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White Phoenix

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White Phoenix Empty White Phoenix

Post by Boonslayer on May 2nd 2018, 10:13 pm


"Oh, great, just what I was hoping for, more cultists."

The Bio

Real Name: Eric Fenix
Hero Name: White Phoenix
Title: That Weird Guy, The Phoenixian Soul, Who?
Alignment: Neutral Good
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Caucasian
Hair: Brown, White in Phoenixian Form (Detailed description below)
Eyes: Green, rounded shape, somewhat heavy-lidded (White in Phoenixian Form)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 154 lbs.
Blood type: AB Positive

The Looks

Eric's facial features are somewhat unassuming, the most notable part of his face being his typically clean-shaven look and deep tan, although he does occasionally have a bit of a 5 o'clock shadow that seems a darker shade of brown than the medium tone of the hair on his head, which typically naturally flows back.  The hair in question isn't particularly long, a strand of it running back about 3-4 inches along the top if straightened out, tapering off around the ears and near the back.  His frame is about as average as his hair is, with cheekbones not quite high enough to be "hot", but certainly his young look aiding to what most girls call a "7/10", his shoulders a bit on the narrow side and his body's muscle mass relatively lean.

He typically wears thicker clothing that hides that somewhat lean figure, typically involving a graphic shirt of some description underneath an open black leather jacket and draped over the belt of his dark blue jeans, which also look a bit thick (probably because he wears a pair of sweatpants underneath).  His feet are covered by a pair of red and black tennis shoes with white socks underneath them, sometimes in multiple layers if anyone ever pays that much attention to notice.

The Personality

Eric tends to be somewhat introverted, although willing to engage in conversation if approached or if necessary on his part.  Eric also tends to be pragmatic and sensible in his train of thought, and although his outward reaction may show frustration with the unusual situations around him at times, inwardly he is analytical, and part of his outward frustration comes from his empathy for others affected by what's happening.

The Story

Eric didn't think much of his childhood, but it was probably more eventful than he ever really thought.  His father's work as a consultant had him traveling quite frequently, so Eric never got much of a chance to fit in with kids in school, even if he weren't considered so "weird" by others.  When he was in 4th grade in Arizona in particular was enlightening, because everyone noticed how little the heat affected him during the spring and summer.  It wasn't entirely their fault that he almost died when they got the idea to see if he could handle being in a freezer, though; he didn't know that it would be so bad for him, either, and only realized what was happening when he started feeling tired.  He tried to call out for help, but he was mumbling too much.  If not for that teacher coming by, he probably would have died.

His mom wasn't around too much, either, especially when he was in high school.  By this time, Eric was trying to figure out why he was so sensitive to the cold and so resistant to warm weather.  Although most thought he was interested in medical biology because of his condition, he found more of an interest in engineering when he entered college.  Of course, by this time, his father had died, and he seemed to have some kind of large cardboard tube with him quite frequently.  Most thought that the "weird guy" just had a project he wanted to get done at some point in the future, and there were some rumors that it was something his dad wanted.  They were partially right.

His dad's death was reported as hypothermia one winter in Maine, but as Eric found out, that wasn't his full story.  His dad had a lot of enemies, and those enemies included a group known as the Cult of Ice, who decided to act one day.  When his father talked about how he could come back from death, that was the moment when Eric got confused, and when he clarified that the reason he wouldn't do it this time is because they knew where he was and could just take away the means to do it, he asked what he was talking about.  That was when Eric noticed that his father had that sword he'd seen in the closet before.  The sword glowed a radiant white as his father closed his eyes, an act that Eric could only assume was some sort of indication of concentration.  When his father told him to take the sword, Eric did so.

Over the few hours that his father had left, Eric was told of this magic sword being passed down through his family; a blade of justice and a blade of eternal fire.  Normally, the blade would only answer to its owner, and revive its owner upon death, restoring injuries and illness, and allowing the owner to harness its power.  However, in this case, the father had passed the blade onto the son.  The blade that was in that cardboard tube, waiting for the White Phoenix to rise again.

The Priority

1. Reaction
2. Endurance
3. Agility
4. Strength

The Powers

Heat Resistance: Eric can withstand higher temperatures than the average human, his body able to be comfortable at temperatures above 100 degrees, and only becoming susceptible to heat stroke if his internal body temperature reaches 208 F or higher, as opposed to 104 F.

The Weaknesses

Cold Weakness:  Eric has more difficulty in cold temperatures than the average human, his body temperature dropping twice as fast in low temperatures compared to the average human (estimated, can be faster or slower for plot convenience)

Magic by Nature:  Both Eric's powers and the sword's are magic in nature, and are thus susceptible to any abilities or spells that suppress magic.

The Items

Blade of the Phoenixian Soul: A longsword dating back to at least the 1800s that contains the powers of Phoenixian Soul, which allows Eric to turn into a form where his clothing and hair turn white and light gray.  The following powers are associated with the Phoenixian Form:

Heat Immunity:  In this form, White Phoenix is fully immune to heat and burning from fire.

White Flame: In this form, he is able to harness the power of mystic white flames that he can launch outward or simply produce from his hands, which will burn like normal fire if the burning object is not either being touched by the Phoenixian Soul or is Phoenixian Soul himself.  The flames burn at approximately 9000 F.

Wings of Flame:  The form also comes with wings of mystic white flame that allow flight.  They allow him to fly at approximately 20 mph.

Phoenixian Resurrection: The sword will regenerate its user enough where even a lost limb can recover in a few days, and even death escapes the sword's wielder.  This ability still works when Eric is not in Phoenixian Form, although it takes twice as long.

Ummutable: The sword cannot be destroyed.

The following weaknesses are also associated with the Phoenixian Blade:

Snuffed Out: The Phoenixian form will deactivate and cannot be activated if Eric is in an environment below 70 F or if Eric is unconscious.

Proximity of the Blade:  All of these abilities are unavailable to the wielder of the blade if it is more than 10 feet away from them, and the blade has no means of returning to the wielder on its own.

Water:  Any mystic flame created by the Phoenixian Soul, including his wings, can be extinguished with water.  If White Phoenix himself is extinguished this way, White Phoenix loses access to his fire for either as long as he remains in the source of water or 20 seconds, whichever is longer.

Incantation of the Phoenix:  Eric can't just turn into the White Phoenix at a whim; he must be able to concentrate and speak a subtle incantation to access his Phoenixian Form, so restricting his speech or breaking his concentration will keep him from using his most potent powers.  The incantation takes about 10 seconds to execute properly.

The Minions

The Fluff

Eric's average body temperature is actually 100 F, so he feels like he's got a deadly fever frequently.

The RP Sample

Eric had his choices of college by the time he graduated in Maine, but he knew he definitely needed to head further South from where he was.  He wound up settling on the University of Richmond; it was relatively warm there at the very least, and it was a small enough school where he wouldn't attract too much attention; there were a number of reasons this was important to him, and not all of them were related to having superpowers.  Of course, going from the Northeastern United States to the Southeastern United States had its own problems, namely the fact that he had a sword that he would be questioned about if he tried to fly.  The bus was an option, though, as cramped as this Greyhound going southward to Richmond was.  Granted, the body heat all around wasn't a problem for him, but no doubt the uncomfortable look on the face of the old lady behind him made Eric's neck sink into his shoulders; he was probably the main source of other people's discomfort, which wasn't a pleasant experience for him.  He couldn't wait to get another day or two.  Fantastic.  Not awkward at all.

As the only person that wasn't sweaty by the end of the journey tried to lug his bags and "blueprints" off the bus at the end of the trip, he took stock of the items he'd brought with him; he had his very important cardboard tube that he didn't even trust being put in the baggage hold at the bottom of the bus; that was his carry-on for certain, so he walked out with that.  Under the bus he should have two bags; one would have his clothing and personal hygiene supplies, and the other would have various other things he inherited from his father.  The clothing bag was there, front and center, but he started digging around for the other bag, hoping that it wasn't messed up.  Some of the things in there were a bit on the fragile side, but he'd used newspaper to pack them with, and also tried to put it more in the midst of other people's bags instead of either in the front or the back, hoping to give it another extra layer of protection.  Of course, the awkwardness continued to radiate from him as he found himself in the task of passing people's bags to them with a bit of a meek apology, used to people shaking their head and calling him a weirdo by now.  He eventually did find it, and continued to help people get their bags before he headed off.  Some of them even seemed to appreciate it, so at least there was that much that made him feel better about it.

Eric was tired by this point, not so much due to the length of the trip but moreso from the more immediate exertion on his body.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, thankful for the existence of GPS to make finding the college grounds a much easier process, holding his phone as he made his way in the indicated direction, trying to not stare at his phone as he walked so that he knew what was around him and didn't run into anything.  He managed to only awkwardly bump into a few people.

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White Phoenix Empty Re: White Phoenix

Post by Shadowoof on May 3rd 2018, 1:35 am

Approved and moved unless it has been stated otherwise.

happy posting.

The characters that my mind decided up because of various reasons easily gotten to for all of you people who like being lazy.

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