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Selena Amethyst Phoenix

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Selena Amethyst Phoenix Empty Selena Amethyst Phoenix

Post by Sage June 3rd 2023, 11:24 pm


"Don’t tell my parents I’m here."

The Bio

Real Name: Selena Amethyst Phoenix
Hero Name: Celeste
Title: Fucking Wizard
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 17
Gender: Female | She/Her
Race: Human
Hair: Cinnamon brown
Eyes: One green, one purple
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 170lb
Blood type: B

The Looks

Selena Amethyst Phoenix 1414503_EJvPpLQY

The Personality

Whimsical, contemplative, wise, and curious. Those are the things people tend to think of when asked to describe Selena. She has a very inquisitive mind when it comes to anything pertaining to the supernatural or arcane, and demonstrates a shocking amount of intelligence in the subjects. Selena has a lot to brag about regarding magical knowledge, but she rarely ever boasts unless it’s appropriate. She’s polite and formal, clearly raised to be well mannered.

Though, she does seem a bit aimless from time to time.

The Story

Selena comes from a family of wizards that date back for a century. The Phoenixes ¬†Tracing their roots back to industrial pioneering and the funding of private businesses, the Phoenix family thrives off of the private sector by investing in corporate entities in exchange for favors, as well as funding other special interests that suit them. Their actual “positions” are of mystic importance, and range from consultants in the political sphere to magical weapons under Phoenix Arms International. In short, they are wizards with their fingers in big businesses around the world.

Selena, being the latest child in a line of these magicians, was raised with high expectations. She was surrounded by arcane professionals from birth, trained in the ways of magic and publicity, all with the intent on carrying on with business as usual in her own way, be that a corporate shill, a magic contractor, or the CEO of a PHI subsidiary operating out of the family’s pocket space. In her early teen years, Selena was brought along to meet other big names among the private world. Businessmen, PHI’s investors, even some other family heirs her age. Those days were the closest to an actual childhood she got.

One day, Selena started to really think about her future, and began rebelling against her family’s wishes by the time she was 15. She didn’t particularly enjoy being the rich girl who would run a business one day, having seen so many different places and heard so many things. Sure, her family was nice to her, but they always kept her at arm’s length, too professional to be tender. So, after an uncomfortable conversation with her parents, Selena swiped a few things and decided to hit the road for a while. Every now and then she came home to chat with her parents about the things she was doing, and framed it as just “kid things” so they wouldn’t think she was getting into trouble, but she was secretly an amateur hero named Celeste.

The Powers

Selena is a magician, her power is derived from her understanding of the supernatural forces that make up the universe. Selena employs certain objects in her practices, but her actual spells are generally separated into two categories, cantrips and rituals. Cantrips are spells that Selena can cast immediately, as soon as she wants to use them. Ritual spells are more powerful, but have different stipulations to consider when used. Some require additional preparation in the form of physical components, multiple posts before their execution, or both. Others may affect the way Selena uses magic. All rituals have longer cooldowns on average.



The Weaknesses

Where’s That Damn Book?
Selena’s ritual spells require preparation and certain components to perform, but her tome acts like a focus for more powerful magic, which means she needs it on hand to cast her more powerful spells. No book means no rituals.

Unfortunately, the book is also a magical focus, so without it, Selena’s spells are twice as difficult to cast. Meaning the cooldowns become twice as long. The worst part, however, is that it’s a manual for how to cast spells that anyone who speaks English can read, so if someone steals the book, they get to cast her spells just like her, and faster.

Combat Magic? I Hardly Know her!
Selena isn’t trained for combat. While some of her spells allow for great versatility on and off a battlefield, they rarely turn the tide of a fight on their own. Unless a well-placed fireball or pulsewave can solve it, then Selena is better off running.

Sure, Selena can heal broken bones and cause torrential downpours in half an hour, but at the end of the day, she bleeds just like everyone else. She has no spells that boost her own survivability, and has no superhuman genetics or otherworldly biology like some magical beings, which puts her in the “glass cannon” category.

Aliven’t Allergy
For reasons known only to whatever force Selena’s magic comes from, it doesn’t work on the dead. Ghosts, vampires, draugr, you name it, they just bounce right off of them. She couldn’t even shove them with an Arcane Pulse or toss them through a Waystrider portal. The only exception to this is the Cage of Twilight.

The Items

Magician’s Tome:

Wizard’s Key:

The Fluff

Selena Amethyst Phoenix ?

The RP Sample

See: Stareater

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Selena Amethyst Phoenix Empty Re: Selena Amethyst Phoenix

Post by FantasyBound June 17th 2023, 1:08 pm

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