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Hero By Day

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OPEN Hero By Day

Post by ghost February 15th 2024, 10:00 am

The helicopter blades whirling overhead was muffled by the earmuffs Amanda wore. She could see most of the city from these hights. The sprawling skyscrapers, the endless traffic of people and cars, she didn't miss it for a minute. New York, her old stomping ground, was a cityscape to behold though, it almost took her breath away as they made their final approach.

A wave of nostalgia washed over her as her feet hit the rooftop of Kilman's Technology Corporation. She'd never been here before, but the cool air and the hard impact reminded her of simpler times. In actuality this was a type of cover, she did need to have a business meeting here in the building, a sales issue had popped up that she was going to resolve this afternoon. The real reason she was in town was due to a theft from an Alaskan science facility. All the bred crumbs lead to New York City.

A neatly dressed gentleman met her there on the helicopter pad. "Nice to meet you Miss Martin." He said while shaking her hand. His six foot stature seemed to tower over her.
"Nice to meet you." She shook his hand firmly.
"There is a car downstairs that will take you to your hotel." The man yelled over the helicopter as they walked towards the door. As they entered the stairway he continued, "the driver will give you the itinerary. We are scheduled for a 7pm meeting."
Amanda checked her watch. That gave her almost 9 hours to look into her problem and get back to the hotel to get ready. "Sounds fine." She smiled.

The trip downstairs and to her hotel was uneventful. Though, as she looked out the windows she couldn't help but notice how much things had changed. The crowds dressed differently and the shops she once knew were all gone or run down. The poor huddled on some of the street corners with outstretched hands asking for money. When she pulled up to The Langham hotel everything showed in stark contrast.

She quickly changed into her suit, yellow and black down her arms and legs, pulling her goggles over her eyes and hitting the button on her belt that activated her reflective camouflage and sound dampening devices. She was now invisible to anyone passing. Amanda left the hotel room and made her way to the roof. The electric doors were cooperative in letting her though once she convinced them she was security.

"ORCHID, let's find our friend." She said to the AI in her suit.
"Working... the last known location of Kimal Amdara is a warehouse in the industrial section of the city." A male voice spoke into her ear and a map populated infront of her in a flash of blue translucent light. Her route marked out in yellow glowing dots. "The route is now visible in your HUD."

Amanda smirked. Her heart was pumping hard as she knelt on the edge of the building. When she jumped off she could hear the defining noise of the wind beating on her ears and the force of it pulling back her long white brade. Her cape fluttered behind her madly, then stiffened as electricity flowed through it, using the buildings as magnetic becons, she flew inbetween them seamlessly, following the directions exactly.

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