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Mind and body

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INV ONLY Mind and body

Post by Cerek January 19th 2018, 8:36 pm

In the sewers of the Amerth city on the south sidem, Ika of the binding light swiftly gives chase to an Incubus. A demon of seduction bent on consuming the life of enticed women. The creature is agile and seems to know exactly where it is going. Ika changes his combat stance to Lightning foot and increases his speed gaining ground on the creature. The creature uses it's strength and punches the weak section of a wall hard. The result is a second later water spews out at high preassure from a higher point. Ika has to stop giving the creature time to run with a sly smirk on its face. Ika however isn't without his own wit, rather than keep chasing the Incubus in vain he changes to lightning foot stance. Ika uses his teleport to move directly in front of the creature and confront it.

"Incubus! spawn of the inferno! It's time you went back where you came from. Face me!"

The Incubus hisses loudly as it's face changes from a gorgeous porcelain male face to a demonic reptile face. It grows a set of wings and a tail as well not that they would help in the confined space of the sewer. The creature charges at Ika swingin wildly, Ika with grace and ease dodges all the swing . Ika grabs the creatures hand and delivers a solid series of kicks to the Incubus ribs and thigh. Ika then gives a powerful back kick sending the creature flying into the wall with a loud crunch. The creature comes back and spits acid at Ika which he ducks easily enough before changing to thunder rage stance. Ika uses his flaming arms to deliver an explosive uppercut sending the creature flying up into the streets.

The few people that are out in the later hours scatter from the explosion below, luckily no one was hurt. Ika jumps out of the sewer after the creature. He looks around to make sure no one was hurt, feeling like a moron for being so negligent. The citizens of Amerth were familiar with the monks work as well as the government. As long as situations with these creatures were kept under control people didn't mind letting the order deal with magic based crimes and demonic creatures. The fact that Ika had made a mess in the middle of a city street would have reprocussions, he'd get repromanded by the mayor and his Shaman. The Incubus stands back up after being in a daze looking ready to flee again. Ika would not be able to follow him if he took flight however Ika wouldn't give him the chance, teleporting would catch him off guard again.

The creature stops for a moment and sniffs the air, a second later a wicked grin comes across his face as he changes back to his more human form.

"What are you grinning about? I'm going to send you screaming back to hell."

"Oh?... I think my sister might have something to say about that young monk."

"Your wha?..."

Suddenly like a comet a succubus dives down from high above a building crashing into Ika creating a dust cloud and crater. Ika cringes and lets out a loud yell in pain. The Succubus pins Ika down while looking at him like a wolf does a baby dear.

"So you like to play rough little boy? Hmhmhm I like men who can be aggressive. But I'm afraid I cant let you send my kin back to the inferno. We're having too much fun up here!"

She grabs Ika by the collar and throws him hard, the incubus comes down from above intercepting the throw and stomping on Ika. Ika is quite resilient however and wont stay down easily. He grabs the Incubus foot and twists it focing him off Ika's chest, Ika jumps to his feet just in time to block swipes from the Succubus. He dodges some only to be hit by the incubus from behind with a kick. The succubus takes advantage and headlocks Ika kneeing him repedatively before throwing him at a light post. Ika slowly recovers and stands up wiping some blood from his mouth.

"Damn it, what am I going to do? I could easily take on one but they seem to be so much stronger with two... Is it because they're family?"
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