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I get to be a hero?

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I get to be a hero? Empty I get to be a hero?

Post by RoyalAurelius on April 15th 2019, 3:38 am

It was just another average day at the office. The city spanned out for miles from the 52nd floor window, the sun setting as the day was slowly reaching it's end. The orange sun glowing over the horizon it was gradually falling down into. Marshall always enjoyed this time of day, the colour of the sky and the city, the calm of it all.... it was peaceful and serene. This particular night was different as well, the major difference of today was that Mr. Baxter was actually in the office, rather than being out on business. Marshall was actually headed into his office right at that very moment, a stack of papers in hand. He made his way into the office after a very gentle knock on his superior's door.

"Mr. Baxter, sir.... I have those files you had requested. Took a good bit of digging to find them all, what was this for again?" Marshall asked curiously, approaching his boss' desk to set the papers down.

Mr. Baxter- "Actually, it's for a renovation of the subway after the recent train disaster. Remember when that tunnel bomber tried to blow that train? Really left some serious structural damage, and it'll take some time to repair. I appreciate this though Marshall, thank you."

Marshall felt like there was something off about tonight, he couldn't quite place it. It was a simple gut feeling that made him want to remain close to Mr. Baxter. Marshall was still unsure if his superior had any idea of his abilities, and more often than not he thought about revealing himself..... however he wouldn't want to risk the job by being too openly honest with him about himself. Marshall kind of faded off in his own mind, thinking about talking to Mr. Baxter while at the same time thinking about that gut feeling he couldn't seem to shake. It was like the universe was trying to tell him something was off.....

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