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Theatre of the Mind

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Theatre of the Mind - Page 2 Empty Re: Theatre of the Mind

Post by Demonhunter June 14th 2023, 5:33 pm

Rai didn’t understand the majority of what was said… or even Molly for that matter. Neither of them knew what a cornea was. But whatever it was must be the reason they could see the way they did. However something changed the moment internal turmoil was introduced to the doctor, suddenly he had both of their undivided attention like cats watching some kind of toy. Laser focused on the twitching of the shape of the inky blackness. Inner emotions, not quite as secure as one would think.

“Oh. That actually makes sense.” Rai confirmed about the black hole thing. In her mind it only served to intrigue her. How could a hole of nothing have enough of a soul to keep him running? She just thought it was a strange color so far. “The black hole thing, not the colors thing. But three colors is more than I have.”

Rai perks as instructions were sent her way. A week from now, same time. Got it. Oh boy. Payment. “Ah, yes I got it.” Molly stands, retreiving Damballa’s glass figurine. Rai blinks, glancing to Molly. “No. Outside.” Rai orders pointing to the door. “Humans don’t like horses inside.” Molly freezes, deflating before going back out the door he came from, glass figurine clutched to hit pavement the moment he was outside. Rai crossing her arms with a smirk. “You’re welcome, I just saved your floors.” In her own opinion, this was why dirt floors were just better. You didn’t have to worry about the mess.

The hellish squealing of a horse thundering through dimensions sounds from outside as Rai sits oddly in the couch rather than standing as Molly returns with a large burlap sack that he drops down to the floor by the doctor’s desk. Full to the brim with quarters. “Two thousand of them. How many you need?”

Rai sighs. She knew this technically was human currency, as Cebra explained, it was different. “Molly he means the paper or the little card things.”

“Those aren’t currency though. Paper can’t be currency, it burns.” Molly justifies, arms crossed with a pout.

“No. humans don’t like carrying big bags of quarters. They’re currency, but nobody uses them.” Rai explains, moving to unlace her boot. “They count, but they don’t.” She adds before removing a golden piece from her boot. It was large, about the size of a silver dollar and solid gold. She sets it on the doctor’s desk. On one side a side profile of a pope undocumented by this world. A Pope Clement III, a name that had been used before in this world’s line of popes, but the image definitely wasn’t him. The other side has a religious insignia and a light impression in the metal, making it thin along four lines, as if it were meant to be broken apart into ‘quarters’. “I’ve been told that Dis’s Florin is worth more than the currency here. I only have one, but if I need another I might be able to go get one.”

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Theatre of the Mind - Page 2 Empty Re: Theatre of the Mind

Post by Humanity November 20th 2023, 4:56 pm

A glass figuri-HORSE? If you bring that beast in here I will drop you faster than Eminem drops a bar you motherfu-"Yes-thank you Rai." He replied with a kind smile, truly thankful to not deal with a horse. He looked incredibly confused, staring at the figurine. Was that bastard about to unleash a horse in here!?

  As Rai began to reach down towards her boot, The doctor couldn’t help but step back slightly, shifting his body a bit as he reached for the chair behind him. Betrayal was never anticipated, that’s what made it effective. But if you could position yourself ever so carefully, then a timely escape could always be made. The trick was to always make it seem natural, like you were reaching for a pen, or towards a drawer. Eventually your body and mind will react on auto-pilot, placing you in the most advantageous escape route possible from the most inane stimuli.

  He looked curious at the small gold coin that the Reaver had then produced. The size of it was unimpressive, though he noticed the slightest glint of gold when contrasted against her pale flesh. Porcelain and Gold shifted in his direction as he tilted his head, looking to her and then reaching out to look over the coin. He reached up and then paused, looking to her as if silently asking her to look the coin over. He wasn’t a jeweler by any stretch of the imagination, but he did know that in the United States that the purity of gold must- Oh- of course it’s some form of religious figure. Well that would explain the lack of stamping. How could he test the purity of gold? He had an idea…

  “Magnets will tell us some information.” He stated as he stood up and set the coin on his desk. Walking over to the back wall, he would shift a book and reach behind it. With a some grunting he managed to unlock the compartment and swing the bookshelf open. From there he reached into the small six-by-six space and began to rummage through a duffle bag. What he removed from it appeared to be some sort of demonic looking hand, clad in thick black metal that seemed to radiate with a twisted magnetic spectrum. Without hesitation the doctor seemed to force his hand inside and walked over and held his hand out. His pen flew from the desk, but nothing else…

  roughly 27 grams. If this is 24 karats then that means this crazy bitch is just causally carrying around a $2,000 coin... and all he is carrying around is quarters. He let out a slight sigh as he removed the gauntlet. Clearing his throat he walked over and sat down at the table once more, leaving the gauntlet to sit on the desk’s top.  “That is an interesting coin, to say the least. This will suffice for payment of course, but  I would suggest that you gain another one if possible, then allow me to help you all with setting up some finances to help you better operate in this world… Or perhaps I can get someone to teach you ways to hoard your coins. There are plenty of dragons who would find you quite fascinating, Mr.Molly.”


Theatre of the Mind - Page 2 Humani11
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Theatre of the Mind - Page 2 Empty Re: Theatre of the Mind

Post by Demonhunter November 20th 2023, 5:29 pm

The statement that the doctor wanted them to retrieve him another coin had Rai biting her lip. They’d need to get another meaning Rai would have to brave Dis again. “I can go get another when we need to.” Molly pipes up as she stares at him.

“You can’t go back. If they see you, they’ll burn you for abandoning your post.” Her tail lashes as she sits up straighter.

“You worry about you. I’ll be fine. I’ll be back with the coin. You just stay with the doctor and get better.” Molly stands with a list stretch. “I’ll be back in a few hours.” The reaver shakes his head giving a light wave wasting no time leaving through the door he demolished on the way in. Leaving a now silently panicking Rai. Her tail lashes around before suddenly stiffening with pain and falling limp in her lap. Her ears twitch as she shifts against the couch.

“Um… Well.” Rai huffs just trying to move on from Mollys sudden and awkward abandonment. “Helping me with finances sounds good but I don’t really buy anything. I kind of don’t have to.” Rai gives a shrug. “I really don’t understand it here but I do know that I have been doing alright without it.” Albeit most of her lack of struggle was likely because she did not need most human necessities like a roof over her head or food… or sleep at all. All of those were a luxury she never knew before all this. She taps her fingers on the book just trying to fill the time.

“So. I guess now we… talk?” She assumed that was how this worked. He talked, she listened, she got better?
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Theatre of the Mind - Page 2 Empty Re: Theatre of the Mind

Post by Sponsored content

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