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The Phoenix

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The Phoenix Empty The Phoenix

Post by The Swolefather on June 12th 2020, 5:49 am

Griffin Athas

"A Light From The Shadows Shall Spring."

The Bio

Real Name: Griffin Athas
Hero Name:The Phoenix
Title: The Ashen One
Alignment: Neutral good
Age: Appears 19
Gender: Male
Race: Magick-born
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Yellow
Weight: 120 lbs
Blood type: None

The Looks

Griffin is a short man, with an athletic build, and fair skin. Two large, red feathered wings with singed tips sprout from his back, capable of neatly folding in. He tends to keep a pair of aviation goggles precariously perched on the top of his head, and a bandana around his neck, solely for when he takes flight. The rest of his outfit is quite simple, as he tends to wear basketball shoes, compression shorts and a tanktop.

The Personality

Griffin is relatively new to social interaction, and finds it especially intimidating; limiting him to one on one conversations and causing him to avoid large crowds.Humor tends to go completely over his head, causing him to spend most of his days in confusion. Overall, he tries to be a kind soul, as insecure as he may be.
The Story

Griffin was born from an amalgamation of science and magick; his body forged by the mortals, while his soul was created by the ancients. He spent years in the lab, not knowing of the outside world, until an absent minded employee let the details slip. Griffin’s fascination of the world beyond the metal rooms grew exponentially, until it finally boiled over, and he hatched a plan to escape..Since then, Griffin has been like a toddler, learning about the world day by day, attempting to be the hero he read about named ‘Atlas’.
The Powers

Internal Combustion: Griffin has the ability to produce flames from his body without needing an external source. These flames can be very basically controlled, through bursts or conducting heat into objects.

Flight: Griffin’s body was forged with a pair of large wings that grant him the ability to fly at high speeds of up to 150 mph.

Weaponized feathers: Griffin can fire his feathers from his wings like bullets, with decent accuracy. When fired, they take on the strength of steel, and can be engulfed in flames prior to being fired. They can also be hardened when still attached to the wing, to be used as a shield from attacks.
The Weaknesses

Human level durability: Griffin can only take so many hits before being knocked out of a fight. His ability to take blows is comparable to that of an amateur boxer.

Water: If Griffin is drenched in water, he’s unable to produce his flames.

Limited Supply: Griffin has only so many feathers he can use in a fight, before he begins to lose his ability to fly.
The Items

Blade of Uriel: Griffin carries a bastard sword, which he stole from those who created him, as an extension of his abilities. The blade was made to absorb the heat of his abilities, and allow the blade to harness that energy, essentially turning it into a proto-lightsaber. The blade does however, have a hard time heating up in wet environments.
The Fluff

Griffin is essentially immortal; and when defeated, he will burn up into a pile of ashes, and rise from them a few days later.

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The Phoenix Empty Re: The Phoenix

Post by Arcana on June 12th 2020, 12:10 pm

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