social cues. She's a very wild card. One minute she can be very playful and the next she could be chasing a person to kill them. She isn't bothered by blood or death, she doesn't even seem to cry for humans.
The Story

Tempest J. Fae was born to a father and mother on October 25, in the year of [Redacted]. To say Tempest had a special relationship with her parents would be an understatement. Her Parents, Dr. James R. Fea and Dr. Kelly M. Fae, Were psychologists with a special obsession. They had studied the minds of several supers. Their Daughter, whom they lovingly called subject 0089, was no exception. Their practice on their patients and Child, however differ drastically. Now it doesn't take a genius to realize that leaving a child in a room made of fake walls is wrong. That was the least of sins these doctors committed. They used Experimental drugs on the poor child. These drugs would amplify powers to the strongest version they could be. Now this would probably have no effect on people without power. Tempest, however, was not that lucky. Tempest had shown capabilities of telekinetic powers. So most of her time was spent in tests or strapped to a metal table getting this special drug getting injected directly into her bloodstream. It started with the eyes, Tempest was born with bright beautiful blue eyes. After 10 injections, The iris of her left eye turned pink. She started to see the shadow creatures then. Tempest was only 6 at that time. This development made studies become difficult, though it left the doctors intrigued so the experiments continued. After 18 injections, Tempest could make items float by messing with gravity for a few seconds. Tempest was 10 when that was discovered. The process of her powers would continue to expand, shortening more and more with the more injections she got. By 72 injections of this drug, Tempest could Open doors to a pocket reality at that time Tempest was 16 at that time. Her parents' studies had been successful. Then the fateful day arose. The day started out normal get vitals checked, have too little for breakfast, have a chat with Miss Kelly and then have Mr. James strap Tempest to the table. Little did Dr. James or Tempest know that this would be the change they both needed. Tempest closed her eyes and sighed. She was tired that day, she didn't sleep well the night before because she spent so much time in her secret place. Dr. James slowly secured the straps around his daughters arms, legs, and torso. Tempest was used to this, the cold fingers prodding to find a good injection site  and a good vein to draw blood from. Though that day the touch was colder. She opened her eyes, there standing over her with no eyes but claws sharper then razors stood one of the shadow men she told Dr. Kelly about. She could feel the malintent practically radiating off of it. She squirmed desperate to run and flee, her scream was loud and blood curdling. It shocked Dr. James and Caught the attention of Dr. Kelly. The moment Dr. James backed off in surprise, Tempest had fully disintegrated the bonds on her, she grabbed a nearby scalpel and tried to run. The shadow creature reached for her, it wasn't going to let her run.  In a hasty decision Tempest tackled the Beast, she rammed the blade into the creature until its howls and clawing at her stopped. She turned to the now opening door, much to her dismay another one of these Shadow beasts walked in. It had glowing red eyes and the maw of a wolf. It was all or nothing now, Tempest got up and grasped the now red and slimy, slick blade the best she could. She was trembling as the beast approached. She couldn't see the  expression it gave, though she could tell it was licking its maw while its red eyes bore into her soul. Tempest ran and pushed this beast against the Wall. She refused to be its meal, she hated the feeling of being stared though. She shoved the scalpel into the beasts gut, unflinching to the claw marks and punches it gave she watched the red seep onto its fur, the beast eventually slumped to the ground. There was still an issue...its eyes were still glowing. Tempest knelt over the now motionless mass and carved out its left eye. She had to leave, she ran to the door still holding the beasts eye. She never came back. Tempest didn't, those two beasts were the actual beasts she had been living with. She killed her own parents. In her hand she held her own mother's eye. Dr. Kelly's once bright icy blue eye now faded and glassy and a bit bloodstained with her and her husbands blood in the very hand of a monster they created. Isn't it strange how Karma plays out?
The Powers

So i had this idea- Has the ability to warp reality through sheer will and imagination, if she can think of an Idea she can will it to be so. It's a potent enough power that she can bend both Physics and Time to her will. This is affected by powerful emotions on the positive spectrum or an emotional equilibrium. Applications of this power are the listed:
My Happy place- She can make an opening to a pocket reality of her own design. She is in full control of time and laws of physics. This is a separate plane to external existence. She cannot pull people into this world. One entering this world has to stumble upon the entrance themself. and entrance and range to the size of a Crawlspace to a French doorway. She prefers a simple single door entrance that resembles a Childs decorated bedroom door. (not affected by emotions)
Mote it be- She can bring anything from their imagination into reality; from structures, objects, weapons, creatures, elements, or any fictional or non-fictional material that she can think of.  Her abilities are limited to weapons, Objects, elements and Creatures from fictional or Non-fictional material. She's limited to creatures being either Human or small animals the size of a fox or smaller. She cannot make weapons that she cant understand. So her weapons are limited to short blades, simple weapons and medical tools. Her weapons tend to be as strong as the real thing or only slightly weaker. If a weapon is made of wood it will preform as if its made of wood.  She can't make objects bigger than a 10x10x10 foot cube.
Who said make-believe- she can manipulate the boundary between fantasy and reality. This is basically letting her blend fantasy aspects from books of cartoons with reality. This is an ability she can only use in her void, with no good perception and reality in the world she cant think of stories easily.
Glitchy bye-bye- She can destabilize objects into nothingness. This is like disintegration but without the ashes. She can only do this to one thing at a time. the larger and mor complex an item the longer it will take, a pocket knife could take a minute while a car could take a few hours.
Upsidaisy- this is quite literally just telekinesis. It’s limited to anything weighing about as much as a tire ( so at most 30 lbs or 14 kg). Though the closer to the weight limit the more straining on her it is. This exhaustion can be seen by her visibly sweating and shaking
Floaty like a balloon- she can slightly hover at will. This is just a power she has.
Bendy bend- She can bend much more than a human naturally should.
The Weaknesses

It's all too much- she cannot hold her abilities to bend reality if she gets over stimulated. This causes Her forced reality to fall apart.  Bright lights or loud sound (Ex. a Banshee Screech) would cause her brain to over work and causing pretty much a system shut down.  
This isn't home- she cannot warp time outside of her pocket realities and any changes she makes vanish when she enters her pocket reality.
Is this where my door is?- she can only create one door to her pocket reality every 12 hours. Every time she opens one she needs to recover the mental strain it takes to open a door, this takes 12 hours.
You won't die- She cannot kill a person with her powers. Even if she wants to, she can only hurt a person to the point of incapacitation. SHE CANNOT DISINTEGRATE PEOPLE OR LIVING MATTER.
To big of an area- she can only effect areas that are within 50 feet of her. This means she is limited to ranged attacks at a 50 foot distance.
Not to many- Whiles She can bring anything from their imagination into reality she can only bring 5 things into reality in total at any given time. Doing more results in injury or immediately passing out. Structures count as 2 things.  Injuries can result in: Cuts, Bruises and/or broken bones. The further over the limit of 5 the more sever the wound. This wont kill her, if she were to do 15 creatures shed immediately pass out.
Hey that's not fair-  She as below average dexterity, strength and agility. She is an easy target for long distant attacks or attacks from behind. Having average durability she goes down rather easily.  
I cant think here! - Certain powers are unable to be used in the world outside her void. These powers  are specifically So I had this Idea and Who said Make-Believe. It makes sense in a place she feels so vulnerable, such as our world, she cannot muster the will power to use these abilities.
The Items

Level up, and Checkpoint- This little game console allows her to control any living creations she makes. Like normal game consoles she can play games on it. It dies like any device can, it takes a while to charge as well. When it's dead she can't  control her creations.
The Fluff

She likes to play video games.
Her favorite color is Purple.
She cant feel pain or changes in temperature, this is a medical condition called CIPA (Congenital insensitivity to pain and anhidrosis).
She enjoys cartoons.

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Mirage Empty Re: Mirage

Post by FantasyBound January 14th 2023, 4:54 pm

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